I’ve heard some of the bikes can fly,” said Alec eagerly. He sounded like Simon with a new video game. “Or go invisible at the flick of a switch. Or operate under water.

City of Bones


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Okay but can we as a fandom stop pretending that scene in Shadowhunter was in any way great tho? It was better than Alec physically attacking Clary yes but can we stop pretending that Clary was not homophobic and gross af in the scene and that there is nothing great or funny about it? 'What's the big deal' 'Busted no' and that pretentious 'Must be hard' .. YIKES. I love Clary but that scene was awful and disgusting to watch as a closeted lesbian and it should not be as glorified as it is smh ://

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First of all: No, we can not, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and each person reviews and interprets certain scenes or a characters behavior diffrently. Secondly: I’m sorry to hear that this scene made you feel uncomfortable and disgusted you  — and i can definitely see why that was the case and i get where you’re coming from, but i can’t fully agree with you. Again this might just be my own interpretation of the scenario and their behaviours, taking my own personal experiences and feelings as a pansexual female into consideration, so my opinion might differ from yours or other users, but that is okay. I don’t think Clary’s behaviour was in any way homophobic. Her saying “It must be hard being in love with Jace and he’s straight and all” rather shows her trying to be emphatic about Alec’s situation and his feelings for Jace. Please remember: Clary is straight and does not know what it’s like being a closeted gay in a society that is even more homophobic and racist than her own. I, personally, saw it as Clary trying to help Alec realize that there is nothing wrong with his feelings towards Jace and that she doesn’t judge him because of that, because it’s just not a big deal to her. She was born and raised in a completely diffrent society and way, therefore she’s trying to ‘shrug it off’ a little bit with saying things like “What’s the big deal?” or “Busted, no?” I think this was just Clary’s way of saying that it’s okay and that there is nothing to be ashamed off. The same applies to her saying “Alec, just say it, you’ll feel better.” It does not come off as harsh as it was in the movie or the books, where it sounds more like a threat when she’s confronting Alec about his sexuality. Just rewatch both of those scenes and take a look at their facial expressions and their tones when talking to each other and compare them. Where Movie!Clary was insensitive and reacted like a small child that just doesn’t get what it wants, Show!Clary was calm and talked about it so casually that it seemed like the most normal thing to do for her. And she was trying to be emphatic, or at least she was in the way that i interpreted her behaviour. And Movie!Alec? I don’t think we have to dive deeper into his reactions in this scenario or the whole movie, so let’s make this quick: Movie!Alec was a complete asshole. First he slams an untrained girl into a wall, his hand on her neck to keep her in place and almost choking her, while threatening to kill her if she were to say anything like that ever again. In comparisom all that Show!Alec did was what he did 90% of the season. He tried to shrug it off with the “We’re Parabatai” and the middle school comeback, while still staying calm. And we all know Alec, especially his interactions with Clary and the fact that he tends to be very blunt and honest. So i think that if he really felt threatend by her actions and the things she was saying, he would’ve done something against it. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, especially not if you look at this small moment of hesitaton right before he’s giving Clary the middle school comeback.
So…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I don’t know, Anon. This is just what i thought and still think about this scenario and yes, it could’ve been better, but i still liked the scene as “”tricky”” as it is. Let’s just hope that if a scene like that were to happen again in the second season, that it won’t make you or any other fans uncomfortable or sad and you’re able to enjoy it as much as i enjoyed this one.  💜

Sometimes I forget that once a fandom has an on-screen adaptation, there are going to be a lot of fans who come from the adaptation.

So, to some of those fans who come from Shadowhunters yet can’t be bothered to even try to read the books: Sorry to say, but the only thing better in the show is Malec. 

She wasn’t very pleasant the last time I saw her. Of course, that could be because I’ve got an eighteen year - old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn’t.
—  Magnus Bane (City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare)

“Well, when I was five, I wanted to take a bath in spaghetti.”
“But he didn’t let you, right?”
“No, that’s the thing. He did. He said it wasn’t expensive, and why not if that was what I wanted? He had the servants fill a bath with boiling water and pasta, and when it cooled down …” He shrugged. “I took a bath in it.”
Servants? Clary thought. Out loud she said, “How was it?”

- City Of Bones, chapter 17 “The Midnight Flower”