Freddie Gray died 2 years ago today — and Baltimore is still seeking police reform

  • It’s been two years since Freddie Gray died from injuries he sustained while in custody of the Baltimore Police Department. 
  • But in the Charm City, “still ain’t shit change,” Black Lives Matter movement activists tweeted Wednesday.
  • Even if little appears to have changed on the police force or in the ways officers treat city residents, there has been some movement. 
  • In April 2015, the state’s attorney’s office charged six officers in connection to the neck and back injuries Gray sustained, which led to his death, during a rough ride in a police van on April 12, 2015, after days of protests and civil unrest in the majority-black city.
  • Although those officers were acquitted in trials or had charges dropped against them, the U.S. Department of Justice investigated police abuse and sued the city into a police reform agreement known as a consent decree. And now, it’s up to city leaders to follow through on those reforms, civil rights leaders said.
  • “To this day, no officers have been held responsible in a court of law for the conduct that led to Mr. Gray’s death, and it’s likely none ever will,” Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said in a statement released Wednesday.
  •  "The only justice we can hope for now is the meaningful policing reform that the residents of Baltimore so deeply deserve.“ Read more (4/19/17)

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Always read the label

Group History: Our DM’s custom world has a thing for potions going wrong. And I personally have a habit of accurately calling chance dice rolls ahead of time.

The Scene: Looters were in the enchanter’s shop, stealing whatever was at hand. We engage them to take the loot for ourselves. Throughout the fight, they start testing out the things they’ve stolen on us. After taking some damage, the looter’s leader, a city guard, does the following:

DM: “He pulls out a red potion and brings it to his lips.”

Player: “It’s acid isn’t it?”

DM: “Haha! Just for saying that, roll a d6.”

*I roll a 1.*

DM: “He drinks it, and starts gagging, and then drops dead.”

A Blue CatAstrophe!

Lance isn’t missing, he’s right there. It was an accident, how he’d ended up ‘missing’, but Blue said that there should be some cure for this. He wished he was human again, so he could comfort his team with the knowledge that he wasn’t dead. But no, he’s a cat, and the only way to make sure they smile is to knock all the pens to the ground, chase some string, and occasionally wake up his crush and idol up from a nightmare and almost get smacked across the room by accident. Well, okay, that last one had to be mended since he was apparently a good stress reliever if you ran your hands down his back… too bad it wouldn’t happen if he was a human. So, for now, he’ll deal with being a brown and darker brown swirled tabby kitten for just a little bit longer. Purrrrrrrr…..

A Cat Au, where Lance becomes a cat and hell ensues.

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Lightwood-Bane Boys/Downworlder Headcanons
  • Since Maia is a werewolf, she is totally Max and Rafael’s idol. (They’re obsessed with werewolves–Maia’s their Fave™.)
  • Maia sometimes stops by to speak to Alec for work-related reasons, or just to hang out with the fam for a bit. 
  • She loves the Lightwood-Bane house; the boys are entertaining and the Dads are easy company. Maia’s super relaxed with the Lightwood-Banes.
  • Max wheezes with laughter any time she does the armpit-fart. Any crude sound effect, really. Maia’s good at making them and Max thinks she’s a riot.
  • Max wants to grow up to be just like Maia Roberts. 
  • Rafael, meanwhile, has a M A S S I V E crush on her.
  • He wants to sing for her–has even written her a song or two–but is too shy as a kid. So instead, he just likes to sit in her lap and play with her hair and basically shower her in compliments and affection. 
  • He does play his guitar for her, though. Maia is openly delighted by it. 
  • (Maia totally knows he has a crush on her. It makes her so happy. She swears to every God that Rafe’s future significant other better treat him RIGHT, or so help her-
  • (Magnus and Alec also know about the crush–everyone does–and solemnly swear to Rafe never to tell.)
  • (They tease him relentlessly after she’s left, though.)
  • Lily stops by the house more often than Maia, mostly to bother Alec (she likes to tease the Dads about Domestic Life) but also to play video games with Max and Rafael.
  • She never goes easy on them at Mario Kart.
  • Max no longer plays it with her.
  • Rafael usually beats her at Super Smash Bros, though. He’s very proud about it. Lily is openly bitter.
  • She teaches the boys how to play Texas Hold'em, which the boys are totally obsessed with. She also teaches them an easy version of poker and rummy. 
  • So whenever Lily is at Magnus and Alec’s Family Fun Nights with the others, Max and Rafe want her on their team for any card games. It warms her little vampy heart. (She loves them.) 
  • Lily is also proud to rub her being Max and Rafe’s “favorite vampire” in Simon’s face. (He shrugs it off but they all know he’s competitive AF–it becomes a game between him and Lily to gain the Lightwood-Bane boys’ attention.) 
  • Lily is definitely the boys’ favorite playmate.
Murder by Crows, Stormwind City Guard Seeks Leader

By Risri Elthron

(Editor Note: This article is not for the faint of heart. We apologize in advance for the graphic content here.)

