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So, when I meet celebrities, I like to get a specific pose with them. It started with Hannah Hart and our Booty-Bump picture and now I just love that pose.

At Emerald City Comic-Con today, we heard Osric was wandering around as an attendee. Soon after we found that out, we ran into him and got pictures, and I got my booty-bump picture.

(I can see why they call him Badonk-a-Donkey. Look at dat ass)

Next up was my Jim Beaver Photo Op, which I successfully managed to get a booty-bump picture out of

Minutes after my Jim photo, I hopped back in line for my Mark Sheppard photo-op. I asked him, like the others, if they wouldn’t mind posing like this *demonstrates the booty-bump ways*. He said “I have never done that in my life, and I never will. I can watch you do it, though!” Thus we have

me pushing my rear-end towards Mark Sheppard while he stands there sassing me and making the cutest goddamn face possible.