all i’m saying is harry is playing radio city music hall tomorrow night and ryan gosling is hosting SNL this weekend, which means the two of them will literally be across the street from each other and i think ryan should drop a quick visit to RCMH, pop into his dressing room unannounced with a “i hear you like the notebook” in that dry ryan gosling-y tone of his and scare the everloving shit out of harry 

I feel like if the rogues ever got in a fight with each other but didn’t want to have shoot outs or extreme violence they’d passive aggressively call the police on each other like

‘GCPD, what’s your emergency?’

‘Hello? Yes, I’d like to inform you that Edward Nigma is going to rob the Gotham City Bank at 8 pm tomorrow.’

'Alright, and what’s your name?’

'This is Jonathan Crane.’

’…sir, is this a prank call?’


Sealed Power Into The Future by Paul Malon
Via Flickr:
1935; illustration by Arthur Radebaugh.

Never Have I Ever L.H

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warning: smut ;))))

word count: 2500+

summary: Luke takes y/n’s virginity after a round of Never Have I Ever

requested?: yes, hope you like it Anon! I’m sorry for the wait, I know I told you it would be up earlier but I didn’t get the chance :/ anyway don’t forget my requests are open and I respond to all! ;)

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“okay never have I ever… had sex” Ashton said, immediately putting his finger down after the suggestion. I didn’t want to play this game in the first place, not in front of 10 or so people I’ve never met before. I don’t mind Never Have I Ever but it’s better with just your friends so you can admit anything without feeling embarrassed.

But of course Ashton had to do the sex one. I’m not ashamed of being a virgin it’s just that people judge you very easily, because apparently still being a virgin at 18 is a sin. 

And I can’t lie because one look from everyone and my face crumbles, the moral of the story, don’t trust me to hide anything because people can tell I’m lying from a mile away. 

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Apartment - Part 1 (Jungkook Smut)

Word Count: 2,219

Summary: You moved into a new apartment. You have a perfect view of a neighbor across the building. You’re intrigued by him and watch his every move.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Female Reader x Jungkook

“Hey! I’m just making my way in now. I had dinner with Rutuni so I’m good for tonight’ You laughed as you spoke to your friend over the phone. You managed to juggle a large box under your arm, a phone that was being held by the side of our head and shoulder and using your other hand to press the code of the door to let you inside your new apartment. The door buzzed and played a short electronic melody as you walked in.

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BTS : They See Their Friend Dressed Up For The First Time

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Jin was getting all his ingredients ready for the dinner he was about to make. He texted you earlier in the day, his schedule preventing him from seeing you for the last few days. He jokingly told you to dress up and come over to eat. When you arrived wearing a cute dress, Jin was in awe. He had never seen you in one and he quickly pushed you out in to the hallway, ingredients long forgotton. 

   “Come on, Y/n. We don’t want to lose our reservations!” 

    “I thought we were eating in?”

    “Why would you think that? I’ve had this reservation for weeks! Now come on.” Jin didn’t want to give up an opportunity to go out with you and you dressing up seemed to be the sign he needed to push himself out of his comfort zone. He did excuse himself for a minute to make a call though, “Jimin? It’s hyung. Is your parents’ restaurant still open? I have a favor…” 

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    You were one of Yoongi’s friends that he liked to chill with. No drama, no fighting, none of that. Sometimes you guys wouldn’t even talk much. When he was in the mood he would just lay in bed all day listening to music or watching a movie and you were always down for that. He appreciated your ability to match his mood and so he never really saw you in a romantic way. You were just somebody he could be himself with. When you showed up one day for movie night wearing a skirt instead of your usual sweatpants however, he was starting to think maybe he should’ve payed more attention to you. 

   “Wow, Y/n! You dressed up today!” Taehyung jostled Yoongi’s shoulder on his way to greet you. At the sound of your name he looked up and couldn’t help the shock that momentarily came over his features. He stood up before you could see his face and started to walk towards his room where he knew you would follow. When you two settled down on his bed as you usually did to watch the movie, he started getting nervous. He wondered if you could see his eyes flicking over to your exposed legs every few seconds. When you finally took notice of his odd behavior and asked him about it, he brushed you off.

   A few minutes later he quietly said, “You look nice today.” His tone was so tight you almost thought he was mad at you but the pink on his cheeks told you the exact opposite.