On Saturday evening, known criminal Demetrius Devereaux entered Stormwind City and with the help of his followers placed a woman upon a cross and burned her alive. The Stormwind City Guard Commander, Percy Aldenhardt, responded to the scene quickly. In the ensuing fight, three of the members of the group were injured by the Commander before Mr. Devereaux conjured shadows to allow the group to disappear.

(OOC Note: I have linked the lovely artwork here, just because of nudity and the nature of the scene. ICly this picture would be in the paper so feel free to react appropriately.)

Witnesses spoke of Mr. Devereaux trying to send a message to SI:7 and the city. “We are not fond of several things. Hypocrites, mouthy c–, and traitors. This one here is a traitor. This one is an absolute traitor. Now, I spoke of the things that I did in my interview. I was quite serious. But it seems as though others aren’t taking my interview seriously. I forgave her many times. I forgave her when she left us in the broken isles. I forgave her when she attacked my own. I forgave her for her disrespect. This time though she’s a snitch. There is no mercy for those that do so. So bare witness to what we do to traitors.”

Commander Aldenhardt bravely took on three of the group single-handily. He dispatched two quickly, shooting one in the face and a second in the stomach. A third grappled with the commander before all fled in the face of the Commander’s fury.

The Stormwind City Guard extends an invitation to Demetrius Devereaux to turn himself in and face the courts for the crimes he has committed within the kingdom’s lands. If he refuses, the Commander has vowed to seek justice for the murder.  "I’ll be certain to take care of it.  And end it.“

Extreme caution is warranted if the wanted man is spotted within the city again. The public is asked to allow the guard to deal with Mr. Devereaux and encouraged to contact a member of the Stormwind City Guard on their dispatch frequency immediately if seen.

The body of the unidentified woman was taken to the Cathedral where the Matron took custody and will ensure a proper service is given for the woman. The gazebo area was shut down for several hours while the scene was cleared. Construction on a replacement gazebo has begun and should be completed no later than Tuesday evening.

The Royal Courier thanks the Commander and the guard for their quick response to the situation.

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(Special thank you to the artists behind the drawing @Gwen-Dankstalker, @Zorathiel, @Larkiniel)

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How do you see relationships between the Gaang progressing throughout adulthood? Bryke obviously did a bad job portraying them in general, and seeing how the other avatar writers felt the same, I imagined so much more for our favorite characters than what Bryke lazily did. Any thoughts on other characters like June?

First of all, there would be NO leaving Zuko completely on his own to govern the Fire Nation. That is just a stupid move politically, militarily,

Jack: Spiritually, ecumenically, dramatically …

You name it. This means that Iroh stays in the Fire Nation with Zuko, so that rather than backsliding by chatting with Ozai, Zuko would gain ground in his mission to redeem himself and the Fire Nation. The first few years would be extremely volatile, and there would be a lot of challenges ahead. He would have to search for his mother and reconcile, somehow, with Azula. But you know who would have been there to help him?

Aang. No, not the Aang who decided “A promise is a promise!” and went into the Avatar State twice to attack Zuko. No, this Aang has complete control of the Avatar State, as he should have by the end of the show, since that was one of the main goals of his character. Aang would have gone to the Fire Nation first, since he spent the least amount of time there out in the open and would have major trust rebuilding to do after what happened with Ozai.

During his time in the Fire Nation, he would have discovered Ty Lee as an untrained airbender. This would give him the impetus to start looking for other airbenders, who might not even know about their gifts. He would have difficulty with a work-life balance, but he would eventually find a way with the help of:

Toph. Toph’s metalbending academy is something I wholeheartedly approve of. I think she should eventually become a businesswoman and use her family’s vast wealth to make Gaoling (and their new ally, Omashu) alternate power centers, so Ba Sing Se wouldn’t have such a stranglehold on the rest of the Earth Kingdom, with metalbenders initially acting as private security, and later, a police force in the city. But while I understand that Toph has the attitude of a beat cop, she hates the city, walls, and rules, and there would be a bunch of all three if she became Chief of Police. (P.S. She would have many more tea times with Uncle, and get that life-changing field trip with Zuko we all wanted to see.)

