city at night

This is my ultimate favorite gif of all time. It really got me into cyberpunk. This post doesn’t come with music because it doesn’t even need any. Just imagine yourself sitting in that chair, and looking up out that window, alone one night…

This is placed around the time Gon (Ladybug) has realized he has feelings for Killua. The two of them had grown closer through Ladybug and Killua’s occasional midnight chats (since Killua isn’t afraid to talk about Gon in front of Ladybug) and Gon finds it harder and harder to suppress his growing feelings.

Ladybug ends up /almost/ kissing Killua and plays it off like he was just trying to pick something out of his hair. Smoooooth. Killua is left dumbfounded and shocked that he couldn’t find the strength to move, so what if Ladybug had tried to kiss him? Ruh-roh.

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