city: philadelphia

ID #85668

Name: Kyle
Age: 21
Country: USA

Hello people of the world! I’ve made a post on here before, but I wanted to do a revision because I feel I left a lot out last time and rushed it.

I’m Kyle from Philadelphia, PA. I go to school for filmmaking, but was originally meant to go to Boston to study music. I still study music though, but just independently. I play the drums and listen to a wide range of music, but primarily rock, metal, and jazz. I’m a big film buff and own a huge collection of over a thousand (I haven’t counted all, but once I got to around 800 and didn’t even finish my first four rack case, I stopped.)

So that’s me, but there’s a lot more. I’m looking to meet new people and I’d like to trade or discuss ideas and maybe even send some scripts to read over and get feedback. I’m not great at making friends, but once I get comfortable talking to someone, I’m very sociable, so I hope to hear from you.

Preferences: I prefer a human or a dog.
Age 18-23 or 3 weeks - 10 in dog years
Anywhere in the world, but I can only speak english, and I only know one sentence in Dutch. (Hou Je Bek)