Bespoke Brooklyn: 9 Artisans to Watch Right Now, Part 1 - The Manual

These Brooklyn artisans have started their companies with heart and soul at the base, and we can’t get enough of their bespoke offerings. Read on and get inspired by some of BK’s finest.

I stumbled upon this post after researching Kika NY.  I’ve never been to and I’m glad I went.  Please join me while I check out the subsequent Parts to this series.


Oh ya know, then Andy Grammer performs 😀 ❤️ #Citysticks #popsicles #events #timessquare #andygrammer (at Mtvn Special Events 1515)


Sailing in for a fresh delivery of pops at the Canteen #FIP #suckonit #citysticks (at Fire Island Pines)

What an amazing day serving the community and future city planners and architects of the world! Huge thanks to the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance for making this happen. And to my partners in crime so many times @chickstogony 💓 Let’s continue to beautify #rockaway in every way possible! #Citysticks #giveback #community #progress #love (at 59th street underpass)