Toph would also have issues to sort through with her parents, and she would probably never see eye to eye with her family. But one person would help coach her through it:

Katara. At first, Katara would bury herself in her work at the South Pole, helping her father, brother, and Pakku rebuild the Southern Water Tribe. She would be at the heart of social justice issues, especially for Water Tribe women, and would challenge more than one antiquated idea that the Northerners would bring with them. She would get many marriage offers once she turned sixteen, and to take a break from it, she would answer Zuko’s request help find his mother. This leads to her realizing how stifled she feels at home, where everyone expects her to cater to them, in addition to helping lead their tribe. She would apply for a diplomatic post to the Fire Nation and eventually create her own cross-bending school, adapting her school from Toph’s metalbending academy. At first, she would worry about not being at home enough to help the women’s rights movement in the Water Tribe, but someone else has the situation under control:

Suki. Suki would be an asset as the head of the Kyoshi Warriors, and also as a partner for Sokka. Her island’s location and the fact that the villagers wear blue all point to Water Tribe influence on Kyoshi anyway, and once the war is over and trade begins booming again, she would work to make Kyoshi less of a spectator in the world and more of a participant. She would be an excellent role model for Southern Water Tribe girls who don’t want to be pigeonholed into the homemaker ideal, and could also play a part in Republic City eventually. As the leader of an island that was neutral during the war, Suki would be an ideal person to have on the Republic City Council. (P.S. Why it’s a Council of Five when there are no nonbending representatives in LOK is a mystery to me. This would fix that oversight.) But who would lead the Kyoshi Warriors if she took up such a position?

Ty Lee. Ty Lee didn’t get a real explanation for why she joined the Kyoshi Warriors, especially considering her misgivings about spending the rest of her life as a matched set. She could turn the tables on the idea, lending individuality to the Warriors and teaching them chi blocking techniques while learning some of their fighting styles as well. These nonbenders could eventually form the Equalist movement, but a different one than in LOK—a morally ambiguous movement, instead of a villainous cadre led by a demagogue.

In the end, though, Ty Lee is a wanderer, and I’m inclined to believe that she is, in fact, an untrained Air Nomad. Eventually she would discover this, and that not only is she not part of a matched set; she is possibly one of the rarest human beings in the world. This would interfere with her “aura” for sure, because she’s not necessarily cut out for the ascetic Air Nomad lifestyle. So while she would be happy for Aang to train her, she might also butt heads with him about how to best secure the Air Nomad legacy for the future. Of course, since the Air Acolytes in Korra treated Kya and Bumi so abysmally, in my opinion this could only be a good thing. Through it all, she would still keep in touch with:

Mai. I have a different character path planned for Mai than what other fans might suggest. Mai becoming a bounty hunter is a popular fanon idea, which makes sense, since she did seem to enjoy tracking down Zuko and Iroh so that Azula could imprison them for life, as anyone would enjoy doing to a person they supposedly had a cruch on. To me, Mai’s poker face and cool-under-fire attitude screams “White Lotus”, of which there are no female members that we know at the end of A:TLA. The main obstacle to inducting her into the Order would be that the White Lotus is based on principles of interconnection and understanding other cultures, which Mai categorically does not have. But this is one of the places she could thus grow the most, without having such character development tied to a specific person. The fact that she fooled the Fire Princess means she can play both sides skillfully, which she’ll need to, considering a rival to the idea of a balanced world is going to be:

Azula. With Ozai imprisoned and without his bending, Azula is the most creditable foe the franchise still has. Patchy though her sanity might be, she is still extremely dangerous (as we saw during the Agni Kai). In an ideal world, she would use her almost preternatural instincts for personal weakness and manipulation to be a ruler, but the very confidence she exudes is based on her rigid mindset and a false sense of Fire Nation superiority. As natural as leadership might be for her, she burned all her bridges when she banished or imprisoned every follower she had. I like the idea of her relearning the meaning of firebending from the dragons and bringing the Sun Warriors into the modern era, but it would be a very painful character path for her when just being mentally stable is a huge hurdle. I think she would need to stay in the Fire Nation for several years, slowly healing with Zuko’s help, before even attempting it.

