Wait a minute, did I understand that correctly; there are two million metas? Wtf, where are they all? How come we only see heroes and villains? Where are all the casual metas strolling around Central City, just going about their daily lives and levitating things with their mind or whatever?

So this week has been INSANE.
$300 stolen from me
Amazing stranger saves me
Boss that I love gets fired
Given way more money and I now have a title (still not as good as boss)
Going to New York city tomorrow
I am so con flicked

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so trump is in my city tonight and tomorrow and all i can say is that i hope the government is monitoring my internet history, because i want them to know from the bottom of my gay, conservative-hating little heart: meet me at the fucking west avenue skyline’s chili


NEW VIDEO: “How My Mom Knew I Was Gay - as always, I’ll be stalking people who reblog… who wants a follow?

there’s a lot i could’ve drawn from that update but the thing that got to me a lot was dirk and jake, peacefully hanging out in a small workshop, maybe by the ocean. 

jake is free to leave whenever he needs his own time, but sometimes he’ll stay late into the night, sending silly snaps and listening to dirk tinker



I think Grillby would be basically the same in the mob setting! Probably has lots of misc information he can sell to people or tips to give out. I like to imagine he and Sans are on great terms, what with Sans being one of his regulars, and they have a sort of favor-for-a-favor thing going on? Skelebros help him out, his bar (speakeasy yesssss) is probably on their turf or something!

Maybe his daughter gets kidnapped at some point, held for ransom by like, Muffet or something, and he asks dem bones to help him out cuz Undyne is off dealing with some human problems and he doesn’t know where else to turn? Idk, just some ideas I had while doodlin this, haha (I promise Papyrus isn’t always grumpy despite me only ever drawing him grumpy in this au aaahaha he just, doesn’t like grease….!)


Sealed Power Into The Future by Paul Malon
Via Flickr:
1935; illustration by Arthur Radebaugh.