I have this weird little headcanon that living as a civilian in achievement city isn’t… that bad? like,

the fahc are borderline insane with the heists they pull, stealing from every bank in the city and getting away in absurdly painted cars. decked out in weird outfits that are always so pristine despite the fact that they seem to wear it all. the time.

it becomes normal to hear laughter on top of the engines of motorcycles, or to see a helicopter swerving madly in the sky as it threads through skyscrapers while getting away from the police.

achievement city’s organizations, the little ngos that try to make it better, receive donations on the regular, any truly innocent person doesn’t stay missing for very long - always returned home with an unbelievable story to tell

(it was the vagabond, I swear - skull and all - he came for me)

you see the golden boy shopping at calvin klein and all he does is hold up two shirts when you stare, asking which looks better? before you hear sirens in the distance. he says I guess both is fine, shoving them in his bag and escapes out the back door, slipping a few hundreds into one of the retail employee’s jean pockets on the way

a mugger pushes you into an alley with a gun to your back and you barely get a word out before you hear a knock that shit off and they’re shoved off you by the jersey devil, more annoyed than anything else. the mugger gawks and runs off and you’re still frozen as the curly haired criminal brushes off your shoulders with a stern stay safe out here

you’re sitting under a tree at the park one afternoon and the kingpin walks up to you, asking mind if I join you? you nod meekly and he plants himself down beside you, pulling out a book of his own, occasionally asking what was happening in yours and leaving you with some recommendations when it was time to go heist

a job is pulled off near your work and roads are crammed with police and traffic, every person within a 100m radius being questioned. the next day you walk in to a fully catered lunch, a small note placed on top reading sorry about the mess - beardo

the self-proclaimed rimmy tim shows up to the bowling alley, cowboy hat and all, and smiles kindly to the teenager working behind the counter while paying for a game. he grabs the lane next to you, saying watch this, and throws the ball in the gutter

and it really was the vagabond breaking down the door that locked you in after what seemed to be like endless gunfire from the main floor, cutting off your restraints and letting you hold onto him on his motorcycle as he drives back to the city, stopping in an abandoned parking lot and offering to walk you home from there

because it’s an unspoken rule of the underground to keep civilians out of it, and you better believe that ramsey enforces it. the little boy who grew up watching the people he knew disappear, swearing on his heart that he’d do whatever he could to change that, even if his methods were a bit unorthodox

then when you post it online later, you get the expected amount of disbelief and yeah right’s, but then you get a comment - fun, but maybe let’s not do that again - v

speaking of IKEA the rumours are true… i damn well thought it was all an exaggeration, some kind of hyperbolic meme but i swear to god it’s all true

when i was younger (like 12/13) my mum decided she wanted to get some furniture so she’s like we’ll go to IKEA, and i admit i was kinda curious so i went along with her. she drives us out of the city and into this vast parking lot and there in the middle of it is this windowless rectangle, like i’m talking it was massive man, reminded me of some huge temple to some unfeeling god… like i just got those chills, you know? something wasn’t right. i knew that whatever was in there would change me, that i could not gaze upon whatever was in that faceless bunker without the heavy weight of the knowledge weighing down on me for the rest of my life.

we go in and there’s like, this entrance hall, and nothing but a pair of escalators. both of them go down. i’m… really not sure about this at this point but my mum really wanted that easy to assemble yin-yang table or whatever so we descend. as we pass under the floor i’m… fucking blown away. i cannot adequately describe to you the vastness of this cavern. i couldn’t see the walls. you know when you take a boat out into the ocean and you go out far enough you can’t see land? well it was like that, but with endless kitchen displays and kitschy bedroom layouts. i was stunned. my mind was physically breaking trying to understand the size of this place and equate it to the building i had seen outside. i was gawking around so much that i nearly fell off the end of the escalator. just… fuck. i have never been in a man made structure that big since. i don’t even think that structure was man made. 

so we’re walking around and there are just these endless weaving paths through all the displays. they don’t just stick things on shelves here, they like, showcase them by building hundreds of mini living rooms and kitchens and stuff. it’s actually pretty cool, like, i can see why people spend thousands in this place. i no longer know where the escalators are and i’m not entirely sure which way is up but there are some cool fuzzy throw rugs i’d probably buy if i wasn’t like, 13. i come back around this kitchen display that i can see clearly to the other side of and my mum has just vanished. like i’m talking there’s no sign of her at all, even though there’s nothing she could have hidden behind and i’m reasonably sure i’d be able to see her if she was in the general area. she’s just nowhere to be found. i hang about for a bit but she doesn’t come back, and i’m now aware that exploration teams have probably died trying to locate the walls of this store so i’m starting to worry.

i get the bright idea to text her, and there’s no fucking phone signal. of course there’s not. i’m in a fucking leviathan of a basement located under the concrete and steel sarcophagus of whatever reptilian overlord ordered the construction of this place. by now i think i’ve just accepted my fate because i’m wandering around and i’m genuinely nervous at this point but i’m still stopping to look at little accessories for an office i don’t have, or mentally planning out my future kid’s room or whatever. i’m like “oh god i’m gonna die, i’m never gonna see my mum again– oh SHIT, that is a cute stuffed rat”. i’m just wandering around aimlessly, looking in vain for any landmarks, and suddenly i stumble across… a restaurant?

no word of a lie, hidden between displays and stacks of cushions is a restaurant. at first i’m so glad to see actual living people that i don’t realise what an odd location for a restaurant this is. i’m really fucking hungry now, too. i briefly consider what the ramifications of eating food in this realm might be but then i decide fuck it, these strangers are my people now, i’ve clearly been assimilated into the lost tribe of wandering IKEA visitors that i understand every one of these stores to have. i get some swedish meatballs because tradition seems to dictate that and i sit down and i eat my food and i watch as, every few minutes or so, another bewildered and ravenous traveller joins us. i’m sitting near where most people come in and i feel like the unofficial st peter of this place, greeting lost souls and easing their passing into their new life. i’m kind of growing shockingly used to my new fate. i’ve all but accepted it when my mum appears. she’s holding like, a million cushions, and says it’s time to go. she doesn’t seem worried in the slightest that she lost me for what i estimate to be around three days. maybe time works differently in different parts of the store. i get up and follow her and i realise i have not actually seen anywhere to purchase items from, but mum somehow has a receipt. whatever. i’ve stopped trying to make sense of things.

halfway through our trek it seems the place is closing for the day, or at least switching to night mode, where i assume a vast array of new temporal oddities are let lose on the unsuspecting public. employees appear from seemingly nowhere, standing at assigned areas and pointing in the direction of the next employee, who points at the next one, and so on and so forth until we’re somehow ascending the escalator (a different one? it must be, but i can’t see the other ones even from a height). there are suddenly loads of people, like the escalator is full and more are crowded at the bottom. i don’t know where they all came from. where i walked in IKEA, i walked alone.

when we get out of the building it’s night time, and mum’s talking about going back when she can borrow the bigger car because there’s some shelving she likes. i feel the building’s eyeless gaze on me as we approach the car, and i don’t look back.

