Let’s talk about this lady. Stardrive is a pretty unique Cybertronian given that she was raised by the Solstar order. It was said that the Shining Armor story happens 175-180 years ago, which makes her pretty young to Cybertronian standards.

The problem is that her youth is fairly unique as well. While we don’t know how old the MTOs are, the lifespan of Cybertronians span in the millions. And the hot spots on Cybertron began to cool and fade before the war even started.

And we know from the writer, John Barber, that she comes from Caminus. But we still have a problem. The fact that it wasn’t entirely her that comes from Caminus, but rather just her spark.

Caminus has resource problems. As in they don’t have any. It is very unlikely that this is a problem that came about sometimes in the near-200 year span that separates Stardrive’s “birth” from today. Caminus’ culture is centered around the resource problem they have, with bladed weapons used instead of ranged weapons for instance, and Energon treatment to make it last as long as possible.

Which also involves just not expanding or exploring.

Except -

Why were they flying less than 200 years ago?

It’s no secret, they were carrying still-forming Camiens on their ship. But then we come down to the original problem. If Caminus has the sparks, but not the resources to make the body, where does it come from?

And why were the Autobots and the Decepticons making pre-fab bodies instead of using whatever source the Caminens use that result in forming protoforms?

To know why, we need to see what Caminus has that the Autobots and the Decepticons don’t.

The Cityspeakers are part of Camien culture. There is no other known Cityspeaker outside of them, those that can communicate with the Cybertronian Titans.

So, what does that have to do with it?

Titans can incubate sparks, making them form into protoforms. Camiens, cityspeakers, could possibly know about this particular physiology of the Titans.

And we know that there was a good number of them going around, not all of them creating colonies.

Bandstand stuff

aka everyone cried at closing night 

  • The lights went up on Laura moving around and everyone started applauding then Corey was onstage too and it did not stop 
  • The ‘get out’ in Just Like It Was Before wasn’t a scream it was more like a yelp that echoed and the second time Corey didn’t even say it there was just the echo
  • Corey was so into Donny Novitski he went so high and by the end he had tears in his eyes 
  • Jimmy playing the sax before I Know A Guy lead to almost a minute of applause during which he grinned and acted all cocky
  • When Johnny jumped on the table during I Know A Guy Corey looked so excited 
  • Beth could hardly get a line in without the entire audience applauding 
  • Counterpoint/Pie Jesu was amazing everyone on stage had tears in their eyes and Laura sounded amazing
  • Laura kept playing the drums while she was singing and Joe looked ecstatic
  • Love Will Come and Find Me Again was so good?? Laura is so talented and she put everything into the song
  • At the end of Right This Way every single one of them was crying and they were all lined up and crying freely as they held out the last note and even after the last note ended and it went black the audience was still applauding 
  • Nobody was great the dancing before Corey and Laura sing again was perfect and each solo was so strong
  • People went crazy for Davy and Johnny during The Boys Are Back the applause was not stopping
  • A few people groaned at I Got A Theory because even on closing night people still cannot stand Ohio apparently 
  • Corey was crying when they gave them the tickets and such for New York and barely stopped in time for A Band in New York City
  • Speaking of A Band in New York City what a song Corey and Laura’s quick change went perfectly and the whole song was amazing
  • This is Life was so raw? Corey was almost crying and Laura kept grabbing him and there was a lot of desperation and not wanting to leave each other
  • Wayne yelling about the contest and his speech about how they aren’t puppets got almost a minute of applause and he just stood there trembling till they stopped
  • When Corey and Laura finally kissed the whole band jumped and applauded
  • Welcome Home (Finale) was fantastic. Laura was crying by the third verse but she still sounded so good. Joey was crying by the end and he just stood there sobbing, everyone else was crying a little bit but he really was not stopping. Laura saw him and grabbed Corey and she started crying which made everyone else cry but the audience applauded for three minutes so they just stood there crying
  • Laura fumbled and dropped her pen and Corey said “Sorry she’s nervous” and they all giggled 
  • Donny kept trying to put his arm around Jimmy and he kept saying no no no no and shoving him off while laughing
  • The whole band had their arms around each other by the last scene
  • When the girl jumped onto Wayne he also went no no no no no no no and everyone was laughing at him
  • James was wiping away tears through the entire show and he kept making Brandon cry too
  • The closing speech was beautiful and then there was a proposal!!
  • Everyone came out to stagedoor and they were handing out dog tags and drumsticks and they were very nice and stayed around for almost an hour after the show
Crazy TAAO theory

Starscream’s gonna merge with a titan. Excuse my logic, I’m writing this at two in the morning.

