No more sibling readers...

I realized since school is now out in the city, my two favorite bus riders won’t be riding with me anymore. I won’t be taking this bus anymore come August.

I feel a very strange sadness about it.

I forgive the three days of silence. 
The day you said you’d steal the moon for me.
The sky’s grief that followed.
I forgive the year you turned away.
Your face lost to the world’s globe,
always searching searching searching
for a place better than right here.
I forgive the sun’s voice,
gone tired with the day again.
I forgive the time you called me by the wrong name.
I forgive your heart’s flinch when she smiled at you.
Your city bus eyes.
The way they wandered, searching
for the right person to sit next to.

I’m sorry I wasn’t the right person to sit next to.
I’m sorry about my own broken, broken melodies.
How they ruined the quiet.

I forgive the way you can’t forgive me.
The way your hands didn’t even
when they let me go.
—  Y.Z, what I meant to say in the dream where you looked me in the eye again

Buses on a busy street, Seoul. Seoul buses are color and number coordinated. For example, the blue buses shown here connect the suburbs to downtown Seoul areas. The first number listed indicates the beginning area of the bus route and the last number indicates the end area of the bus route.



76.2% of jobs in Omaha are accessible by public transportation, but only 28.5% of metro-area transit riders can reach their place of work in 90 minutes or less. This is on par with the national average—75.5% of jobs are accessible by public transportation, but only 27.3% of transit commuters reach their jobs within 90 minutes.

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