One Step Ahead, Chapter 5: Pool Sticks and Road Trips

Rowan knew that letting Celaena out of his sight was not an option. If he lost her now, he’d most likely never be able to find her again. Not on his terms, at least. And he couldn’t go back to Maeve—or Arobynn, for that matter—empty handed. So after the golden haired assassin left the bakery, he waited sixty seconds before following her into the main streets of Rifthold. This part was easy. Now that he had her scent, Rowan could follow Celaena to the ends of the world. He was all but invisible, and would be harder to catch than the wind in one’s fingers. He stayed three cars behind at all times, and, when possible, two lanes to the left. He trailed her down street after street, his green eyes never wavering from his target. Celaena was slippery, he knew that first hand. He wasn’t going to let her slip away from him again.

Not taking his eyes off her generic blue car, Rowan pulled out his cell phone and called Vaughan. The white haired man knew when he needed help, and Vaughan was the best researcher in Erilea. He could dig up the dirt on anyone. Politicians hates him, lords of the underworld loved him, and Maeve owned him. Jaw twitching at the thought, Rowan waited patiently as the phone rang and rang. That wasn’t unusual for the dark haired man, though. Vaughan was a man of few words, and often screened his calls to limit social interaction. Eventually the ringing stopped and a female automated voice told him to leave a message, “Vaughan,” he greeted, merging into the right lane when he noticed Celaena heading towards the off ramp. “It’s me. I need help with some research. I need you to look into the Galathynius family—and their murders—ASAP. I need everything you can find. Thanks,” he hung up. Rowan wouldn’t consider himself a man of few words, especially not compared to Vaughan, but he wasn’t one to beat around the bush and waste his and Vaughan’s time, either. “Where are you going?” He wondered aloud to himself as he followed Celaena down Main Street, past the Rifthold police department, fire department, justice building … all the way down to city hall. The tall, imperious building was one of a kind, and almost entirely made of stained glass. The mayor had sanctioned the extremely expensive renovation of the building immediately after he won his first election several decades ago. Rowan shook his head the the monstrosity, wondering how much, exactly, it had cost the city to build.

The cleaner didn’t have time to put much more thought into the price of the building, though, when Celaena’s car pulled into city hall’s parking lot. Frowning, Rowan couldn’t for the life of him fathom why Adarlan’s Assassin would willingly walk into such a place. Instead of following her into the parking lot, the white haired male turned right and parked on the street two blocks away from his destination. Running his fingers through his hair, Rowan took in a deep breath before stepping out of his car and back tracking towards Celaena. Walking into city hall, Rowan found a security guard and asked, “Excuse me, my wife came in here just before me while I was parking the car, but I can’t seem to find her,” he furrowed his brow and scoffed good naturedly. “Women, right? You take your eye of them for one second and—” he trailed off, rolling his eyes for extra measure and the security guard chuckled.

“Yeah, know what you mean. What’s she look like?”

“Long blonde hair, white, about yay high,” he raised his hand to his shoulder before adding, “and gorgeous enough to make a model jealous.”

“A model, huh?” The guard scratched his chin, “Yeah, I saw someone that fit that description. Pretty little thing. She went down that way,” he jerked his thumb down the stair well. “Probably wanted to see the old vault—it’s open to visitors during business hours, y'know?”

“I didn’t know,” he did, but he decided he’d go with the wide eyed tourist look. “Thanks for you help.” Rowan headed down the stairs, smirking to himself. He knew it had been a gamble, parking so far away and giving Celaena such a head start in such a large building, but he also knew that nine out of ten secutity guards were men, and that Celaena was way too attractive to go anywhere without attracting the male gaze. That’s what she got, he supposed, for being hotter than the freaking sun. He stepped off the stair well and looked down the hall in the direction of the vault, then walked in the opposite direction. The vault—an empty one, especially—held no interest for the assassin. There must have been something else drawing her down here. The sound of barking laughter, just barely audible, made his ears twitch, and gave Rowan a direction to start his search. Just a few hundred yards away was a solid oak door, muffling the sound of a woman and two men. Not bothering to knock, Rowan swung the door open and narrowed his eyes on a strange sight. Celaena—Adarlan’s Assassin, Celaena—was standing off to the side of the room, a pool stick in her hand, looking for just a brief moment like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar before she quickly schooled her features. And on the other side of the pool table stood two men. Both looking at him with wide eyes and one with a mouth agape. Both whose presence was more shocking than the next. Closer to Celaena stood Chaol Westfall, son of the police commissioner and rising star of the police department, and closest to Rowan stood Dorian Havilliard, son of the mayor himself.

“Well, well, well,” Rowan growled, “what an interesting gathering of friends.”

Westfall moved fast—faster than Rowan would’ve given him credit for—and drew his gun, training it on the spot between Rowan’s eyes. “Hands on your head, Whitethorn,” he ordered.

Barring his teeth at the younger man, Rowan slowly began to raise his hands, acting the part of a submissive criminal, ready to give himself in. Chaol’s brown eyes stayed glued to his form, but he wasn’t infallible, Rowan knew that was true of everyone, and he had to blink sometime.


Rowan didn’t hesitate. Diving to the ground, he ducked into a somersault well beneath the gun’s range, and as he sprung out of his gymnastic movement, lunged for Westfall’s waist, tackling him to the ground. Placing one hand around the police officer’s neck, and the other around the wrist which held the gun, the Cleaner squeezed one and used the other to break the grip around the weapon. Forcing his knee into the man’s sternum, Rowan secured the gun and placed it against Westfall’s forehead. “Try that again,” he warned, leaning in, “and the next time you blink, your eyes will stay closed.”

Something hard and thin slapped against the side of his jaw. Flicking his eyes to his left, he saw Celaena standing over him, pool stick in hand and poised to strike. If it were anynone else, he’d have laughed outright—a pool stick, really?—but this was Adarlan’s Assassin. And if Rowan could think of at least three ways to kill someone with that pool stick, he knew without a doubt that she had already thought of five. And considering the hard line of her mouth, and the fire burning behind her eyes, the white haired man knew she also wouldn’t give him a second chance. “Put the rutting gun on the floor and get off my friend,” she hissed.

