A multitasking designer - Salvatore Iaconesi! Speaker for artscapingRome!

Born: in Livorno, Italy in 1973 and is currently based in Rome.

He is an interaction designer, artist, robotics engineer as well as a TED Fellow 2012.  He’s also been Eisenhower Fellow since 2013.


  • 2004 he created AOS or Art is Open Source, an international network exploring the mutation of human beings with the wide and ubiquitous accessibility and availability of digital technologies and networks. He created multiple interactive experiences for arts, architecture, theater and performance arts, dealing with important societal issues of planetary relevance. His work has been exhibited all over the world.
  • Professor in multiple disciplines connected to digital and urban design. He teaches at La Sapienza University of Rome, at the Faculty of Architecture of Communication Sciences and of Psychology; ISIA Design in Florence; at IED Istituto Europeo di Design; at Rome University of Fine Arts, at NABA Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti in Milan.


Salvatore also finds time to lead and manage multiple international projects at global, EU, and Italian level. He also helps as a strategy and technology advisor for multiple organizations.

Salvatore Iaconesi

by Assel Akhmetzhanova

Joining the 'art bubble'

We wanted to understand the art sphere in Rome, their relations and interactions of all the participants in it. We are art managers from foreign countries: Colombia, Philippines, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Romania, Portugal, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We have comprehended by our classes, museums visits and cultural institutions. That the amount of knowledge you can get from something is normally in the experience. Not only an academic experience, but is a real “taste” of the art world of Rome.

For this purpose we would like to share our final work, an event. With people that can become the cores to understand and develop with their knowledge, experience and beliefs the complex relation between art and Rome. To be able to understand something normally is necessary to take its entire pieces scatter around together: the politics, the business, the curators, the designers and the artists… to do this we needed professionals from all the disciplines inside the art sphere of Rome. Starting from the point which they should be working in Rome, to be able to speak about the city. Other important point was that they are used to speak to give a great atmosphere, but also to be able to communicate with others ().

The last choosing patter was that they were from an interesting area with enough experience in what they do. Following these patters we start searching with Assel and Basak and the whole group, to find 10 of each…now after all the searching process: by Internet, meeting institutions and traveling across Rome, we have found them…

by Alberto David Restrepo Mejia