ANYWAY the description for TAAO #11 reads as follows:
“With Elita One’s influence closing in around Starscream, he’s desperate to make any alliances he can. Turns out, a powerful ally might already be within his grasp. But is he willing to risk his own sanity to reach them?“

There is a surprising amount of evidence in this one little blurb. Time for a shit ton of single word analysis!

-A "powerful ally”
Yeah. So we already can guess from this term we aren’t exactly talking about Wheeljack, are we? The use of the word “powerful” suggests the character/s referred to has a force of sorts that Starscream does not, whilst the use of the word “ally” clearly states they must either have some form of alliance with Starscream or must have stayed neutral.

-Having to “risk his own sanity”
Let’s get down to business. A major clue hidden in plain sight, note the word “sanity”. Not reputation, job, life at risk, but his “sanity” of all things? The word choice is important, as it makes you think about a more… psychological issue. The idea of “risk(ing) his own sanity” likely refers to an imminent control or function issue (I don’t remember any torture or long-term abuse last time I asked someone for help), which I can only think of two examples for. The first is combiner Starscream. Yes, that show was weird, but it included an interesting plot point of Starscream almost taking over the Enigma of Combination. This sort of overpowered nonsense seems like a valid enough reason for concern about combining in any book. The second is titan merging. Even though Starscream has never attempted titan merging, we know even a trained cityspeaker can slip up, so the risks Starscream could face are tremendous.

-Having to “reach them”
This is a little more cryptic. If you look waaaayyy too much into this piece of language, you’ll figure out sooner or later you do not “reach” a person/s. This can only suggest there is some form of journey - mental or physical - he must take to “reach” this particular ally. And, well… you cannot “reach” a combiner, you join it; you can, however, “reach” a titan.

-Bonus! “I was not actually involved in the Combiner Wars cartoon and as far as I know, it is not in TAAO’s continuity, so…that’s all I’ve got.”
This is THE Mairghread Scott talking of the events in the Combiner Wars cartoon, and letting slip that Starscream’s transformation has nothing to do with TAAO. Considering Scott answered after starting TAAO #12, it’s unlikely that, if Starscream reacts like that whenever he uses the Enigma, Scott would have Starscream combine anytime soon.


Windblade was a vibrant femme.

Deep reds and electric blues painted over a black frame and a pale white face, Windblade’s look was distinctive. You could pick the Cityspeaker out in a crowd, her gold headpiece glinting in the sun, her blue optics alive and full of fire. Bright red outlined the shape of her lips, matching the red of the marks around her eyes.

She would’ve been the most beautiful thing he’d ever laid his optics on if it weren’t for the fact he had already seen his own reflection.

Starscream was in love with Windblade, even if his friends—if he could even call them his friends—thought he had a funny way of showing it. They just didn’t understand his dynamic with Windblade. What kept their relationship alive was the unpredictability; the never knowing whether to expect affection or verbal combat. Starscream was sure that without that level of spontaneity their relationship would have fizzled out and died. There’d be no passion; no vibrancy. It would be dead.

They just didn’t understand.


Windblade often wondered why Starscream even had an apartment if he spent all his time at Iacon.

Yet again, she sat, alone, in his apartment, her optics picking over her surroundings. It had hardly anything that told her of the mech that occupied it—it still had that empty, lonely feeling that accompanied brand new living spaces. It didn’t feel like home to Windblade. Apparently, it didn’t feel like home to Starscream either.

She could call Chromia. Of course she could. Chromia wasn’t overly fond of anything to do with Starscream, but she was fond of Windblade and the apartment was tolerable due to the distinct lack of the Cybertronian leader. But Chromia also had a life outside of Windblade, even if she never said so. She was quick to drop whatever she was doing for the Cityspeaker, and nothing would ever change that. Windblade knew this.