Running his tongue over his teeth, Rowan sighed and nodded. If it were anyone else, he thought. Or if he had just a bit more room between them. But it wasn’t and he didn’t, so he dropped the gun and peeled himself off the red faced police officer. “That’s what I get for being distracted by a gun … I should have gone after the real weapon first,” he said, raising a brow at the assassin and adding a charming smirk to complete the look. “Interesting company you keep, Celaena.”

“I could say the same thing about you,” she never took her eyes off him—never blinked, either, damn her—and kept the pool stick trained on his chest. Her brow rose, mirroring his, “Didn’t know you and Arobynn were so chummy.”

His smirk fell, “How’d you—?”

Her eyes glinted, “A little birdie told me. Now,” she finally relented and let the pool stick’s point fall to the floor. Rowan knew better than to assume that meant she let her guard down, she could still bring him to his knees in less than three moves if she wanted. Westfall coughed to the side of them, but neither of their gazes wavered. “Why are you following me?”

“I told you,” he shrugged, forcing his muscles to relax so as to seem casual. It wouldn’t work of Celaena, but if he could get one of the other two to let their guards down, step just a bit too close, the winds could easily change to his favor. “I need that ring.”

“Oh, yes,” her upper lip curled, “for Maeve.”

“I don’t mean to interrupt,” a gentle voice called from behind Rowan and both criminals blinked. Then, continued their silent conversation from before.

Truce? Celaena’s eyes asked warily.

Rowan nodded slowly, Truce.

“Or, well, actually I do,” that voice continued, much more forcefully and with a bit of bite than Rowan hadn’t expected from the mayor’s son. Both Rowan and Celaena turned to give the dark haired man their full attention. “Forgive me Celaena,” Dorian said in a tone that was not at all apologetic. “but will you be needing Chaol or my assistance now that our game has been interrupted? Or are we free to leave?”

Scoffing, Celaena rolled her eyes and cocked her hip, “Shut up, Dorian.” She said it like it answered his question. Her eyes flickered to Wesfall, whose neck was slowly turning a dark shade of purple, and her eyes softened. Rowan’s nostrils flared dangerously, and he suddenly felt the impulse to throttle him all over again. Swallowing down the sudden rush of anger, Rowan tuned back in to the conversation. “Get out of here, you two. I’ll call you both later.”

Dorian nodded, and took a step towards the door, the paused and took a deep breath before looking into Rowan’s green eyes. “Just so you know,” he said in a low voice, “Celeana borrowed a book from me, and if anything happens to her and I never see that book again … I’ll be very put out.” Havilliard turned heel and walked out of the room with his chin held high. Rowan supposed that was how politicians delivered threats. How strange. Westfall was more direct, though less articulate, as he left the room, making sure to check the white haired man’s shoulder on his way out.

Once the door closed behind them, Rowan turned back around to find Aelin staring at him with her tongue sticking out. Snorting, Rowan shook his head, “That’s attractive.”

Shrugging, she replied, “I know.” Rolling her neck, she tossed the pool stick onto the velvety green table top and sighed, “You’re never going to give up on this ring thing, are you?” Rowan raised a brow. He didn’t need to justify that question with an actual answer. Glaring at him, Celaena growled out, “Fine. I’ll give it to you.” Rowan felt his shoulder slump in relief, but then she started talking again and all the tension that just bled out of him was drawn back, “On one condition.”

Holding back a groan, the Cleaner asked, “Which is?” He was really getting tired of doing everyone’s dirty work. First the ring, then the necklace—which he still hadn’t brought up to her—now this. His life was turning into a joke.

Smiling coyly at him, Celaena took a step closer and placed a hand on his chest, making his heart stutter traitorously, “Come away with me.”

“What?” He breathed out, sure he had heard her incorrectly.

“Come away with me. I’m going out of town for a few days and I want you to come along.”

All Rowan could think to ask was, “Why?”

“You’re easy on the eyes,” she shrugged. He leveled her with a look and she grinned mischievously, “And I find road trips boring.”

“So bring one of your law abiding friends,” he jerked his chin towards the door that Westfall and Havilliard exited out of just minutes ago. “Or someone less likely to kill you in your sleep.”

“See? You’re making things more exciting already,” she poked his chest, as if that settled everything. Then she held out her hand, “So, what do you say? We have a deal?”

“A few days on the road with you, and you’ll willingly hand over the ring? No trickery?” Rowan clarified. Celaena nodded, her smile never wavering. Sighing and realizing this would be the path with least resistance, he nodded and shook his head. “Fine, we have a deal.”

I saw Dogcopter 3 in 3D tonight and all I have to say is WOOF! 

First of all, it’s a huge mistake to turn the last Dogcopter book into THREE movies.  Yes, the last book is over 900 pages, but there’s not enough story!  And the 3D was completely unnecessary.  If I wanted to see butt missiles flying at my face, I’d feed a dog some bottle rockets and put on a pair of safety goggles.

Dogcopter is supposed to be an uncompromising look at the military-industrial-pet complex, not “fun”!  Fun is the worst. 

Also, if you live in the Delmarva area - do not see it at the Beach City Cineplex.  The parking lot is a mess!  Probably from a bunch of angry Dogcopter fans rioting.  Ugh, I’m going to see this 3 more times to make sure I hate it.

Patched Up || Jimin || Part 5

Summary: Part 5. He was dangerous, his life was dangerous. That fact was blatantly obvious and it was drilled into your mind. But you hadn’t come to terms with that reality, not until the danger actually reaches you.

Word Count: 2,265

A/N: Ta-da! Long awaited continuation. For real, do people still read this? Like? We really aren’t over Gangster!Jimin? Let me know guys, I want to write things you want to read! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this part!

<< Part 4 || Part 6 >>

By the end of your shift, you felt drained in more ways than one.

Drained from the exhaustion you usually felt after a twelve hour shift.

Drained thanks to your never ending thoughts and fear.

Shoving your locker closed, you made your way out of the hospital, glad to finally be out of your scrubs.

Bag over your shoulder, you exited the hospital with a sigh and let the cold morning air wash over you. There was a distant hum of cars transporting people to work mingling with the array of buses that mimicked the routes of the trains winding throughout the city.

The parking lot was empty, and you would be able to say the same for the drop off zone if it weren’t for the familiar BMW parked at the end of the area.

He actually came to get you.

‘Of course he did, why wouldn’t he?’ You thought to yourself, ‘He hadn’t let you down so far.’

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Continuing my ultimate road trip, I drove into the French Quarter of New Orleans in the afternoon. Passed by Cafe Du Monde and had to stop out of tradition. I have memories there. Happy ones. A lot of people do. After all it was established in 1862.

