I already have a follow forever page on my blog, which can be found here. But I wanted to update it. Here are some of my favorite blogs! They always bring a smile to my face when I see them on my dash. :) 

A- agardenofprimroses

B- bitcheslovethebread, blueodesta

C- cityofinsurgent, chroniclesofpanem, cockblockgale

D- districtmockingjay, district-alexbelle, dandelionthatgavemehope


F- fruitymellarkfabulousfinnick, finnickanniefannie, fourever-tris, finnicksboxers, ferriswheelfourtris, flyawayrue


H- hungercatchingjay, haymitch-thetown-drunk

I- infernalmockingjay, incendioeverdeen

J- jenniferperfectlawrence, jen-is-not-taller-than-me


L- lovelyprimroses

M- maybeokaywillbeouralwayss, mravox,

N- nightlockandarrows

O- odairsmysugarcubes, omghungergames, odairandhistrident, oh-my-katniss,

P- painterpeeta, peetaspoison, peatuhmellark, prim-goes-boom


R- reapingcauldron

S- seraphicmockingjay, sluttytobias, silentavox, sunset-orange-peeta

T- thats-mellarkable, twirl-for-the-capitol, theundeadavoxtribute, tiktok-itsaclock, the-fuhrmangames,

U- uriahslapdance


W- want-a-sugar-cubee,


Y- you-will-be-safe-and-sound, youre-a-painter-youre-a-baker


I don’t talk to maybe 25% of you so this is awkward. c:

Follow all of these lovely people 

If I’ve missed anybody please tell me and I’ll gladly add you! <3

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1. Favourite food? Chinese food XD

2. What would you do if you could live forever? Travel the world

3. What are your fandoms? woah, okay here we go: harry potter, percy jackson, heroes of olympus, kane chronicles, the hunger  games, divergent, delirium, hush hush, the infernal  devices, the mortal instruments, maximum ride, leviathan, uglies, sherlock, doctor who, pretty little liars, the avengers, and batman. im so sure i forgot like half of them, but there you are.

4. What got you started with Tumblr? curiosity, definitely curiosity

5. What book(s) have a special meaning to you?Harry Potter  and the Philosopher’s Stone

6. What world would you rather be apart of (eg. Harry Potter, PJO, Divergent, etc.)? Harry Potter  for sure.

7. If you could be any food, what would you want to be? Chocolate mousse, for reasons that may or may not be clear to me….

8. Do you want a dinosaur? I`m not offering, but do you want one? depends….

9. Favourite musical/play/show? West Side Story

10. Would you rather be a Hobbit or a Demigod? Demigod, just cuz im used to being the tallest of my friends

11. Somewhere you want to live REALLY BADLY? do i have to choose just one? cuz i can’t, so here are my top three: London, New York, Paris

Here are your questions:

  1. Favourite author?
  2. One thing you would ask that author if you had the chance?
  3. What fictional character  do you wish was real?
  4. Favourite holiday?
  5. Have you  ever  stayed up all night reading or thinking about a book?
  6. Favourite band/singer/song?
  7. What are your OTPS?
  8. A song that describes one of your  OTPs?
  9. What was the first movie that completely entranced you?
  10. If you could fix a character’s broken heart, who would you choose?
  11. Would you rather hang out with Barney or the Teletubbies?