I was tagged by cityofdreamingbooks:

Her questions for me are:

1. Favorite desert.
fruit salad and my mother’s apple/pudding/sour cream thing

2. If you could have any superpower what would it be, how would you use it and why?
finish things on time and without major procrastinating

3. Favorite clothing item. Why?
right now leggings probably

4. Do you like Tim Burton? If so what’s your Burton movie?
i LOVE Tim. my faves are Corpse Bride, Edward and Nightmare

5. Harry Potter or LOTR? Why?
HP, because Draco is one of the most interesting characters i’ve ever known

6. Favorite holiday.

7. What kind of book/movie genre(s) do you like?
in movies mainly psychological thrillers
in books…anything really. the last book i really really enjoyed was The Hand That First Held Mine

8. Place you would like to visit.
i’d love to revisit US.

9. Favorite cartoon.
Despicable Me and Happily Ever After (just because it’s the scariest cartoon i’ve ever seen)

10. Favorite movie. (movies)
We Need to Talk About Kevin, Fight Club, Stoker, The Stag, The Birdcage

11. Do you….like….brownies?
i’ve….never….had one.