Cafe Du Monde is an open-air landmark, the original French Market coffee shop. A spot where you indulge yourself with beignets. Just saying “ben-YAY” makes me smile. There are three to an order; deep fried choux pastries covered in powdered sugar (insert yummm here) served on a small thick ceramic coffee saucer. And the only proper drink to accompany these little delights is their strong Cajun coffee with roasted chicory. So strong most people prefer it cafe au lait style. With steamed hot milk.  

They made coffee “cool” long before Starbuck’s; or rather I should say “hot.” Cafe Du Monde is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and only closes on Christmas Day … or if a hurricane passes by.

I had to park a few blocks away. On the walk to the café it began to rain, and then rain harder. I arrived soaked.

A young waiter in a crisp white shirt with black bow tie, black slacks, and an old school folded paper hat escorted me to one of the little tables. It was toward the center of the outdoor area covered by a large green and white awning saving us from the rain. But the rain made for a perfect setting for a New Orleans afternoon at Cafe Du Monde.

The name roughly translates to the people’s cafe or cafe. So here I sat with the people around me, for the moment escaping the go faster world on the other side of the rain.  

It was relaxing in this little cafe at the edge of the French Quarter, carefully sipping a cafe’ au lait. Three beignets later I reached a state of caffeine and sugar bliss.

The rain moderated, so I sauntered down the street past one curio shop after another. Those are the shops you enter with no intention of buying anything. Then some item grabs your attention. Some trinket that is destined to be a future garage sell item. Marked down to fifty-cents before it sells.

Buying it seems like a rational idea at that moment. A gewgaw to remind you of the rainy day you spent in New Orleans. Yep, I bought it. A coffee mug. And yes, I’ll send you an email before my next garage sell.

The rain stopped. I meandered down several of the French Quarter sidewalks. Very seedy. Questionable people standing around corners, laying in the doorways. Dirty streets.

I returned that night, curious if things were different. They were. Many of the street people were moved on by the local police. Couples and groups filled the French Quarter going from bar to jazz club to bar. They walked with drinks in hand in party mode. Talking loudly. Laughing for no apparent reason. Bursting out with random chants. Greeting strangers as old long lost friends. Great people watching as the smell of bourbon, daiquiris and beer wafted thru the air.

But being by myself, midst the party, I suddenly felt alone. I do not feel that very often. And I don’t feel lonely when I am alone. It’s when I am in a situation like this, friends laughing at stupid jokes. Couples affectionately holding hands. I feel a void. No one to share the experience with. No one to laugh at my stupid jokes.

Time to get back to ARGO. ARGO was parked in a public City of New Orleans’s parking lot. Not cheap. Another hour in the lot and I would have to finance it. Plus, ahead of me on this night was a drive over Lake Pontchartrain to Covington, where I would spend the night. I would be driving on the longest straight bridge over water in the world. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, especially if it’s windy, can be dicey.

The street party was still going strong when I left.

Bad Luck

Words: 2,891

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader


Hi, can you please do a Spencer Reid x Reader imagine where reader and Spencer are on a date where Reid wants to propose to the reader but everything seems to go wrong for Spencer, like the car brakes down in the rain, their table at a restaurant was given away to someone else, and just all kinds of unlucky stuff. Yet at the end of it all Reid manages to pop the question and apologizes about their night but reader just smiles and tells him she had a blast and that she would love to marry him.

A/N: So, I may have gotten a little carried away with this idea. I just loved it so much and I squealed when I read it. 

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please spread this!!!!!

february 6, there will be “make rape legal” meetups all around the world. stay safe, and please spread it around to anyone you know!! here are the locations:

   United States


   Birmingham – In front of Ohenry’s coffee shop, downtown Homewood (not the Brookwood Mall Ohenry’s)


   Anchorage – Elderberry Park, near the Oscar Anderson House, a museum. Meet by the chairs and table. Address:1297 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska 99501.


   Phoenix – Meet in front of main entrance of tallest building of Phoenix Plaza (Qwest Tower).
   Tucson – Arizona Historical Society (949 E 2nd St, Tucson, AZ 85719). Meet at statue near corner of N Park Ave and E 2nd St.
   Little Rock – First Security Amphitheater , 400 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201.


   Long Beach – Parking lot of Glory Days Sports Bar, Carson Blvd and Woodruff Ave.
   Los Angeles – L.A. Live in front of Starbucks entrance. Address:800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015
   Newport Beach – The outdoor fountain directly in front of Macy’s department store at Fashion Island. Image.
   Orange County – The fountain in front of the Ferris wheel at the Irvine Spectrum Mall.
   Palm Springs – Fountain at Mercado Plaza (Palm Canyon Drive)
   Redwood City – Parking lot of IHOP. Address:491 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063
   Roseville – Royer Park (the large park on Douglas Blvd), next to the gatling gun statue. Image.
   San Diego – Corner of 16th & Broadway, in parking lot of the Goodwill
   San Diego (North) – The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch. Meet in front of The Baked Bear Shop.
   San Francisco – Balboa Park Bart station, by the arched exit. Image.
   San Leandro – Northwest corner of the intersection of E. 14th St. and Estudillo Av. Meet at the public fountain.
   Santa Barbara – Steps of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, located on the corner of State Street and Anapamu Street in downtown Santa Barbara
   Sherman Oaks – Sherman Oaks Galleria, between the fountain and Cheesecake Factory entrance. Image. Address:15301 Ventura Blvd.


   Boulder – North Boulder Park, beside the shelter. Image.

   Denver – In front of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, by the bike rack. Image.


   New Haven – World War I Memorial, beside flagpole
   Stamford – In the little square on the corner of Franklin St and Broad St. Image.


   Orlando – The Red Chinese Tang pavilion at Lake Eola, beside red pagoda.
   Tampa – Curtis Hixon Park, between fountains and grass. Image.
   West Palm Beach – Clematis Street Fountains, on the side of North Clematis street


   Athens – The Arch at the University of Georgia
   Atlanta – Piedmont Park, corner of 10th street and Charles Allen Dr by the sign.


   Honolulu – Pearl Ridge Downtown, underneath globe sign. Image. Address:98 – 1005 Moanalua Rd, Aiea, HI 96701


   Boise – Idaho State Capital Building, 700 W Jefferson St, Boise, ID 83702. Met by the statue of Abraham Lincoln.


   Chicago – Rogers Park, beside the flagpole. Image. Google Map.
   Chicago (Homewood) – Parking lot of Balagio’s. Address:17501 Dixie Hwy, Hazel Crest, IL 60430.


