US CitySlicker Nicolas: Days of Being Wild (Or My Endless Analogue Summer)

It all started with an idea; that this summer, my friends and I would take a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. What was at first just a plan, quickly turned into a real adventure. This is the story of my endless, analogue summer with my two film-loving best friends.

I’m Not Missing This Light:

Follow suit, flatfoot 

I’ve turned this tar beach into granite slabs 

With onslaughts of wave-tattered heels 

Pounding once-golden pavement to a pulp of black and blue 

But for once 

The man in front of me is outlined in silver 

Never catching me red-handed 

So little lady, when I tell you I’ve got places to be 

Best believe I will not yield to turncoat nor taxi 

I am not needed urgently, but when am I ever ?

Toes itching normal force anxiety 

Pressing sole into molten asphalt into blocks away 

Hours, minutes, seconds 

Pioneer intrepid before downbeat downtown 

Pounded by sunlight torrent and tortoise folk 

Resigning again to the tide in a port town 

Whistle for the captain I call with a 

Hasten, Hasten, Hasten 

Hail the Balaclava King clad in yellow vessel 

Street surfing for chump change through gridlock 

Slackening loose a Hamilton as a calling card 

Bidding sour-tongued adieus to blue collar burdens 

Thinking not of bedsides I’ll find empty upon returning 

Resume in hand, haven’t a care for consequence

I need to get nowhere, 

And Lord, in the Land of Green Slips

I’ll pay the toll for fading Yellow Beacons.


New 3DS/XL cases from Waterfield ⊟

Waterfield Designs has been making high-quality DS cases since way back, and now the company has updated its line with three different accessories custom designed to hold the New 3DS XL (and available in New 3DS size as well): the $49 CitySlicker, the $45 Gear Pouch Pro, and the $12 Suede Jacket.

The CitySlicker and the Gear Pouch Pro are available in multiple colors. They’re available in more colors than the New 3DS XL is, now that I think about it..