There is one other path that I would consider for Azula, and that is: the Spirit World. Azula is not a terribly spiritual person, but a spiritual journey such as Iroh underwent might actually help her. It could train her mind to separate illusion and self-deception from reality, and give her a better sense of where she belongs in the world. Not to mention, the Spirit World is dangerous and full of tricksters such as Koh; I think she would enjoy the challenge.

And what about Sokka?

Well, Sokka’s character got shoved to the side in the comics, but honestly, him being on the Republic City council, helping the White Lotus, and likely being chief one day is just fine! Legend of Korra didn’t really do him the disservice that it did the other characters. However, there is one thing that he will never, EVER be, and that is the possible deadbeat dad of Suyin. For my reasons why, please look at this post.

I don’t have ideas for anyone else, really, but we can’t leave out our most important character:

The GAang. In the comics and LOK, the GAang all seem to have gone their separate ways, especially with Zuko being so isolated from everyone except Aang. Katara, too, seems very cut off from current events, which is unacceptable. The GAang remained lifelong friends, regardless of any romantic relationships or lack thereof. Busy and hazardous as their lives might have been, they would always make the time to write, visit, plan projects, and attend reunions together.

(P.S. I don’t know that June needs to develop as a character; she’s one of those tertiary personalities that’s just fine with the amount of screentime she has.)

A Haikyuu!!! Au

Basically, I’m trash. I’m trash who likes mafia au’s. I’m trash who has noticed there are pretty much no Haikyuu!!! gang au’s. I want them. I will help you make them. I will be your metaphorical nurse. We will birth this au together.

Questions to answer before you ask them:

Will I write this? Maybe.

Can you write this? Give me some credit and the link and we’re set.

Here we fucking go. Straight into fucking hell.

-There are just about six gangs in one giant city.

- Four of those gangs get along pretty well, you can guess who

-Each of them have parts of the city, some leaders choose to run the whole thing on their own, others split it up in territories or something like that.


- Ukai is the leader of the whole operation. Chain smoker, can probably kill you with one hand.

-He has a very obvious crush on Takeda who is his information source.

-Literally whenever Takeda so much as smiles, Ukai turns into this embarrassing, fumbly mess.

- His secretary, Kiyoko, thinks it’s cute, but is really just waiting for him to profess his love.

-Kiyoko is engaged to Yachi, but Kiyoko prefers to keep Yachi out of all the mafia stuff.

-Yachi is super supportive and is a teacher at preschool. Likes to have Kiyoko come home to a warm household.

-Kiyoko one hundred percent has to be in an elegant black dress, and high heels, with a gun fucking shit up. If that is not a scene, I swear to god.

-By secretary, I mean badass bodyguard.

-They have three quadrants. One of which, Daichi runs.

-Daichi is a highly responsible and respected leader, he’s Ukai’s second in command.

-Daichi is very tough and cold hearted to everyone outside of their team.

-His team consists of everyone on the karasuno volleyball team in canon.

-They are a big family

- Daichi is stubborn, but will do anything Suga asks him too because he’s head over heels in love with him

-Daichi and Suga are very lovey-dovey. Sometimes the last thing someone sees before they kill you is them flirting.

-They are definitely still referred to as Mom and Dad.

-Suga is the best sniper in the whole gang. He’s a great hitman.

-Asahi is definitely their nurse and Noya definitely keeps getting “hurt” to see him.

- Noya and Tanaka are their debt collectors. Tanaka is the bite to Noya’s bark.

-Hinata is their newest recruit. Kageyama, one of their most intimidating and skilled interrogators, is assigned to show him the ropes.

-They don’t get along at first, but maybe Hinata saves Kageyama’s life or something and their relationship blooms from there.

- Karasuno runs a super good illegal weapon store thing

- Tsukishima is their hacker. Yes, he does know that the freckly one has a crush on him. No, these feelings he gets just by looking at him are just the effects of living off of coffee and ramen noodles.

- Kageyama and Tsukishima buttheads a lot because Kageyama always wants to punch someone and Tsukishima always tells him no.


-Oikawa is the overall leaders, obviously.

-They don’t split it up into quadrants because Oikawa is that time of person. It works so who cares.

-Iwaizumi is that guy who everyone knows, but no one except five people have actually seen

-Everyone thinks Oikawa and Iwaizumi are fucking and everyone is right.

-They own five territories, the most out of all of the gangs.