   Cedar Rapids – In Sokol Park beside the gazebo. 16th Ave SW
   Des Moines – Parking lot of the VA Hospital beside pictured tree. Image. Address:3600 30th St. Des Moines, IA. 50310


   New Orleans – Magazine Street and Lawrence Square, besides the big tree, across the street from 4318 Magazine Street. Image.


   Bangor – Bangor Public Library, in front of main entrance below the stairs (145 Harlow St)


   Annapolis – Downtown/Historic Annapolis Harbor, Main Street, by the Kunte Kinte memorial statue. Image.
   Baltimore – In front of Cross Street Market entrance in Federal Hill


   Boston (North End) – Paul Revere Statue in Paul Revere Mall
   Ann-Arbor – Nickel’s Arcade in downtown Ann Arbor. Meet at the center column near the entrance off State Street.
   Lansing – Lansing River Trail, top of the fish ladder steps. Image.
   Macomb County/Clinton Township – The Mall at Partridge Creek. Meet in front of the fountain between Brio Tuscan Grille and P.F. Chang’s. Address:17420 Hall Rd, Charter Twp of Clinton, MI 48038
   Rochester Hills – Elizabeth Park, beside center bush. Image.


   Duluth – Leif Erickson Park by the stage. Address:12th Ave E & London Road, Duluth, MN 55802


   Kansas City – North side of the World War 1 Museum, on sidewalk directly above monument. Image.


   Las Vegas – Beside Vegas Vic neon sign on the old strip.

   New Hampshire

   Portsmouth – In front of main entrance of The North Church. 2 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

   New Jersey

   Atlantic City – On the Boardwalk in front of main Taj Mahal entrance
   Hoboken – In front of Mulligans Pub underneath the canopy. Address:159 1st St.

   New Mexico

   Albuquerque – East side of University Of New Mexico Bookstore. Address:2301 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. Image.

   New York

   New York – St. Catherine’s Park, next to the spiral kids slide. 1245 1st Ave between 67th and 68th st
   New York – Washington Square Park under the arch
   Rochester – Eastman School of Music, Kilbourn Hall (26 Gibbs St, Rochester, NY 14604), Meet at intersection at Gibbs and Main, where the concert hall entrance is. Image.
   Syracuse – Columbus Circle, next to the statue. Address:East Onondaga Street, Syracuse, NY 13202

   North Carolina

   Charlotte – Romare Bearden Park. Meet by the benches behind the gazebo-like structure on the corner of W Martin Luther King and Church St. Image.
   Wilmington – Riverfront Park, across the river from USS North Carolina, beside map kiosk. Image.


   Cincinnati – I-75 and Sharon road has a large parking lot with a grass field next to a Speedway Gas Station. Meet on the grass.


   Oklahoma City – In front of Harkins Theater at 150 E Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104. Image.


Harrisburg – Steps of Capitol on the west side. Image.

   Philadelphia – Washington Square Park, between 5th and 6th St right off Walnut Street (it is the size of a city block). Meet specifically by the memorial to the Revolutionary War Soldiers eternal flame.
   South Carolina
   Anderson – The Carolina Wren Park located downtown at 111 E. Whitner St. 29621 in the Pavilion. Meet beside the fountain.
   Camden – King Haigler Tower, main entrance. Image. Address:950 Broad Street, Camden SC 29020


   Chattanooga – In front of Dollar General. Image. Address:5952 E. Brainerd Road
   Mount Juliet – Parking lot in front of entrance to Big Star Cigar Lounge. Address:3384 N Mt. Juliet Road, Suite 1100, Mount Juliet, TN 37122
   Nashsville (North) – In front of Baileys in Rivergate Plaza Shopping Mall


   Austin – Palm Park by the stone structure. Image. Address:711 East 3rd Street, Austin, TX 78701
   Dallas – Meet at the old school phone booth In front of British Beverage Company (BBC). Address:
   2800 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201″
   Denton – Denton Square, beside the little arch. Image. Address:110 W Hickory St, Denton, TX 76201.
   El Paso – 301 W Missouri Ave, El Paso, TX 79901. Meet on corner next to statue of man. Image.
   Houston – Near the arch of the Sam Houston Monument, adjacent to Houston Museum of Natural Science (5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030)
   Nederland – By the gazebo in Doornbos Park AKA “Duck Park”. Address:S 24th ½ St, Nederland, TX 77627
   San Antonio – In front of main door of the Alamo


   Provo – Provo City Center Temple on the corner of University Avenue and Center Street. Meet at circle pathway in front of main entrance.
   Salt Lake City – Salt Lake City Library, at the top of the amphitheater. Address:210 E 400 S. Image.


   Charlottesville – Lee Park, beside the statue of Lee
   Virginia Beach – Mt. Trashmore, at bottom of stairs. Image. Address:310 Edwin Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


   Everett – Clark Park, next to the gazebo. Address:2400 Lombard Avenue, Everett, WA 98201.
   Seattle – In front of main entrance of Seattle Public Library. 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104.
   Seattle (North) – Statue of Lenin. Address:Corner of Fremont PI N and N 36th St.
   Washington DC
   Dupont Circle, on the north side by the Starbucks. Image.
   Kenosha – In front of Brat Stop. Address:12304 75th St. Kenosha, WI 53142.
   La Crosse – The large water fountain at Riverside Park.

   The Rest Of The World


   Brisbane – In the middle of King George Square in front of City Hall. Image.
   Melbourne – In the middle of Federation Square. Image.
   Perth – Ocean Beach Hotel on sidewalk. Image.
   Sydney – Picnic benches in front of Coogee Pavilion on Coogee Beach
   Sydney – Fountain in Hyde Park
   Sydney (South) – Brighton Le Sands beach, close to the stairs leading to the local shops.


   Graz – In the dead center of Tummelplatz square
   Wien – Museumsquartier, Treppe von Mumok (Stairs of Mumok). Museumsplatz 1, Wien 1010. Meet at bottom of steps.


   Nassau – In front of main entrance to Fort Montagu


   Brussels – Place Royale, 1000 Brussels. Meet beside the statue. Image.


   Sofia – Statue of Saint Sofia. Map


   Phnom Penh – The royal palace in front of main entrance. Meet at the bottom of the steps.


