PLACES IN THE ANCIENT WORLD: Mari (Northern Mesopotamia/Eastern Syria): 

MARI was a city-state located near the west bank of the Euphrates River in Northern Mesopotamia (now eastern Syria) during the Early Bronze Age and the Middle Bronze Age. One of the earliest known planned cities, Mari is believed to have been founded as a trade hub, and copper and bronze-smelting centre, between Babylonia in Southern Mesopotamia and the resource-rich Taurus Mountains of modern Turkey

For 1,200 years, Mari served as a major centre of Northern Mesopotamia until it was destroyed by Hammurabi of Babylon between 1760 BCE and 1757 BCE and gradually eroded away from memory and quite literally - today only one-third of the city survives with the rest washed away by the Euphrates. 

The ruins of Mari are located at modern-day Tell Hariri in eastern Syria. In the Bronze Age, the Euphrates was around 4-6 km from the city but has since moved farther east. The city is believed to have been constructed along with a 10 km long man-made “linking canal” that once cut through the city and provided water essential for the city’s existence as the city itself was too far from the Euphrates for daily water retrieval on foot and the ground water is too salty for wells. As a result of the destruction of Mari by Hammurabi, Mari’s linkage canal expanded outside of its intended boundaries and eventually eroded away two-thirds of the city, including most of the housing from the third and last phase of the city.

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Article by Henry Curtis Pelgrift on AHE

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City of Rest/Sierra Leone (Kissy Mental Hospital)

The civil war in Sierra Leone (1991-2001) was labeled “the cruelest in Africa’s recent history”. It was characterized by destruction – of property, but more so of human lives and values. Tens of thousands of civilians died, hundreds of thousands were raped, burnt, tortured, enslaved, mutilated. Many patients in Kissy Mental Hospital are psychotic because of severe drugs and alcohol abuse, others are traumatized by having participated as a fighter in the war There is a lack of staff, especially of trained staff. The hospital was rebuilt in 2006 and now patients have better beds and windows.

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Visited my favourite city park today to keep building up my wheelchair propelling strength/endurance over pea gravel (it’s HARD). So many of my favourite bird species in one spot.

I haven’t been able to visit this park in a couple of years, and many more since I visited in the winter. It made me pretty happy.

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Throw Your Ex Here (Olicity Challenge- day 2)

A/N- My day 2 submission for the Olicity fic challenge (@olicityficchallenge).  I won’t be writing every day but I figured I’d get in a few drabbles while I can!  This is an AU (since Felicity is walking/Roy is still around) but otherwise is pretty close to canon universe.  The picture prompt is at the bottom!

“Quick, Liiiiic, break up with Ollie!”

Felicity stumbled forward at Thea’s sudden cry but Oliver’s arm caught her before she could fully lose her footing on the uneven sidewalk.

After an emergency in the glades had ruined Oliver’s bachelor party the previous week, their separate celebrations were combined to better accommodate the busy schedules of the couple’s guests.  Following a nice dinner, Diggle, Lyla, and Laurel had excused themselves from the celebration (insisting some heroes had to stay sober for the good of Star City), but the rest of the team had resorted to meandering through the city streets, revisiting bars that all seemed to remember Oliver from his younger years.

“Quick, dump hiiiim!” Thea yelled again, this time stopping in her tracks and pointing dramatically at a trashcan in a nearby ally.  Beside her, Roy only smirked, taking a step back to avoid becoming the next target of Thea’s excitement.

As Felicity approached the can, she noticed the quickly scrawled graffiti on the brick wall behind it, reading “throw your ex here” with an oversized arrow pointing to the dented bin below.  

“He did steal the shower first this morning…” Felicity mused, leaning into Oliver as they slowed to a stop beside his sister and Roy.

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Hive City Mermaid Cafe and Spa

Rest your tail and relax

After months of construction and devotion, Citta’s own Mermaid Cafe and Spa is having it’s grand opening. Bringing a luxury health spa experience to hive city, Mermaid Cafe and Spa promises it’s patrons only the finest facilities, where your every possible worry is washed away by calming waves of warm water. Food and drink are also offered at your leisure, along with massages, live music, and fortune telling, offered by the manager herself. If you need an escape from the smog and dirt of Sector Two after a long day of work, it’s time to visit the spa and get the all the treatment and care you deserve. 

Amenities include: 

  • Private hot tubs and whirlpools
  • Public larger hot water pools

  • Saunas and massage tables

  • Excellent view and atmosphere

  • Calming live music

  • Cafe dining area

  • A dedicated waitstaff to serve you while you relax
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Japan Day 6!