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    When you walked in to the practice room with food, the boys immediately flocked to you. Everyone was too busy reaching for the delicious smelling bags in your hands to notice you were wearing a dress and heels. Everyone except for Hoseok. His first thought was that you looked amazing out of your usual casual attire but he was curious as to why you looked so nice. Luckily, Jimin asked for him after hearing your heels click against the wood floors.

    “I have a date later tonight..”

    You looked down shyly and Hoseok felt his stomach drop. For a few days now he had been thinking of you often and he was questioning his feelings. After today and thinking you were the one of the prettiest sights he’d ever seen, he knew what he felt towards you. He ignored the other boys’ cheers and whoops. He didn’t want to tell any of them because he was unsure, but now he knew it. He shook his head and put on his usual smile,

   “Well, Y/n, if it doesn’t work out with him, you’ll always have me!” You laughed along with the boys and he just smiled. If only you knew how true those words were.

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   When Namjoon saw you in your blouse and skirt combo, he was impressed to say the least. “You don’t need to dress up for me, Y/n!” He would tease you at first but throughout the night he would start to get quiet. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you as you mingled and interacted with the other boys. He didn’t know why but he just couldn’t look away. It was only after you caught him a few times that he tried to stare at the TV to distract himself but his mind was still on you. When you went to put your dishes in the kitchen after dinner, he was quick to follow suit.  

    “Oh, hey Joon.” You had just looked over your shoulder to see who entered and smiled at him. How didn’t he notice it all before? You accidentally dropped a dish cloth and he sucked in a breath as you picked it up. Your skirt was long enough to cover you but it didn’t stop his thoughts from racing. He scolded himself. He shouldn’t be thinking this of you. You were just his friend. “Joonie, I feel like we don’t hang out anymore. We should go out to that park tomorrow like we used to. Just the two of us.” Just friends. Right?

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    It was one of their last nights on tour so everyone was going out to celebrate afterwards. Seeing you all dressed up for the first time was fun for Jimin. He would tease you all night about how he finally saw your legs just to see you get flustered. During the concert, Jimin made sure to walk by where you were and send little smiles your way. One time he even turned your way and winked. The audience around you screamed but you just stood there shocked. He was usually flirty but never this bold. Jimin mistook this shock for displeasure and immediately turned around to face the other side of the stadium. He hoped he wasn’t on the big screen because he could feel his cheeks burning. He felt silly now. You two were just friends and here he was making a fool of himself.

   At the dinner after the concert you sat next to him but didn’t say much. He wanted to ask if you were mad at him but he was scared. He flinched in surprise when you reached over to brush some stray hair out of his eyes. “You okay, Chim?”

   He nodded but Jin spoke up as usual, “I think he’s coming down with something. He’s been looking flushed all night.” Jimin just sighed. He was coming down with something and looking at you, he knew just what it was.

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(lmfao this gets me every time)

   When you showed up to hang out with Taehyung wearing a casual dress, he wasn’t playing around. He didn’t make a fuss over you dressing up but he kept throwing compliments your way all night. Eventually he tried suggesting things that required you two to be close and preferably alone. “Hobi, I’m tired of Monopoly. Come on Y/n, let’s go watch a movie in my room.” 

   “You’re only saying that because you want to be alone with her!” Taehyung just ignored it and started walking to his room. He had never indicated that he liked you before to any of the boys so he knew they were just teasing him from all the attention he was giving you tonight. When you both settled in his room, he turned on the charms.

   “Y/n! Come lay next to me!”

   “You don’t mind that I have my arm around you like this, right?”

    “You’re so good at cuddling, Y/n!”

    “Hmm, you smell so nice.”

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    You were usually one of the only girls Jungkook would feel comfortable being around. When you came in the studio all dressed up, it was like a slap in the face. Of course he knew you were a girl but to see you dressed so prettily, it made him feel shy and nervous all over again. He tried to play it off well, he knew his hyungs would tease him if he gave himself away. Instead, he just laughed at everything. It was like a defense mechanism, he didn’t know what to feel so he just laughed. This of course made everyone look at him weird but he figured it was better than them noticing how he couldn’t look you in the eyes anymore.

    “Hey Kook, do you wanna go to the city with me tomorrow?” 

   He looked up at you with wide eyes. “You mean like on a d-date? Are you asking me out, Y/n?!”

    “Um…no? I meant like to get food or something. Oh, and we can do some shopping too obviously!”


    “…Did you want it to be a date?”

    *cue cute nervous high-pitched Jungkook laughter*