   Calgary – The CORE Shopping Center, in front of Starbucks
   Edmonton – Churchill Square, to the left of “Tix On The Square”. Image.
   Montreal – Palais des Congrès, 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, in between the pink trees (indoors). Image.
   Ottawa – Right inside the front doors of the Arts Court Building (a former county courthouse). Address:Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave. Streetview
   Surrey – City Central Mall, north entrance, in front of Blenz Coffee. Image.
   Toronto – Edward VII Statue in the center of Queens Park
   Vancouver – Vancouver Central Library, south side on Robson Street at library steps. Image. Address:350 W. Georgia St.
   Victoria – BC Legislature War Memorial.
   Windsor – The Burt Weeks Memorial Gardens, on mini-pier. Image. Homepage.
   Winnipeg – The fireplace at St. Vital Mall right beside the entrance to Chapters


   Santiago – Plaza Italia, next to the statue


   Shanghai – People’s Square Exit 1, street-side, left corner.


   Bogota – In the center of Parque de Usaquen

   Czech Republic

   Prague – Republic Square.


   Helsinki – Kolmen sepän patsas (Three Smiths statue) in Helsinki next to Stockmann department store. Google Map.


   Nantes – Crossing of Rue du Chateau and Rue Mathelin Rodier. In front of the main entrance of the castle is a little square with a statue of Anne de Bretagne. Meet beside the statue. Image.
   Paris – Place de la République, beside the lion statue. Image.


   Aachen – In the center point of Katschhof
   Berlin – In front of main entrance to Cafe Lichtburg. Behmstrasse, 13357 Berlin. Map.
   Frankfurt am Main – Bank entrance of Frankfurt Dome / Frankfurter Dom, in front of the souvenir shop with the red sign. Image
   Hamburg – Hamburg Rathaus, in front of the main entrance
   Munchen – München Olympiazentrum, BMW Welt, main entrance. Image 1. Image 2.
   Nurnberg – Willy-Brandt-Denkmal (monument) at the Willy-Brandt-Platz, next to statue. Image.
   Würzburg – Warriors Memorial near the Wurzburg Residence. Image.

   Hong Kong

   In front of Joe Banana’s Bar in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island (Jaffe Road and Laurd Road).


   Reykjavik – Leif Ericsson statue in Hallgrímstorg Church


   Mumbai – D-mart in Powai, beside the tree by the main entrance. Image. Google Map.


   Tehran – Niavaran Park, Tehran. Meet at the eastern side of the main fountain in front of the ice cream shop.
   Naas – In front of main entrance of Naas Courthouse


   Tel Aviv – In front of the main entrance to Sarona Market


   Bari – Parco 2 Giugno, in front of main entrance on Viale Einaudi. Image.
   Reggio calabria – Museo Nazionale, in front of main entrance. Image.
   Rome – At the Spanish Steps, in front of the Montcler store, at the corner of Via Condotti. Image.


   Osaka – Next to the KFC beside HEP 5 shopping mall. Address:6-15 Kakudacho, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0017, Japan. Image.
   Tokyo – Ebisu Garden Place Glass Square, beside glass structure


   Mexico City – Beside Kiosko de Coyoacan. Image.


   Settat – Horse Fountain. Image. Google Map.


   Kathmandu – Patan Durbar Square, between the two tall columns. Image.


   Amsterdam – The center of ”Spui”, a square, meeting in front of the ”Maagdenhuis”. Image.
   Utrecht – Center of Neude Square

   New Zealand

   Auckland – Aotea Square on Queen Street, next to the industrial statue
   Dunedin – In front of of Dunedin Town Hall at archway below the steps. Image.
   Wellington – Glover Park, in front of “The Rogue & The Vagabond” under the minarets art sculpture.


   Manila – Greenbelt mall beside the R-letter pedestal at the entrance near the Hermes store. Image 1, Image 2.


   Gdansk – At Fontanna Neptuna
   Katowice – Spodek (Saucer) in Katowice. Address:ul. Korfantego 35
   Warsaw – In front of Starbucks across from the Mariott Hotel. Image.
   Wroclaw – In the middle of Plac Solny (“Salt Square”/Flower Market), beside the Iglica (needle) statue. Stare Miasto 50-061/50-062, Wroclaw.


   Lisbon – Restauradores – Monument to the Restorers, in front of the obelisk, near Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa. Image.


   Bucharest – Piata Universitatii – Fantana. Image.


   Novosibirsk – Next to the statue of Vladimir Lenin on Lenin Square


   Belgrade – Trg Republike, in front of horse statue


   Singapore – Fort Canning Park, Dhoby Ghaut, underneath big arch. Image.


   Ljubljana – “The Illyrian Provinces Monument” (Ilirski steber) at the “French Revolution Square” (Trg Francoske revolucije)

   South Korea

   Seoul – In front of Bosingak Belfry. Jonggak station, subway line 1, exit 4.


   Barcelona – Underneath Arc de Triomf monument
   Granada – In front of Granada Cathedral


   Stockholm – Medborgarplatsen, in front of first glass structure. Image.
   Basel – Baarfuesserplatz Tram Stop, by the tall pole. Image.
   Taipei – On Tap Pub, in front of main entrance. Address:No. 21, Alley 11, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106


   Bangkok – In front of Starbucks Terminal 21

   United Arab Emirates

   Dubai – Dubai Mall, in front of Tim Horton. Image.

   United Kingdom

   Cardiff – Beside female statue in front of Hilton Cardiff on Friary Road. Image.
   Edinburgh – Covenanter’s Memorial in Grassmarket
   Glasgow – George Square. Meet by the tall obelisk statue.
   Leeds – The center of Millenium Square
   London – Royal Airforce Bomber Command Memorial, Green Park (Hyde Park Corner side)
   London – In front of Royal Exchange beside horseman statue (outside “Bank” tube station)
   Manchester – In front of the main entrance to Sinclair’s Oyster Pub
   Newcastle – Beside Grey’s monument
   Shrewsbury – Frankwell car park, bottom of the pedestrian walkway.

please, notify anyone you know that goes into these areas that they aren’t safe; also, edit if you or anyone you know has any information on more areas that there will be “make rape legal” meetups!!


