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City of Rest/Sierra Leone (Kissy Mental Hospital)

The civil war in Sierra Leone (1991-2001) was labeled “the cruelest in Africa’s recent history”. It was characterized by destruction – of property, but more so of human lives and values. Tens of thousands of civilians died, hundreds of thousands were raped, burnt, tortured, enslaved, mutilated. Many patients in Kissy Mental Hospital are psychotic because of severe drugs and alcohol abuse, others are traumatized by having participated as a fighter in the war There is a lack of staff, especially of trained staff. The hospital was rebuilt in 2006 and now patients have better beds and windows.

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I Googled CA minimum wage and it says $9? Is that wrong? Anon is ridiculous but I feel like that's low to be saying CA is getting fucked for it?? If this is super obvious forgive me, I'm very young and new to learning about these issues :c

yeah, California’s minimum wage is really not that high, especially when you take into account the higher cost of living and the ridiculous prices of real estate/rent.

however, some cities such as San Francisco and LA have higher minimum wages within their city limits than the rest of the state, largely because their cost of living is the highest (skyrocketing rent prices in SF are actually a HUGE problem right now)

but tbh that other anon really clearly doesn’t know shit so

So my friend because-tina showed me a story about Mike Fuckabee Huckabee being okay with a 10 girl from Paraguay being refused an abortion after being raped by her stepfather because they shouldn’t “compound the tragedy by taking another life” and “she’ll feel guilt about it looking back years from now”

And the rage she was feeling made me realize why Republicans are viewed in such a negative light by a lot of people in this country, especially people younger than 25 or so.

They’re so out of touch with this country and its issues it’s almost comical.

They want to increase military spending and get involved in other countries’ matters yet black people are being killed in this country for little to nothing.

They claim climate change isn’t real, yet there’s a whole body of work that suggests that not only is climate change real, but it is man-made and it is harming the environment.

They want to close borders for whatever dumbass reason they claim.

They don’t believe in women having reproductive rights. Like the right to an abortion.

They believe in “traditional marriage” aka marriage that consists of one man and one woman.

There’s most likely more stupid opinions from these ingrates but I’ll let other people add more.

But what frustrates me is that these are legit claims they have.

There are 17 candidates that firmly believe in most of these, and more.

In an era where there is concrete, solid, irrefutable evidence done by licensed scientists about the harmful effects our various human activities are having on the world around us, these people refuse to believe it and ignore it.

These people still hold on to “traditional marriage” claiming that it’s natural and that “the sanctity of it shouldn’t be destroyed” even though homosexuality is a natural thing that has been observed in a lot of species and people get divorces like it’s going out of style.

These people don’t believe in women having the right to an abortion. That alone speaks volumes.

These idiots are so concerned about “the liberal agenda” that they can’t see that their  own agenda is what is really sinister. Getting us involved in more war, discriminating against homosexuals, taking away rights that a woman should have…I don’t see how anyone can look at any of this and be like “Yeah. That’s some good shit.”

I don’t know.


✪ Greetings Autumn Stars ✪

Today Is A Sad Day Here At Autumn Metropolis After Learning Yvonne Craig Has Passed On At The Graceful Age Of 78 (Aug, 19 2015).

One Can Not Ignore Since The Beginning Of This Blog She Has Been A Huge Inspiration Along With The Batman Universe. We Look Forward In Continuing Celebration Of Her Beauty And Talented Career Through Posts, Now And In The Future!

Rest In Peace Gotham’s One And Only Batgirl!


Slayers world references for fanfics- 

ametsuyu, since you wanted some references to use, I thought I’d post together the references that I use when working on my own fanfictions. The first one is a canon image with the little red dots put there by me to indicate places I refer to in some of my fics (1 is Seyruun City, 5 is Zephiel City, and the rest are locations I made up such as 3, Craighouse, and 6, Professor Nisery’s home.)

The second map is a screenshot from an episode of NEXT.

The third and fourth maps are my headcanon (not canon!!) based on my understanding of the first two maps seen above and the position of the peninsula in the full world map. I generally use these when figuring out how to write about environments- it helps me keep some consistency about my fanfics. (lol, consistency? What is that?)

And the last one is a size comparison of the peninsula to Europe, based upon a superimposition of the Slayers world over a Mercator Projection map of our world. This pretty much hinges on two major assumptions: A.) the map of the Slayers world is a (complete!) Mercator Projection, B.) the Slayers world is the same size as our world. More or less, I feel like it’s a decent size comparison, considering that the setting of Slayers is supposed to be a European-based fantasy world, and the size/shape lines up pretty well with Europe. I use this in figuring out distances to travel and such.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions- I may not have the answers to them, but I can probably find someone who does!

Close Up View of a Resting Cat on a Rock at Paseo Del Morro, San by George Oze
Via Flickr:
Close Up View of a Resting Cat on a Rock at Paseo Del Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Really tho?

I seen all this extra work being done in New Orleans this past month and people think they slick.

The 9thward getting fresh patches of grass and monuments right at the bottom of the bridge, all kinds of construction is going on in the city to make it look different, while other parts of the city ( The East, the rest of the 9thward, pretty much anywhere thats not a major spot for tourism).

Yall aint slick tho. Trying to clean up right before the 10th anniversary of the storm because yall know News and Media outlets are gonna be here? yall not slick  

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Truthful Thursday: What's the most selfish thing you've ever done?

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The breeze blew across her garden, the long path of flowers that lead up to her manor.  Sylrissa’s pale golden hair caught in the wind blew behind her.  Ahead rested Silvermoon, a good walk one she used to enjoy or used to have time alone.

Even with her return to the city, sent home to rest after her burnout with the light, she could not find it in her to write to two important people telling them she was back.  She knew it was something she should do, before they found out through others.  Unsure of what held her back, she watched her garden of flowers.  Butterflies fluttering around a fairy tale before her own eyes.

She was too unsure of herself now to even write to them.  Who would want her back? Who would want her ever again?  She ached to talk to both Talon and Calebbe but there was a huge part of her that knew they were best off without her. Just as she was without the knight.

Was taking on Roland selfish of her?  The child she lost of Roland’s blood her greed.  To fill her own hopes.  Did she love Roland as she did Calebbe?  Was he a void to fill when she knew that was she wanted for Calebbe was not what Cal could give her. Then when Calebbe spent a night with another Sylrissa lost her confidence.

Maybe her most selfish acts were all in the need to feel love.  To demand it instead of earn it.  To try to own love instead of having it be what freed her. 

calebbe talonoa turning-through-the-never felonous (thanks for prompt and this is cannon!)