But she wasn’t going to call Chromia. Not tonight. She relied too heavily on Chromia to fill the void; she needed to learn how to drive away the loneliness herself. Besides, it wasn’t Chromia’s job to make her feel whole. Hell, it wasn’t even Starscream’s.

It was hers.

But how could she, when Starscream made it so hard? He was hardly there and when he was, they argued, their words like fists and brass knuckles, their glares like knives. How could she, when Starscream just had to say two words and storm out the door, and then she was left alone with her thoughts again, those two words rattling through her brain and shaking her to her core?

She used to cry. She didn’t anymore.


Starscream preferred staying at Iacon to going home.

He didn’t know why. He figured he just liked working. Plus, he could freely talk to Bumblebee’s phantasm without worrying about whether or not bots would hear him “talking to himself.” The last thing he needed was Cybertron thinking its leader had gone crazy.

He hadn’t liked going home before Windblade. It reminded him of life before Megatron, life before the war, and he hated it. He hated those memories of happier times, so he stayed as far away from them as possible.

He still hated going home. But for a different reason.

Windblade was an insufferable little know-it-all, and if he slipped up—spoke to the phantasm out loud, and she heard… He’d never hear the end of it. No, she’d insist on therapy and talking and he knew she’d tear apart any arguments he had in seconds. He hated that about her; he hated that she was smart and caring and persistent but at the same time he loved that she was all those things but he didn’t know how to deal with things he loved so he was cruel. He was cruel, but he had reasons to be cruel—the war screwed up his circuits and honestly, nobody would remember how to love after fighting with Megatron for so long. He was justified.

She understood. He was fine. She was fine.

It was fine.

Everything was just fine.


Windblade wished he had never come home.

She couldn’t remember what they were fighting about—she just knew they were screaming, hurling abuse at each other, and it was going nowhere fast.

Starscream was a master of the derisive laugh, and he employed it often. It hurt her when he laughed at her. It made her feel so small, like what she was saying had no merit. She knew he wasn’t listening, but at the very least he shouldn’t laugh at her. What she said mattered. It had merit.

She mattered. She had merit.

She wished he’d stop laughing.

He eyed her and scoffed. “You’re worthless,” he said, before storming out of the apartment.

She always felt empty after these fights. She was empty when he wasn’t there, and emptier when he was. Everything about her sagged—her shoulders, her wings, her head. He sucked the life out of her. It wasn’t fair.

She saw her muted reflection in the metal of the table. She looked… dull. Depressed. Like she ought to be dead. Her colours had faded away, and while she knew it was just her reflection because she could see the red metal that made up the frills on her arms: they were still a vibrant, passionate red—her reflection looked dead. She looked dead, and she was forced to confront a simple, powerful truth: Starscream loved her.

But he was killing her.

For the first time in a long time, Windblade began to cry.


When Starscream returned, Chromia was helping a distraught Windblade move her things out of the apartment. Confusion hit him like a bag of bricks. What was happening? Why? He thought she had understood… Had she not understood after all?

One look at her face, her stature that of a defeated femme, her colours no longer as bright as he remembered told him everything.

Chromia stood beside her, her frame still strong and proud. The blue of her armour was bright and vibrant, and she shone like a light in the dark hallway, her glow somehow warm and protective. Her face contorted into a look of disgust.

This is all your fault,” she hissed at him, before ushering Windblade out the door.

Starscream stepped into his apartment. It was even emptier than it had been before. Once again, he felt loneliness wash over him like the tide. Loneliness and sadness filled the empty space, making the room feel cramped and claustrophobic.

Starscream felt like his colours had dullened too.


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Oh hi please talk about all the reasons why you ship windscream because it's one of the most slept on ships for whatever reason

Well firstly, taking a step back and looking at the characters and relationships from a more meta perspective, I like that while they were clearly set up to be important characters in one another’s story arcs from the start of Windblade’s first mini-series, neither character is an accessory to the other. Sometimes I find it hard to get invested in a fictional relationship when it’s clear that one character in the relationship was created simply so that the relationship itself could exist. That’s not to say that every character initially created to be a love interest or side kick or whatever is necessarily going to be an underdeveloped character, or that the relationship they were created to establish is going to be a dull relationship. There just tends to be an increased risk that this secondary character will remain primarily defined by their relationship with the more major character, and thus not be as developed in their own right as they could be. Some of these characters avoid this fate, but some don’t.

