To honor the Papal visit, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Association for Public Art have installed Robert Indiana’s Amor on the Museum’s East Terrace. “AMOR” will stand at one end of the Parkway facing, at the other end, Indiana’s renowned “LOVE” sculpture on John F. Kennedy Plaza. Fitting for the City of Brotherly Love.

Visit the sculpture today and share pics with #AMORPHILLY.

Robert Indiana, AMOR, 1998, Polychrome aluminum painted red and blue, 72"x72"x36", © 2015 Morgan Art Foundation, Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


Philadelphia. Philly. The City of Brotherly Love. Whatever you call it, we love it, so we took a look at our favorite Philly photos from the Museum’s collection.

Philadelphia,” 1963 (negative); 1963 (print), by Ray K. Metzker

Fairmount Waterworks and Schuylkill Locks,” c. 1830–38, by Thomas Tucker

Manayunk, near Philadelphia,” 1838, by John Caspar Wild

U. S. Mint,” 1838, by John Caspar Wild

Election Day, 1815. Independence Square, Philadelphia,” 1821 (later 19th century reprint), by Alexander Lawson

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My boyfriend shared this with me today.

Artist Hannah Price documented her run-ins with street harrassment.  

Via Buzzfeed: “Hannah Price is an Afrian-Mexican-American who recently moved from suburban Colorado to Philadelphia.  Her photo essay, "City of Brotherly Love,” is currently a work in progress, as Price collects portraits of men who catcall on the street.  The photographs…are a collection of candids snapped after a stranger has hit on her.  There are also a handful taken after she spoke with the subject and asked her to take his picture. Price said the series is a way for her to explore her fascination with street harassment.“

Far-Left Philly Newspaper paying people to vote in the mayoral election

Can’t get your voters to the polls? Pay them to show up. Yeah, that seems ethical. Sheesh. From HotAir: If there’s one thing most of the residents of the City of Brotherly Love can agree on, it’s that voter turnout there has absolutely tanked in recent years. In off year elections they’re b…

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