Where did we think we would be? 

Standing at the bus stop at 6 am to go to another city we never talked about. Or waiting for the express to take you to the good part of the city where the skies are blue. I thought I would find you in the building we thought we were too good for. We later find out that we were good enough for that building with people worse than us. 

At the mall whenever there was nothing to do. Roaming empty rooms with empty bottles. Taking pictures by the white walls and glass windows, nothing to look for. We never believed it when they said they were making everything like it never existed. Do we exist or am I sitting in my own mind drawing your face in places ?

Maybe at a party I didn’t want to be at. But you dragged me there anyways, thank you for that because I remember every song played that afternoon. I danced with enemies, with best friends, with people I didn’t know existed. You were too shy but no one was watching each other so we danced our last dance. We cried during the last song but smiled the next day. 

In the parks we would ditch school to go to. Castles in yellow and blue. Yellows like dandelions in forest grass and blue like the sun burning out. You would climb the walls and declare us as queens, no crowns but we wore our heads high. Slide through tubes fearing of getting lost in them. Feeling the rocks in our chest go away when we saw light as if we were waking from hibernation. Wood chips with burned brown edges get stuck inside our shoes. We threw them around in our snowball fights with something that could make you bleed a red of your lipstick. I chip away from the edges as if they are flower petals now guessing where you are now. 

By the plaza you always bought me something from. It was cheap but I remember you would sneak in just for me. Candies pale pink wrapped in wax paper that tasted the slightest bit of sugar. Or the bottles that look like alchol but had plasma blue liquid in them. Where sirens were always blaring and stories went around in the wind. I never went with you but regretting it brings me back to the plaza. I wanted to ask you if you could come with me their but I realized where you really were. 

In the alley ways we explored. We were told never to go there but we did anyways. I hum to the sound of our footsteps. You sing to the music I hated but now love. Lined with leaves and every thing we were told not to touch. Green on the ground playing pretend with flowers. We would walk our steps carefully making no sound. Never step on the shards but now I soak myself in them. Every time I pass an alley I see our shadows walking through them as if we actually did.

In the creeks that trail every house, building and road. A maze that goes deeper than tangled thoughts. Soil soaked in alcohol, flowers growing around cigarette butts and shards of glass to keep the grass from growing too long. You never liked the smell of alcohol but your dad made you familiar with the smell of cigarette smoke. We would get lost going straight but we would never notice that we were spinning in circles. We were both scared of everyone walking by us with their sagging, slate grey eyes and hot breath. Those who we once called friends. 

In the centre of it all. Right in the middle, one spin and you see everything in the town. Taking pictures through the glass, running through the water blending with tears. Seeing everyone we ever knew and would one day know. People’s faces that flash with memory appearing as white sparks hidden in the light of our minds. Jump off the castles built of yellow and red. We were playful and growing up with every second here.

—  I wonder what it would be like if we never went away
some fics i’m following and really like

“Oops, I’ve always thought your eyes were blue, mayor.”

“Eye, you mean… why would you say that?”

“The other day O'Hare was babbling about mayors and their hometowns. A sunny town like this would turn your eyes blue if you’ve lived here all your life!”

“Ah, well Apple,  I was born in the city. The skies were dark, and it rained all the time…”

“Really? That doesn’t sound fun at all.”

“The lights were beautiful though. If I could return, I would bring you there.”

Hartwin Fic: Something Just Like This

They’re walking the streets of Greenwich when it occurs to Eggsy that he is perfectly happy. 

It’s not a thunderbolt of discovery. Nothing like that. More like a quiet revelation, a simple realisation. Halfway back to the bus stop, under skies that threaten rain any moment, and Eggsy can say with absolute honesty that he’s never been so happy before. 

It’s impossible to hide his smile then, and he doesn’t even try. Why should he? He walks along, smiling widely, and when Harry gives him a mildly curious look, he just shrugs. He can’t put it into words, not without sounding like a complete idiot. 

Harry smiles back, a bit tentative, not in on the joke, not quite sure if he should. In his current mood Eggsy finds that caution endearing, and he has a sudden – but mercifully brief – urge to laugh out loud. 

They haven’t even done anything special today. The trip to Greenwich wasn’t planned, but Merlin needed someone to keep an eye on a couple locations that have been earmarked for suspicious activity. A few trackers and some cameras later, the work part of their day was done, and since then he and Harry have just been walking. 

Lunch was a few hours ago. Nothing special, just some sandwiches in a shop, their table in the window so they could watch the street corner Kingsman wants observed. They wandered along with a few tour groups, but Harry flatly refused to pay the entrance fee at the Royal Observatory, so they had turned in a different direction then. 

But longitude knows no restrictions, and so some distance away, Eggsy had found himself standing with one foot each in two different time zones. He had thrown his arms out wide and yelled, “Help, I’m being pulled apart by time and space!”

Harry had smiled indulgently, his eyes alight with amusement behind the Kingsman glasses, holding his Rainmaker just below the curved part of the handle. And when he reached out a hand to pull Eggsy off the Prime Meridian and onto “safety,” Eggsy had held on just a little bit longer than was strictly necessary – and Harry had let him. 

The train back to London leaves in an hour. Plenty of time for them to get the bus to the station, push through the crowd of people, and take their seats. They’ll sit across from each other and Eggsy will discreetly press Harry’s foot with his own, and grin at him. They’ll stop somewhere for dinner, then go home and do the laundry they were supposed to have done yesterday. And at some point Harry will walk past him and give him an absent kiss, and Eggsy will turn toward him and that’ll be it. Chores will be forgotten in the sweet rush of hands and lips and bare skin. 

That’s really it, he thinks. The reason he’s so happy even in a grimy city under glowering skies. Because wherever he is, he has Harry. Someone he can turn to, someone he can kiss. 

That’s all he needs. 

“You seem quite pleased with yourself,” Harry observes. 

Eggsy nods. He’s still smiling like an idiot, but he doesn’t care. “I am." 

"Any reason in particular?” Harry asks. 

Eggsy looks at him, and he doesn’t think he’s ever loved Harry more than he does in this moment. 

“I’ll tell you when we get home,” he promises.  

TubeTube took down my video because copyright violations?!?!  What?!  That was MOSTLY ORIGINAL MATERIAL!!!  I used that background music for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES!  IT’S FAIR USE!  FAIR USE!!!

Clearly, somebody doesn’t want the TRUTH about Beach City to be known.  Perhaps, someone with an invested interest in the reputation of our seaside community.  Someone who would lose a lot of money if tourists were afraid to come here and buy french fries.  Someone like MY DAD!

This puzzle just got personal.