Martin Boyce, City of Disappearances installation view; Courtesy CCA Wattis Institute / Photo by Johnna Arnold Photography.

Kara Q. Smith reviews City of Disappearances for Artslant, currently on view at the Wattis Institute

Understanding cities, or our relationship to them emotionally and physically, requires breaking things into smaller relatable parts, but how I wonder do we do that now, in the present? How do we understand the city as human while facing eviction and gentrification? City of Disappearances does not answer by saying: look to the past, it was different then. Rather, any nostalgia manifested by the exhibition speaks to fluidity and a non-linear history of the stories cities tell.

The exhibition is on view through December 14. Starting on October 26, a series of public programs called Citydetours will kick off with an excursion led by grupa o.k. (Julian Myers Szupinska and Joanna Szupinska Myers).