-I’m not saying Oikawa and Suga sometimes get together and gossip, but Suga and Oikawa get together and gossip.

- On the outside Oikawa is proud and confident, but behind closed doors he’s just as insecure as in canon, maybe even worse since he’s running a whole empire.

- Iwaizumi is always there.

-Iwaizumi is his shadow, the bodyguard.

-They’ve known eachother since they were kids and all that. Iwaizumi was there when Oikawa’s dad died and he became a fucking King at the age of nineteen.

-Oikawa is a mastermind, he knows everyone sensitives spots. He knows everything.

- I’m not going to get too into the other characters too much, but yes, Matsukawa and Takahiro are the power couple.

- Also Kentaro is definitely that dude who everyone is afraid of. Not a lot of people like to talk to him beside Oikawa, but he’s super busy all the time.

- Yahaba is their mess cleaner, he makes all their problems with the police disappear, he’s hella good at it.

- Yahaba is fearless so he doesn’t give any shits what so ever about Kentaro being a rumoured puppy killer. So he scolds him when he does something bad and all that. At first Kentaro is angry then he’s all like, “Why are you not afraid of me?” to which Yahaba replies “I’ve seen some shit.” Their relationship probably sprouts into to angry make outs, then into something really tender. Bam! Then their engaged.

- Kindaichi is the super flustered sweet one who everyone is like “Wtf is this guy doing here.”


-Akaashi is the beautiful son of the boss.

-Bokuto is the gang leader who is in love with, but is super out of his league.

-That doesn’t stop him from courting him and endlessly flirting with him. Lots of owl puns because that’s their symbol and he thinks Akaashi will like them.

-At first Akaashi thinks Bokuto is just being nice to him to get into his father’s good graces, but then Bokuto does something really Bokuto.

-They have an affair because of course they do.

-Of course, Kuroo and Bokuto are best friends. Their bromance is the sole reason Fukurodani and nekoma get along so well.

-Bokuto one hundred percent shows Kuroo the same pictures of Akaashi asleep over and over again until Kuroo is just like, “stop. bro. please stop.”

-Akaashi’s dad is pretty accepting of the whole “My son loves someone of a lower position than him.”

- Even though he’s super strict about it and threatens Bokuto none stop. He likes Bokuto though because he’s a good leader and he would be good at protecting his son. Since Akaashi is the boss’s son he needs a lot of protecting.

-He’s pushing for a wedding hard and Bokuto does propose because he loves Akaashi so much like damn.

- They own four territories

- Bokuto runs one of them. The Fukurodani volleyball team in canon are all in Bokuto’s gang.

- They are all really fucking good at their jobs.

- Tbh I don’t know a lot about the other team members so…..

- Fukurodani is known for their super elegants and nice parties. Members from nekoma are usually always there, but Karasuno and Aoba Johsai not so much.

- Sometimes these elegant parties are secret meetings in disguise.


-Kuroo is the leader

-Kenma is the stripper he’s in love with.

-Kenma works at a strip club that Nekoma owns.

-The strip club is a very nice place and all the strippers are respected because Kuroo will kill anyone who is rude to them. There are posters on the walls.

-Their relationship isn’t anything beyond the average lap dance yet because Kuroo has this inability to speak words when he’s around and Kenma is convinced that Kuroo has fifty favorite strippers who he asks to see everyday.

-Kuroo is always showering Kenma with gifts

-During the day Kenma is just an everyday college student.

-Yes Kenma knows that Kuroo is a crime boss

-Kuroo and Kenma sometimes just talk in private rooms when Kenma is suppose to be giving Kuroo a lap dance.

-So Nekoma owns three territories

-Nekoma and Karasuno have this rivalry, but it’s nothing serious. It’s a childish squabble.

- Kuroo annoys the fuck out of Daichi and Ukai. He’ll call them up like, “Guess who robbed that bank first or guess who’s strip club is the best in the city.”

-Suga and Takeda have to talk them both down or else they’ll start a gang war

-Kuroo and Bokuto share a bromance. Kuroo usually always talks about Kenma and how he loves him so much. Then Bokuto shows him a picture of Akaashi sleeping and Kuroo wants to kill him.

- Nekoma are best known for their drugs, cocaine mostly.

-They throw these wild ass party with bright light and really loud music. Bokuto is usually always there because he prefers those over the elegant parties Fukurodani throws.

-Akaashi and Kenma get along super well at these parties because they’re usually always there against their will.