In the case of Starscream and Windblade however, we first have Starscream who is one of the most important and established characters in the Transformers franchise as a whole and in this continuity in particular, so he’s not easily going to become a secondary character to anyone. Then there’s Windblade, a fan-made character who Hasbro has been pushing to the forefront to be a main player with her own mini-series to establish who she is and what she’s about. So Starscream and Windblade are both major characters who are each defined in their own right and have purposes outside of each other, but it’s also been so clear since Starscream was set up as the seeming antagonist of Windblade’s mini-series that their relationship was going to be important in the long-term. Basically it’s a promising set up, having a relationship that is clearly going to be important, whilst neither character was created for the sake of said relationship.

As for how this actually plays out in the story, it means that neither character ends up being a static catalyst for the development of the other; rather they each induce mutual character growth in one another. This growth is certainly enhanced by the fact that they’re foils to each other; Starscream is an extremely selfish person and adept liar who’s haltingly becoming more empathetic, while Windblade is a very selfless person and self-confessed bad liar who’s becoming increasingly ruthless. I’m fond of that classic set up where drastically different characters who initially hate each other’s guts are forced to work together and end up understanding and growing fond of each other, becoming more similar in the process. And in respect to them growing fond of each other, there’s the fact that Windblade is very forgiving, which is pretty much a must for anyone who’s going to have an even marginally positive relationship with a consummate sinner like Starscream.

While they’re opposites in some obvious respects, they also share some very important similarities. They’re both very ambitious and determined, and while they may have some major disagreements in terms of the means of getting there and the exact details of their respective visions, they both ultimately have the same desire, namely creating a peaceful and prosperous Cybertron. I tend to think that having a major shared goal is one of the most important factors for maintaining a relationship, and building up Cybertron is an ongoing objective so it could keep them tied together for quite some time. In terms of the more superficial similarities between them that could play into their relationship, they’re both sword-wielding jets, so they can take flights together and spar (also, since Windblade is only skilled in melee weapons I would love to see Starscream insisting on teaching her to use ranged weapons at some point).

Another wrinkle in their relationship is the fact that Windblade is a Cityspeaker whilst Starscream was chosen by a Titan. I actually think that’s one of the reasons Starscream was initially so hostile to Windblade, she was one of the few people who could contradict the word of the Titan that gave him his power. But it also means that they’re both tied to the greater mythology of the story in a similar way and might need to deal with it together, and I love adventurers that delve into sci-fi and fantasy mythology so very, very much.

I’ve gone on about ways in which they can work together and develop a positive bond, but I also enjoy the antagonistic, foe yay-tastic element to their relationship as well. It actually has me kind of torn because on one hand I do want to see them continue along the positive trajectory their relationship has been taking recently, but at the same time I want to see more of the manipulation and danger of their enmity. Ideally I would love to have them form a close and positive bond whilst still maintaining that exciting spice of antagonism. I’ve seen other people describe such a dynamic between them in Homestuck terms, which I’m personally not deeply familiar with, but the idea intrigues me.

Also they’re both hawt.


I like the little insights into Starscream’s perspective on the world. Cityspeakers? Fussy. Chromia? Kinda dumb.

Also for some reason the image of Vigilem’s corpse kneeling outside the city in robot mode made me realise how freaking weird the whole Titan thing is. Like, the Iaconians just have a giant corpse on their doorstep that looks like a bigger version of them and they’re cannibalising it. I mean, how freaking weird would it be if a giant human corpse was just…sitting around. And then there’s the whole thing where they live inside the Titans, that’s like living inside a giant person, going about your day doing all your bits and pieces while inside someone else. That’s…ew…ewwwwwww. Transformers are nasty.

Then again we mammals start our existences as disembodied floating assholes so I guess we’re not on high ground.