Newcrest City Park: my first community lot for download. The lot is 50x40 and is set as a National Park.
It has two tennis courts, a large field for parties, concerts, weddings, etc., a community pool, and a grill area. The lot is CC Free! (Woohoo!)
It’s up on the Gallery under my Origin ID, TornadoBeard22
TOU: If you use it and post about it, give credit! I’d love to see it filled with CC, or with a wedding on the field :) Tag me in it if you do so!
Note: I know that one of the service lines is missing on the tennis courts. If I put it there it would place a post in the middle of the fence and it didn’t look right. :)

  • theymightbegiants-nightcore-240p: I refuse to even think about skipping my morning lecture because it Was slower compared to the norm in society as they hunt pirates as well and there are no laws on the island and monte
  • theymightbegiants-nightcore-240p: Celebrating Akatsuka's eightieth birthday, the series follows the sextuplet Matsuno brothers from the original series as adults, and features more adult-oriented humor compared to the original Was derived.
  • theymightbegiants-nightcore-240p: Celebrating Akatsuka's eightieth birthday, the series follows the sextuplet Matsuno brothers from the walls of my stomach think they're JERICHO! i'm about to meet them)
  • theymightbegiants-nightcore-240p: 8 times 2 is 16, the digital root of the word of Rimbaud! the walls of my stomach think they're JERICHO! i'm about to fall asleep in a washed up haze round and round, let the city built a parking lot on top and the rest is history of all hitherto existing society is the history of my resume and i am also known in the northeast as Gaismunēnas Meistar.
  • theymightbegiants-nightcore-240p: And i am also known in the northeast as Gaismunēnas Meistar.
  • theymightbegiants-nightcore-240p: Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and i am also known in the northeast as Gaismunēnas Meistar.
A Storm's Brewing (Punk Harry One Shot)