-Lev is one of their hitman. He’s really only there because he looks intimidating, but everyone knows he’s just a hyperactive puppy. He’s super loyal.

-Yaku is one of their best drug dealers and is in charge of all the drug stuff.

-They meet by coincidence and Lev just won’t stop annoying Yaku, damn it!


-So with this you get free range, but I’m a self indulgent asshole so I’ll just tell you what I want.

-So basically there’s been a lot of domestic terrorism around, but no one is really paying attention to it. They have bigger things on their plates.

-Okay you’re going to hate me for this one, so Akaashi gets shot.

-This would work out really well because not only is he the boss’s son, but he is also Bokuto, a gang leaders, fiancé.

-Anyway so maybe the whole thing opens up with Kuroo walking into one of their elegant parties which is really codename for secret meeting.

-He’s escorted to their secret meeting room.

-Theirs the boss looking very sullen and Bokuto with dark circles under his eyes.

-They do this intense small talk thing before the boss is finally like, “My son has been shot.”

-Kuroo is completely baffled and sad about this because Akaashi is his friend and he’s angry too.

-They talk more and they think Karasuno is behind this and all of them are just too angry to really think about how wrong that is.

-Also, Akaashi is in this horrible coma thing and it’s heartbreaking and I’m sorry, but he does wake up, but probably not until the very end.

-So Fukurodani surprise attack Daichi’s base of operations.

-There’s some fighting before they stop. It’s not serious, but it’s enough for Karasuno to know that they are now at war.

-At first they think it’s just with fukurodani, but then one of them points out it’s with Nekoma too.

-So over at Aoba Johsai, Oikawa is in bed with Iwaizumi and they just learned this thing has happened.

-So, he gets a meeting with the leaders of all three gangs. Ukai, Kuroo, and Akaashi’s dad. All of their respective bodyguards with them because it could be a trap.

-Oikawa makes some jokes and all that Oikawa stuff before finally he’s like, “Karasuno didn’t shoot your son, sir, have you heard of all of this domestic terror violence happening all around the city?”

- Everyone is baffled because what does that have to do with anything. Well, Oikawa has been keeping a close eye on them and they’re up to something.

-This domestic violence people could be anyone really, but it would be cool if they are a gang who are looking to take the top four gangs down.

-So they shot Akaashi and immediately everyone wants to go after them, but Oikawa stops them because these guys seem to be powerful enough to do a large amount of domestic terror and start a war with four of the top gangs in the whole city.

-Later, these mysterious gang guy start putting Nekoma’s Karasuno’s, etc. names on their terrorism so these guys are smart.

-So the police get involved.

-Everyone is trying to figure out which of the other two gangs it could be.

-Maybe it could be both of them

-Maybe it could be a gang from a completely different city

-You can choose.

That’s it for this long and rather boring au creation. I’m thinking this would look super cool as a comic or something *wink wink* too bad I can’t draw, *wink wink*

Write it.





These are reasons why the ice skating rink shouldn’t close, this is from a public document:

- With Countywide participation in figure skating, ice hockey, indoor soccer and public skating at an all-time high, this is a terrible time to push the Arena’s existence to the brink. 

-The Peaks Ice Arena has shown reduced operational subsidies every year. - Significant improvements have been funded by users, Utah County and Provo City including the ice refrigeration system, lighting, roofing and indoor turf. These investments should not be wasted by walking away. 

- The largest impacted group will be the youth of Utah County. Those wanting to continue participation in skating, hockey and group events will have to leave Utah County on a daily basis. These families pay taxes and vote in Utah County, so they expect services to be provided. 

-Utah County walking away from tax payer investments in the Peaks Ice Arena is a waste of public resources and the cooperative management agreement should be honored through the life of the arena. 

-Realistically, no other viable partners exist for Provo City, other that Utah County. Utah County terminating this agreement essentially closes the Arena at its most successful point. 

-When facilities and services are offered to Utah County residents, they become reliant on those services. The decision for the Arena to exist was made by previous County and City leaders. As the only ice arena in Utah County, this is their ONLY option for ice activities. 

 Polar Bear Youth Hockey: Only 25% of participants Provo residents 

 Peaks Adult Hockey League: Only 17% of team captains Provo residents  

Learn to Skate: Only 36% of participants Provo residents 

- Non-Provo residents should stress this facilities impact to them as a Utah County resident. - The decision to back out of the agreement was made by the County Commissioners, who are elected officials. 


