isn’t it weird how 4chan users have a pretty distinctive “accent” when they migrate to other websites.

like you can tell a 4chan native absolutely instantly on tumblr. It’s like cityspeak. They just all have this very similar way of typing and acting. 

/cracks knuckles

stri-dizzle said: 

Colony founded by a Metrotitan named Nexion, has no allegiance to any of the 13 Primes. Centred around the belief that there is always something to protect and cherish, as such their culture revolves around having someone/thing that you would protect till the end. They have an excellent military and have seen a few civil wars - from other civilizations. The protective mentality can however be socially limiting in the fact that not everyone has something they feel very strongly about or would dedicate their whole life to. There are Cityspeakers that communicate with Nexion and relay her thoughts, wishes, status, etc. to the public. 

Politics/government-wise, it’s a democracy that behaves like a monarchy which can be rather confusing. The Court is made up of Councillors all over Nexion that represent each district - 9 in all. At the top sits an elected figurehead that is entrusted with the absolute power of the whole colony, which makes choosing candidates a very troublesome job.

Back to my OCs! In their district, Talvex, they work as the go-to for homicides, suicides, etc. There’s Copper the captain, Stormshot her Amica and vice-captain, Flyback the non-binary dispatcher, Lightwar the slightly mad scientist, Medicus the… well, medic, Railer as the precious cinnamon heavy lifter, a bunch of beat cops, and Highstrike as the Councillor for the district and patron of the team. I’m planning on having them go on space adventures MTMTE-style (in my head of course lol).

Then we have some separate but linked OCs - a trine of Cybertronian former Decepticon Seekers that were lost in space during a campaign and were rescued by Nexians, one of them decided to use she/her pronouns after discovering the other genders. They are Dualshock, Broadbounce, and Aspector (she/her). They work under Highstrike doing odd but important jobs in gratitude to her as she was the one who offered to take the former criminals in.

And we have twins Killstab and Backshot! Very gruesome names that reflect their jobs quite well, they are mercenaries for hire and will get the job done in spectacularly gorey ways for extra tips. They know when to keep quiet though. Killstab is a femme and Backshot is a mech. (unrelated: do people still use those terms??) They clash with Copper and her team every so often.

Aaand i do have more but I have to go to sleep now, oops. A thing that’s interesting to note in their culture is that the number ‘3’ is seen as the ‘death number’, like '4’ is in Asian cultures.

I mentioned in the Rules post about my daughter, Victorysong. Here she is! Here’s also a copy of her general file.

Also, this is the Admins HANDDRAWN pic.


NAME: Victorysong
ALLEGIANCE: Unknown, officially Decepticon but has Autobot tendencies
RANK: Decepticon Princess/Demolishions and “Magic” Expert (also physic)
VEHICLE MODE: Jet and tank
AGE: ((for RP)) Young 26 if compressed to human scale.
Father: Megatron
Mother: Windblade
Pet: a velociraptor named Blue
Minicon: Not quite, but a golem named… Golem.
Kids: A hot-forged Cybertronian made from a Spark found on Cybertron, but no other info.
BIO: Years ago, Megatron and his group found the lost colony of Caninus in the IDW universe, years before Cybertron did. There, Megatron and the Cityspeaker had a “night together”, which resulted in Victorysong 9 decacycles later. Megatron left the child to be raised by her mother, however Victorysong ’s physic abilities were strong and the duo had traded memories…
16 stellar cycles years later, IDW Starscream banished all natural-born Sparklings from Cybertron, forcing Victorysong to be raised by her father during the Armada series on Earth.
There it was discovered Megatron deeply loved his daughter, but feared being a father so left. He finally stepped up to the plate and started being a father. However, there is still deep agitations.
((RP)) Now Victorysong is a Decepticon under her fathers command aboard Unicron. However it’s still questionable if that is where she belongs. But her quarrels with Megatron are so often no-one often pays attention anymore.
Is extremely powerful, adapt in some battle style called “magic”, and highly enjoys blowing things up.

Coli Teams

Sunstreaker/CitySpeaker/Windblade - Transformer fan-dragons [Finished]

BayWind/Ghoul/NewYear -GenOne’s [Unfinished]

Jazz/Prowl/Starscream - Transformer Fan-Dragons [Started, Level 6]

LaveStone/VolcanicStorm/NightRain - Color/Genes [Unfinished{lvl 5_ lvl 5_lvl 5} ]

Sparkeater/____/_____ - Monsters [Unfinished]

Solanum/MellowLace/Chrome - First Set [Unfinished {lvl 21_lvl 24 Healer_lvl 24}]