CBS, City Bomb Squad, Can’t Be Stopped, Skate One, Mear One. LA OG’s. I still remember driving down to Hollywood from Riverside CA with mom’s in my younger days.  In those times these guys were killing freeways and dropping fresh burners all over LA. Not just tags (though there was plenty of that) but crazy full color pieces on crazy (and dangerous) spots. I remember looking out mom’s van conversion window driving down the 101 and thinking to myself “how can I bite that?”. Eventually I came to realize that I couldn’t, all I could do was discover my flow, my own movements which eventually produced what today I consider my style.  But as a young toy that’s what you do. Since those days I have traveled much in the USA and seen many styles and culture variations of graffiti bombing but I never forgot the impact these LA writers and this crew had on my drive to come up as tagger and later a graffiti artist.

Mear One took his art to his politics, I choose another route and went straight to the (Anti-Globilization and Labor) politics. For the last 10+ years Iv'e been in the mix with Labor as an organizer, educator, journalist and activist. Today I’m seeking answers on how to come back to my art and bring my politics and experience with me.

These young men and women from CBS have certainly influenced my approach to life and up to date have truly demonstrated what it looks like when you Can’t Be Stopped. Respecto.   

If your ever in the Hollywood area and want to peep the next generation of CBS be sure to hit up the alleys on both sides of Melrose Ave between N. La Brea Ave and N. Fairfax Ave.