How many Cybertronian languages are there in IDW now? Neocybex (Modern standard), Primal Vernacular (“Old Cybertronian”), Chirolingual (speaking by touching hands), Cityspeak (How Metroplex communicates). I know there’s various accents too, Cyclonus is said to speak/sings in Primal Vernacular with a noticeable Tetrahexian accent. Rodimus and Brainstorm have a disagreement over how to pronounce “MARBS”, which seemed to be because of their differences in accent. 

I don’t know I just think stuff like that is fascinating. 

Shattered Memo of the Day

RID Windblade

This was definitely an interesting take on the character. At first very prideful. Also much more “active” than IDW Windblade. She’s ready to take down ‘Cons wherever she goes. She and Sideswipe actually make a very good couple.

Despite her pride (probably puffed up from where Primus gave her power), she learns. That is part of what I enjoy about RID2015: people learn. I read in a post a while back that the character development is real. Windblade is a good example of this.

Except stubbornhead RID Prime. He needs to gets a clue.

Also, fun note: I think she may have started out in a position similar to CitySpeaker. I got this from the orginal scene where she’s talking to Cybertron’s core, like IDW Windblade talks to Metroplex directly to his brain. Fun note.

Metrotitan!Drift, who was forgotten, his city gone to gutters and rust.

Then the decepticons move in, and Drift starts to speak again. Still forgotten, alone, but his people are getting help, his city is getting clean. But thing things get sort of bad again.

Then one day, a speaker, a Knight, named Wing shows up, and teaches Drift to find his voice again. The knight helps the city, helps Drift, but eventually even he is torn away by fate.

This time, Drift doesn’t go silent again. He hums. He works. He walks among the people. He helps them. And when a metrotitan is discovered, Primus picks a cityspeaker and Drift, his city, and his people, get the attention and help they need to thrive again.