Sealed Power Into The Future by Paul Malon
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1935; illustration by Arthur Radebaugh.

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Rare Film of Le Corbusier in his Paris Home and Studio

“They live where they should not live, they work where they should not work.” – Le Corbusier on the anxiety and stress of large cities as New York and London.

Rare 1959 footage offers a glimpse into the studio of Le Corbusier, while he shares his thoughts on his ‘City of Tomorrow’ where he surveyed urban problems and ventured bold new solutions.

Motopia: The City of The 60s’ Tomorrow. Cars drive on elevator streets, while pedestrians zip around on moving sidewalks.

“Planned for construction about 17 miles west of London with an estimated cost of about $170 million, Motopia was a bold—if somewhat impractical plan—for a city built from the ground up. The town was envisioned as being able to have a population of 30,000, all living in a grid-pattern of buildings with an expanse of rooftop motorways in the sky.”

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Between belief and doubt it is better to believe.
Between action and dissolution it is better to act.
To be youthful and full of health is to have the power to produce much, but years of experience are needed to produce well.
—  Le Corbusier. City of Tomorrow.