To be perfectly honest, I had no idea Hiroshima is now such a bustling and lovely city. I’d heard that there are still areas in Japan people aren’t supposed to go to because of radiation, and I assumed the epicenter of the bombing in Hiroshima would be one of those.

Instead, it’s now the gorgeous Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. We were lucky enough to have two volunteers give our group a tour of the park and museum within. Of course, I had known how the nuclear bombs had been terrible, but I’d never felt it so viscerally before. I don’t know, I don’t think I have good enough words for such a heavy subject.

They have a flame in the park that will burn until total nuclear disarmament. I don’t know how likely that is to happen anytime soon, but I thought it was a really powerful sentiment. 


The city which dies.
Civita di Bagnoregio (or “the city wich dies”) is located in Lazio and it’s probably one of the most particular italian towns. The inhabitans are only about twelve people, cars are not allowed to enter, the only noise that you can hear is the one from the birds, wind, leaves and… cats!
The fact is that it’s located on the top of a rock in the centre of a big valley and, the only way to visit it, it’s walking through a bridge that connets this isolated place to the rest of the Bagnoregio city.
So, it is called “the dying city” just because sooner or later it will collapse, it is intended to perish mainly because of the atmospheric agents.
However, when I’ve been there the feeling that I got was that it seemed like time was completely stopped, it was a city totally distant from the rest of the world.
In the last picture there is the goodbye that this place gave to me: a magnificent sunset painted the city red.

The extreme overuse of blatant jealousy in that episode kinda made my day ngl


New York City + Lin Manuel Miranda Lyrics || Hamilton + My Shot


BGM Newsletter | Forget the Roses, Chocolate and Sh*t. We have Magik.

Roses? Chocolate? Stuffed Animals? You can keep that.

The day will be much better spent surrounded by beautiful black women who love each other upon first sight. Encouraging one another through thoughts and words is something you don’t want to miss out on.

The lovely Brittany will lead an AMAZING workshop alongside BGM Founder, Shydeia that will be filled with keys on love and awakening greatness in all areas of your life. The workshop will be followed by a #Sage333 dance party with an ill set by DJ Felicee Gee.

All the love will be captured by BGM Filmmaker, Liuuzi.
If you’re in NY, come thru. <3
If not, don’t worry we’re coming to your city soon!

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“Is it really love to tell someone that if it came down to picking between them and every other life on the planet, you’d pick them? Is that — I don’t know, is that a moral sort of love at all?”
“Love isn’t moral or immoral,” said Clary. “It just is.”
Simon Lewis’ City of Lost Souls aesthetic

사랑해! T'AIME!

Now that I have your attention, hello! I’m submitting again because I love this blog, one, and two, I’ve found really nice penpals through here and I want to try this again. I’m hoping to exchange cute letters and packages and art, maybe some of my poems, too. 

My name is Abby! I’m 20 years old and I live in the United States ( Pennsylvania ). 

Fun fact: My hope is to, one day in the hopefully not so far future, move to Seoul, South Korea! I’m really friendly and bubbly and love making new friends. There’s something that’s really intimate and personal about hand written letters that I honestly love. 

I love most styles of music, including indie/alternative, pop punk, and kpop. (Another fun fact: In about three weeks, I’ll be seeing EXO in New York City.) I could spend the rest of my life reading classic romance novels and be happy. Leo Tolstoy is my favorite author and I’m currently clawing my way through War and Peace. Some of my hobbies include blogging, writing bad poetry on the back of shopping receipts, and taking low quality photos on my little Instax.

My likes include: dreamy music, dreamy books, good food, concerts, the ocean, spending time staring at the sky, eating, having deep, thoughtful conversations, getting to know people, spending too much time on my phone, crying about kpop and kdramas, learning Korean and planning my trip to Cancun this summer, and dreaming about the future.

I also enjoy learning about new places and cultures. 

My dislikes: close minded, prejudiced people, ignorance, injustice, and my self doubt. 

I would like a pen pal over the age of 18. Any age, race, orientation, religion, gender is just fine with me. I just want to get to know people from all around the world! I fluently speak English and Spanish, and since I’m learning Korean, a Korean speaking pen pal would be a definite plus but not a requirement. I want to exchange letters, mix tapes and cute packages and things like that. 

I can be reached at my blog,
or my email:
noonahasheart @ gmail 

these are both very good options to reach me. I hope to hear from some of you soon! Ciao.