DIGITAL ZOETROPE is an installation which Troika created for onedotzero when commissioned to design a custom installation and visual identity around the theme of the festival ‘Citystates’

“If the greatest portion of populace is improved directly from the highest of high, the quality of our nation will be transformed.

No longer will we be an empire divided by feuding aristocrats, but an empire united by the strength of its common people, within the knowledge and wisdom of the Golden Flame.

If I am to have a legacy beyond mere conquest, even of Gaia Prima itself, it shall be this: To create once and for all the true spirit of the glorious nation which we aspire to be.”

“Being in a band, however, that’s the hard part. Managing personalities, scheduling time, dedicating oneself to one’s craft, pressing on when no one seems to care—that’s hard. Most groups simply dissolve when someone realizes that being in a rock group is a lot tougher than it sounds.” (City States)  

City States is a new band that my sister has found on twitter, I think their music is very intresting :) if you wanna know more about them this is their blog:

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it’s hard to say anything good about a book that starts in the middle of a gang rape, and at the end, has the character marry one of her rapists…

AND IT WAS SO UNNECESSARY. AND GROSS. All the stuff about Friday being an ‘artificial person’ and not having rights even though she clearly was a sapient creature was good stuff. The US having broken into citystates, good stuff. The technology? Good stuff. You could build a story on all of that easily.

But then she’s all “whatever” about rape and then she becomes a courier for what turns out to be a fetus and keeps it and marries one of her goddamn rapists and the book ends with her 14 year old child getting knocked up by an adult and she’s just like ‘lol I guess we should have taught you about birth control’ and ARRRGH.

Salutary Gizzard Stones

Sometimes I’m scared you’ll

fall in the

holes of me

a rotten subtlety like a sock, tied round childhood father son heroin knots

ties bind, constrict, digest slowly over five business days

for further study by five graders at committee

this shitty elephant tusk of a citystate, still all ivory heavyweight bicuspid, there’s no trust yet

good god I pray you know I love


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OOC Announcement - Storytelling Sundays

Gonna start Storytelling Sundays, in which I post random stories, headcanons, quips, etc. about other League of Legends champions/citystates etc. Occasionally I will post about OC’s as well from the ‘verse.

…It’s basically going to be like Worldbuilder Wednesdays but less about the world and more about individual characters.