      Oh gosh, don’t make eye contact. Where the hell am I? 
I staggered around with a map in my hand, phone GPS in the other while I tried walking back to my car after a birthday party I went to in the middle of the city. Now, suddenly the parking lot was no where in sight and I was wandering no longer in the fancy part, but around the shady parts of the city alone. At the party, I left early because of all the rude people that were friends with my best friend, who was turning 19. I just wanted to be home, away from everything.
     I flipped my curled hair over my shoulders, pretty sure I stepped in gum as they were stuck to the bottom of my Keds. I was wearing a baggy floral tank top and leggings. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like I fit in here, where everybody was at least in black and had 10 tattoos minimum. 
     Turning to a skate park, I sat on the edge and looked at my surroundings, figuring out the street and how I got here in the first place. Hiding my face in my knees for a brief moment, upset about how the whole day turned out. Of course, as if right on cue, a raindrop hit my forehead. Sprinkles scattered all around me. 
     "Hey, you look lost, babe.“ I jumped and turned, looking at three attractive men. The one that spoke had dusty colored fringe in a beanie, and a thin tank top that showed a tattoo of a buck on his shoulder, getting rained on. His friend, a Pakistani boy had black hair in a quiff, baggy shirt and a cigarette hanging from his lips. Another skater had curly hair pushed back and wore flannel, his brows knitted as he watched me.
     I nodded with a shy smile, looking around and comforted by the couple passerbys hanging around. 
     "You need help?” He asked again and I shook my head, cautiously and slightly fearful. “What, you’re scared because you’re in a skate park and we smoke?” He said lightly, chuckling with a mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes.
     "No, I’m fine,“ I spoke up, feeling better around the two. 
     "She speaks!” The dark haired one said and I laughed slightly.            "Where are you trying to go, love?“ Asked the curly haired.
     "I parked in the big parking garage by the mall but I don’t know where it is now,” I sighed, wiping drops off my cheek as the rain grew heavy. “I kind of left in a rush," 
     The shortest held a burgundy hoodie that draped over his toned arm. Picking it up, he leaned down and draped it over my hair, protecting it from the rain like a cape. I thanked him softly, pulling it over me and taking in the smokey scent. "I’m Louis, this is Zayn,” he gestured to the black haired boy, who puffed out smoke. 
     "I’m Harry,“ the boy in flannel said, smiling for the first time since I had met him. Though I was wary, part of me knew that they were genuine.
     I introduced myself. "Pretty name,” Harry smiled. “If you keep right for about then minutes until you hit the intersection, it should be right behind the cinema.”
     "If you need help,“ Louis began, handing me a small card with a number. "Just ring up and we’ll be right over." 
     "Thanks, guys,” I grinned, standing up and gathering my things. I started to take off the burgundy hoodie before Louis raised up a hand. “I’ve got more. You should really bring a jacket though, you know how moody the weather is here.” he winked and I thanked him, starting out right like Harry had suggested. 
     Like the boys had said, it took roughly ten minutes as I was waiting to cross the intersection. It was storming now, wind and hail pelting me and I pulled the hoodie tight around me.
     "You’re the most beautiful thing!“ I heard behind me, yet I ignored and kept my chin up and face alert. "Pretty girl, do you want me to keep you warm?” The voice grew louder as I grasped the phone in my pocket. That was when a hand landed on my shoulder, and I jumped in the air, scared. I turned to see an ugly man in a construction worker uniform. I pulled away from him. “Hey!” I shouted at him in the harshed voice possible, which deterred him for a moment.
     My name was called and I turned, watching Harry skate up beside me, slightly pushing the uniformed man. “Don’t disrespect her,” he growled in a husky voice, before taking my hand as he swiveled over on his board, leading me across the street. “Sorry, I should’ve walked you over,” he said in his slow drawl, licking over his lower lip. “That was stupid of me,” he gave a throaty laugh. 
     "No it wasn’t, thank you for coming over, I didn’t expect that,“ I giggled, noticing how considerate Harry was. 
     Finally, we were under the safety of the garage roof. He followed me as we arrived at my car, before he shoved his hands in his tight, skinny jean pockets. "Well, goodbye,” he began skating off.
     "Wait,“ I called after and he looked back over his shoulder, smirking. "Do you want me to get you something for helping me? We could grab some tea, if you’d like." 
     He walked over, biting his cherry lips and looking down with piercing green eyes that I hadn’t noticed until under the parking lot light. "So a fit, clean sweetheart like you wants to take a tattooed, smoking stranger you met at a skate park behind an alley on a date?” He grinned. 
     "You’re nice, though, and you’re no stranger anymore.“ I smiled. "I take that as a yes?" 
     "How could I say no to a girl who wears floral Keds in the ghetto?” He put his skateboard in the trunk of my car, climbing in the passengers seat, as I told him to take control of the radio, where we listened to and playfully sung along for a while.
      “Your friends are really sweet,” I complimented.
      “They may be dipshits, but they’re like family,” he smiled.“Wow, this is a nice car,” he patted the dashboard. 
     "If you say so, it’s just a Mazda,“ I giggled, "with a little teddy bear,” I pointed to the small bear I got as a Christmas gift that hung around the mirror. 
     "Well, when you get around by strictly walking or skating, cars like this look nice,“ he chuckled as we pulled out on the streets. 
     "My parents got it for me, tired of me missing the bus I guess. What about your parents? What do they do?” I attempted conversation, pulling in the parking lot and turning off the car.
     "Dunno, never met my dad, and my mom recently lost her job,“ he said bitterly. "Can’t have daddy buy me fancy cars like you, babe, we can barely hold down the house as is,” he halfheartedly forced a laugh, looking out the window which was too thick in fog to see anything.
     "Sorry, Harry,“ I said sincerely. "If you and your mom ever need a place, my house has a guest bedroom,”
      “‘course you do,” he snorted before turning to face me as a turned off the car. “Thanks, love," 
     His green orbs looked down at my lips then back up to meet my eyes. He suavely reached out, taking my hand in his before leaning in and kissing me gently, pulling away after just one to make sure it was acceptable. The faint trace of smoke lingered, mixed with his natural scent. "I just had too,” he looked away shyly, unbuckling the belt and tried to pull his hand away, but I held on. 
     It was my turn, returning the kiss before slowly moving away, warmth of our lips hovering. “I just had to, too." 
     Pushing into me, I let my passion pour out to him, synchronized lips moving in a wanting rhythm, picking up as we got more desperate to hold each other. His tongue licked over my lower lip, asking for entrance, before he gave a light nibble, letting me squeak before his tongue moved inside my mouth.
     Moving towards him, he let his back rest against the seat while I climbed over skillfully, straddling him and letting our tongues battle inside my mouth, his hand wrapped protectively around my back while the other tangled inside my hair, tugging at the strands feverishly. 
     My fingers curled around the hem of his shirt, letting him shrug off the flannel while the black muscle tee was tight around his muscles. I pulled it over his head, revealing his toned chest. He pulled out of my mouth, sucking on my neck and behind my ears, trailing small lovebites all over me while he held me close, our bodies touching close while thunder cracked overhead, our heavy breaths hard to hear over the sound of the pelting drops crashing against the outside of the car–almost as vigorously as Harry and I made out. 
      Feeling his bulge begin to grow beneath me, I raised my arms, letting Harry bring my tanktop and hoodie over my head at the same time, leaving my in my bra, where his strong hands roamed around, massaging me perfectly without being too harsh. His lips kissed my cleavage, hair tickling me as he began to unclasp it from behind, letting it fall to the footboard. 
     He whispered my name, looking up to meet my eyes. "You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” My heart fluttered, lust mixing with the adrenaline of the few found feelings for Harry making me move around him with even more grace and skill–wanting him to get the best version of me. His tongue swirled my nipple, pulling it and sucking on me while he rubbed my other tit, letting me moan his name. 
     Harry played with my sore nipples with his mouth while letting himself slip his hands down the back of my leggings, feeling my bum and using his thumbs to guide my hips, grinding down against his hard on while I made small circles, enough to tease and give little friction as he became more desperate for me.
     My name fell from his lips as he bucked his hips into mine, fingers rolling down my leggings to my thong, his hands slipping under. I took the handle on the chair, letting the seat slide back as far as it could while I ripped my leggings off, kneeling while I helped him out of his skinny jeans that made his cock ache with pain. He unsheathed it, gasping and face blushing as I watched his length stand tall, hitting his stomach. 
     I gave it two tugs, as Harry grabbed my hair, leading me as he flushed pink, inked skin beading sweat as our intense body heat got trapped inside the car. The curly haired boy brought my mouth to him, which I wrapped my lips to surround his dick eagerly. 
     Harry moaned my name, and I hummed around him, placing my hands against his thighs as I worked him back and forth. He kicked the car, the warm wetness proving to be too much as I hallowed my cheeks, letting my tongue take over my running over the slit, allowing the salty precum flavor fill me. “Oh my g–f-fuck, babe!” He cried, letting his ab muscles clench. “So close,”
     I pulled off him with a pop, watching him fall back against the seat with a loud gasp. I rose from my spot, hovering my panties over him. His fingers made their way to lazily brush my clit. I threw myself chin over his shoulder, as if to say take me. "Harry! Yes, Harry, please,“ 
     "You’re so wet for me,” I could almost hear his charming smirk from where I groaned, nose pressed into his shoulder. “It’s so sexy, you’re sexy," 
     Harry thrusted his hips up for friction, the need for release making him quiver and pant, sweaty before even pounding into me. He hooked his thumbs around the thin, soaked fabric and tossed them into the drivers seat.
     "Babe,” He began. 
     "In the glove box, Harry,“ I finished for him, leaning forward to give him room as he fumbled in the glove box, taking out a condom that was prelubed for us. 
     I unwrapped it with my teeth, rolling it down onto his length, his chest heaving as he whispered my name, my eyes meeting his dark green. "You’re sure about his?" 
     I kissed his lips hungrily but lovingly. "Positive, Harry,” I propped myself on my knees, having him align himself before cautiously shoving the head inside me, stretching me as we moaned together, sounds of the storm outside only adding to the ecstasy. “Fuckin’ hell," 
     Sinking down, he filled me completely with his hard cock as his face scrunched up beautifully as he panted out my name repeatedly, holding my sides, attaching his lips to whatever part of me it could reach while I lifted my body, then falling back down onto his length. My eyes watered slightly, the thick initial pain blurring my mind into the pleasure of having his dick and affection took it’s place.
     "Shit, love–” Harry cried as I bobbed myself up and down fast with fervor. He bit down hard against my neck, I could tell he was close again. Warmth moved down my torso, giving me a shiver. I was as close as him. I let my eyelids flutter shut as I arched my back. 
     "Oh Harry, Harry!“ I shouted loudly. 
     "Let me hear you, babe,” he commanded and I obeyed, shouting his name at the top of my lungs. “I’m gonna-” he groaned breathlessly. 
      “Cum for me, Harry-” I felt him thrash slightly, as he released into the condom, the heat flooding around inside me. He shouted at the white streams kept coming, his curly hair ratted fro being repeatedly thrown against the headrest. 
      I couldn’t focus anymore, I arched my back and crashed against the dashboard, Harry’s cock still in me as I clenched around it, coming for the inked boy in front of me. “HARRY!” I screamed, shuddering as I rolled my hips down into his dick, pushing it balls deep as he helped me ride my orgasm.
      Harry pulled out of me, leaving me empty as I reached forward to wipe the sweat off his forehead. “You were so good for me, love,” he told me, gently kissing my lips, too weak to do much else. 
      He discarded the condom, tossing out the window into the lighting storm. “Harry, that’s littering!” I curled into him, clutching his damp chest.
      “You met me in a skatepark downtown, love,” his accent said with a husky chuckle. 
      “It feels like I’ve known you forever, though,” I giggled, nuzzling into him. 
      “Do you still want a milkshake, or should we drive back to meet my mum? She can make some wicked sweets for us." 
     "One date and I’m meeting your mum? What an honor, Harry,” I met his lips again. 
     "But we should wait for the storm to pass,“ Harry smirked, mischievous charm already returned to normal. "Get in the back,” he commanded.