How Vanita Gupta became the DOJ’s unsung hero at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement

One of Vanita Gupta’s earliest memories involved what some might consider a hate crime.

Gupta was born in Philadelphia in the mid-1970s to immigrants from India. Before her fifth birthday, Gupta’s parents had temporarily plucked her and an older sister out of the City of Brotherly Love, so their father could take a job in the U.K.

They arrived in England shortly after the election of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who had exploited Britons’ fear of immigrants in her rise to power. England’s racist skinhead movement was surging.

“There were skinheads sitting next to us [at a McDonald’s] and sort of flicking french fries at me and my grandmother and my mom and sister,” Gupta recently said in a sit-down interview with Mic. “They were yelling at us, ‘Go home Pakis! Get out of this country!’” Gupta recalled. “Paki” is a slur against South Asians.

More than 35 years later, Gupta has embarked on a career as a civil rights lawyer in the United States, has overseen racial justice cases at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and has served as head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. Her time at the DOJ ended after two years, with the inauguration of President Donald Trump in January. Trump’s rise to power has been accompanied by a spike in hatreddirected at immigrants and Muslims, including members of Gupta’s family in suburban Pennsylvania. Things have come full circle for Gupta, and now she’s in a position to be part of the resistance. Read more (6/9/17)

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It’s like I’m looking in a mirror. My name is Chester Whittingham, of Philadelphia’s Whittinghams. Welcome to the city of brotherly love. Now, our good founder William Penn bent over at least three rivers to get this premium plot of land. Now, he set out to be a holy experiment. And Lord, did he experiment with every hole he could find. Where do you think that crack in the Liberty Bell came from?

My Fic Master Post (so far)

Here’s everything I’ve written in The X-Files universe, gathered in one place for your reading convenience.  I’ll add to it as I write more.  If you prefer to do your reading on AO3, you can find me here, under the same username!


Ripper Weather
Word Count: 27K
Timeline: Early Season Six
Summary: Mulder and Scully return to the City of Brotherly Love to help catch a murderer who’s taking his inspiration from the most famous serial killer of all time.

Au Cafe Pequod Universe
Rating: NC-17 for “Au Cafe Pequod” and “D’un Nouvel Oeil;” PG for the three sequels
Word Count: 107K
Timeline: Alternate universe (though, contrary to popular belief, that’s NOT what the “Au” in the title stands for!).  The story begins in France in 1943.
Summary: This story takes place in France, during WWII.  Mulder is a disillusioned German soldier with a dark and painful past, and Scully is a French cafe owner with a dangerous secret.
Au Cafe Pequod
D’un Nouvel Oeil (same story, Scully’s POV)
Les Nouveaux Arrivants
La Guerre Après La Guerre (part one | part two)
BONUS: Go here to see the AMAZING video created by @mulderswaterbed, whose wonderful concept was the jumping-off point for the entire series!

Early On
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 27K
Timeline: Season One
Summary: What if the showrunners had decided, from the start, to capitalize on GA and DD’s incredible chemistry?  This story was posted as a series of individual vignettes, because it didn’t actually become a series until after the second part.
Evidence Against
Ask Again Later
Fear of Flying
Rumor Has It
From What I’ve Tasted of Desire
My Lover Stands on Golden Sand
Personal Physician
Remotely Plausible
Out of the Darkness
Early On

Between Sorrow and Bliss 
Rating: M
Word Count: 30K
Timeline: Cancer arc
Summary: Told in a series of “in between” scenes, this is the story of a year- more or less- in the life of Mulder and Scully, as they cope with her cancer diagnosis, the forces responsible, and their growing feelings for one another.  

The Saga of the Broken Vibrator
Rating: NC-17.  Clearly.
Word Count: 7K
Timeline: Not really important, but probably fifth or sixth season.
Summary: It started as a prompt (“I’ll buy you a new one, just stop pouting!”) and a joke (“What if it was about a vibrator?”), and then took on a life of its own, turning into something a little awkward, a little sweet, and all together ridiculous.

She’s Beauty, She’s Grace
Rating: M for Chapter Nine only
Word Count: 34K
Timeline: Post-Tithonus
Summary: In response to a request, this is a mashup of TXF and Miss Congeniality, that got out of hand and turned into a much longer piece than anticipated or intended.

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 25K
Timeline: Revival
Summary: Mulder wakes one morning to find that Scully has disappeared, and is told- by those he trusts- that she has been dead for over twenty years.  All of the evidence- and even Mulder’s own memories- seem to back it up.  But is it true?  Or can Mulder not trust anyone- himself included?

What Was Taken, What Was Lost
Word Count: 26K
Timeline: Season Five, post-Emily
Summary: Mulder and Scully, still reeling from the events of Christmas, 1997, go undercover as a honeymooning couple at a romantic retreat in upstate New York to investigate a series of suspicious suicides and accidental deaths.

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This sign has always struck me as odd, poorly laid out,  

Then I noticed that it looked like it said, ‘love’, there, with a slanted, 'v’.  It occurred to me I’d seen a logo that said, 'love’, like this, with a crooked letter.

Turns out that what I was thinking about Robert Indiana’s, “Love”, the sculpture at the centre of JFK Plaza, aka Love Park, in Philadelphia: the city of brotherly love,  

ABC it’s-a ME!

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A - Age: Going on to 29

B - Biggest Fear: Uh… everything. I’m a huge chicken

C - Current time: 13:15

D - Drink you last had: Lemon-lime soda

E - Everyday starts off with: Forcing myself awake so I can make sure certain people get to school on time. (stealing your answer Liz lol)

F - Favorite song: I don’t play favorites

G - Ghosts, are they real?: Sure, why not?

H - Hometown: Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love (not)

I - In love with: I feel like the right thing to do is put my husband or kids, buuuut…. sleep :D

J - Jealous of: People who have at least one thing they’re really passionate and knowledgeable about

K - Killed someone: In my mind? All the time.

L - Last time you cried: Last Friday

M - Middle name: Anh

N - Number of siblings: 4

O - One Wish: For my kids grow up to be decent people

P - Person you last called/texted: The husband

Q - Question you’re always asked: Are you okay?

R - Reason to smile: Food

S - Song you last sang: The Gilmore Girls theme

T - Time you woke up: 7:15

U - Underwear color: Black

V - Vacation destination: Anywhere without the kids

W - Worst habitat: lol I’m gonna go the habitat route and say anywhere that’s hot and muggy

X - X rays you’ve had: Dental

Y - Your favorite foods: See above next to fav song

Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus/Dragon

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