Bill Lee 

Commission Chair 

(801) 851-8135


Greg Graves 

Commission Vice-Chair 

(801) 851-8136


Nathan Ivie 


(801) 851-8133


County Commission Meetings are held every Tuesday at 9AM in the Commission Chambers in Room 1400 of the Utah County Administration Building (100 E Center St., Provo). There is time for public comment at the end of each meeting.

HERE’S A VIDEO ABOUT OUR ICE SKATING RINK!!! It’s such a cool part of our community, please don’t let it go!!!

Seeds of thought : Wicdiv 455AD

Hey everyone ! Fair warning, this month’s analysis is a bit heavy on the History lesson side. I try not to go all nerdy on here because I want to emphasize that this is only my opinion/thoughts and not “10 things you need to know to understand this issue” but the further we go back in time, the harder it gets to analyse things without putting them in context first. So yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, as usual spoilers under the cut. Enjoy !

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Elgang roles in the world of Pokemon?

Welcome to the Elrios Region, home of the famous ElLeague!

Elsword and Aisha are your average Pokemon protagonist kids. They’re technically rivals, though the two of them team up much more often than they’d like to admit, due to their mutual hatred of the Evil Team ™. 

Elsword has a team of mostly fighting types that just… Barrels through everything without a second look. His partner Pokemon is a Tepig named William Phoru.

Aisha runs a very strategic team. It’s very well rounded and very dangerous. Her first Pokemon was a Klefki who for whatever reason took its Pokeball and ran away. It took her many years of searching and many more crying to be convinced to take up being a trainer again, her new partner being a Misdreavus.

Rena runs a quiet Pokemon Daycare in a quiet little town. Her partner Pokemon is a clumsy but loveable Sunflora, although due to a recent incident with a Skitty and a Wailord, they’ve been joined by a Chansey to help split the workload a bit more evenly.

Raven is a gym leader in a mountainous town. Had it not been for the gym, the town would likely have been abandoned altogether. His team is Fighting or Steel for the most part, save for his Honchkrow. Rumour has it he’s been raising his Honchkrow’s family as well.

Eve is the current head scientist/CEO of Nasod Co., a family-owned company that has crafted many gadgets, including some that would be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Her team consists of mostly Steel Types, including her two trusted Klingklang, Moby and Remy. Her company is often the subject of attacks from the Evil Team ™.

Chung is also a young trainer, another rival to add to the growing list. Unlike Elsword and Aisha, however, Chung just wants to get away from home. Helputt intends to pass down the title of Hamel City Gym Leader to him, and he’s not entirely ready for it. His partner Pokemon is an Eevee that he eventually evolves into a Vaporeon.

Ara is a contest trainer, whose beautiful Ninetails is often featured with her in photo shoots. She holds a dark secret, however-her brother is an active member of Evil Team ™. She’s the one who introduces Aisha to contests, and in the end it is her who convinces her brother to change his ways.

Elesis is the final rival, as well as the final battle they must face before they challenge the Elite Four. Armed with a Chimchar from early childhood, she’s quick on her feet and one with her Pokemon. She has some sort of connection to a legendary Pokemon, a being of fire that she can summon.

Add is technically a member of the Evil Team. His father is one of the higher ups, and by default he is a grunt. On several missions he has been caught trying to steal Nasod Co.’s elaborate machinery. In reality, all he wants to do is to settle down with his Liepard, and hopefully free his mother as well.

Lu and Ciel are the strangest trainers you’ll ever meet. At first, Lu might seem to be the contest trainer, and Ciel the dangerous battler, but it’s quite the opposite. Lu is an eccentric of a little girl, having been born into the Evil Team but leaving as a child on her own free will. Her partner is a Gengar that can Mega Evolve. Ciel is a retired contest trainer who has now settled for the life of a Poffin chef. His partner is a giant Gourgeist.

Rose is completely new to the region, has no idea where she’s going, and is only armed with a road map and her Chatot, Zero. Sometimes the others will cross her in their journeys, but usually she only does it while asking for directions. Some say she’s training to become a member of the Elite Four in her home region, to impress the Champion who she calls her Princess.

Ain… Just who is he? They say he has the blessing of Xerneas, but hardly will he appear to the public of the Elrios Region. Someday, when our protagonists beat the Elite Four and finally face him and his Reuniclus, they’ll realize that he’s in fact the champion, waiting for a worthy opponent.