This deer followed us all morning as we waited to get into our new house. She went everywhere we did. She even tried to get close. She was like two feet away from my baby at one point! #deer #doe #mamadeer #silverdale #washington #cityslicker #newtotown #life #love #justmovedhere #movingin #kitsap #kitsapcounty #blessed #animal #animals #witchbaby #babywitch


This morning, Governor Phil Bryant passed a bill into law that raised the alcohol content for beer sold in Mississippi.  Cityslickers rejoiced, and Keg and Barrel and Raise Your Pints threw a party in honor of the decision.  $15 all you can eat crawfish, Lazy Magnolia and Rogue Beer on tap, and a free beer if you sported your Raise Your Pints tee shirt, you got a free draft beer. Raise your pints, Cityslickers!


So when we arrived back in Oregon, we vowed we would go into Portland and check out its quirkyness. Three photos is pretty poor on our behalf (sorry Portland) but in our defence, it rained the whole day we were in town and we forgot our maps back at the house. So we we were left with visiting Powell’s bookstore which is actually pretty incredible.

Parking is also an adventure in the city. We managed to find a little spot though and went for a stroll around the Pearl District; the city has loads of little districts each with their own charm, so it would be hard to do them all justice in a day. One thing we did realise is, Portland does food really really well. We can’t put our finger on exactly why but there is literally something for everyone, and if you ever had a thought “I wonder what it would taste like to have X and X together”, boom, they’ve done it, and it probably exists as a food truck.

Whilst the city is a wonderland of quirk, they also have a lot of shopping. Cue our exit back to Kenton and planning our next outdoor exploration. Walking is free and the hikes around here pay for themselves in spades.

Til next time Portland…