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Bruise [ VI ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 9.2k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

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Brown sugar was a smell that had grown to make your heart swell, the familiar scent one that lingered in the air of Chanyeol’s apartment every time you stepped inside. The feeling of the plush carpet of his bedroom floor was now your favorite thing to feel in the morning, second only to his lips on your skin. Hearing his groggy morning voice was your preferred alarm, closely followed by the humming he’d do while he brushed his teeth. Everything about him had grown along you, for a month straight Chanyeol had tightened his grip around your heart more with each word that left his lips. He was unsure and slow, not taking any steps too big to backtrack from should he need to. You knew to anyone else you’d probably seem stupid, staying with someone who couldn’t promise you more than what you were now, a non-relationship relationship with a non-committal boy who got anxious even saying the word boyfriend.

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2 | Save Me

word count: 3,405 
i’m sorry

warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies etc

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“You’d better take her back to headquarters, Namjoon will want to know why she’s still alive." 

"You can stop pretending to be asleep now.” Jungkook whispered as he started the car engine, “Taehyung can’t see us through the blackout windows.” His comment was everything but comforting, you were awkwardly sprawled across the back seat of a car without blacked out windows, about to be taken to some kind of headquarters where you would no doubt be killed. 

“Who are you? What do you want with me? Are you going to kill me?” Your voice wobbled as you sat up in the car so you could watch the city lights zoom past you, the memory of Jungkook killing a man still playing in your mind, 

“If I wanted you dead I would have killed you by now.” His voice was stern and flat, emotionless. 

“You murd-" 

"I’ll explain everything in time. Which way is your apartment?" 

"I’m not telling you where I live! Are you crazy?! You just shot a guy in the face! I- I thought we were going to-" 

"Don’t underestimate me and just tell me what I want to know. How do I get to your apartment?" 


"I could always pull the car over and break your fingers until one of them points me in the right direction." 

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Haikyuu!! Character names as recognized by Google Voice Search

I was just messing around and these were the results omfg I can’t :

Hinata Shouyou: He night assure you

Kageyama Tobio: Car gay all my toy bone

Tsukishima Kei: Turkish my cane

Yamaguchi Tadashi: You’re my Gucci to that shit

Sawamura Daichi: Saw my momma dad cheese

Sugawara Koushi: Sugar what a cool shit

Azumane Asahi: Aussie money ice or heat

Nishinoya Yuu: Mission IOU

Tanaka Ryuunosuke: Hanukkah you know city

Iwaizumi Hajime: Hawaii zoom in had she met

Oikawa Tooru: Oh ink what toe rules

Kuroo Tetsurou: Cool testicles

Kozume Kenma: Cosmic K mart

Haiba Lev: Have you lived

Bokuto Koutarou: Book a toe coal tar on

Akaashi Keiji: I call shit cages

Ushijima Wakatoshi: Usher gym my walk a toushie.

Low chaos Corvo. Hugging people to sleep. So assassin. Much deadly. Wow.

Corvo, put Windham and Darion down. Put them down now. CorvooO!

The world needs more games, where you can go around rough-housing/hugging people from behind instead of killing them.

Xeno - 10

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, Futuristic au!

Notes: Gif cred goes to the owners! And lol I looked at my storyboard wrong. NOW, there are 2 more parts left (there are 12 parts). :)))) I’m such a fuck up sometimes, sorry for scaring your guys lol. Enjoy! 4k Words

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The information you just found had you immediately rushing out of the messy apartment with your car keys and lab coat. Instead of waiting around and panicking, you were going to act quickly – you figured you needed to before something even worse happened.

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The Other Allen - Winn Schott Drabble

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Request: (By @smurryheartbeatz) Could you write a Drabble where reader is Barry allens sister but she fell in love with Winn and moved to the other earth to be with him, and she’s homesick?

Words: 935

A/N: Ok, so this got a wee bit angsty, but not too bad. 

“Hey, are you okay?” Your boyfriend came and sat next to you on the couch.

You had been staring out of your apartment window all morning as you let the mug of coffee in your hands grow cold.

“What? Oh, yeah, I’m sorry.” You sighed. “I guess my mind’s somewhere else today.”

“You wanna talk about it?” Winn draped his arm around your shoulders.

You put your mug on the coffee table and leaned back into his embrace. His arms tighten around you as you tucked your feet up under yourself and rested your head on his shoulder. The sound of the rain against the window lulled you into a nostalgic state.

“I was just thinking about this one time after Joe took us in, we were playing in the park and it just opened up and started pouring down rain. So, he yells for us to come back to the car before we get soaked, but he went from having one kid to three pretty much overnight and he just doesn’t have a handle on it yet.” You chuckled, “Now Iris and Barry are good kids, so they come when they’re told, but me, being a rambunctious six-year-old, I’m not done playing yet. So, cut to a Benny Hill style montage of Joe chasing me around the park, slipping in the mud, while Barry and Iris are watching from the car and making bets on who will outlast the other. It must’ve looked ridiculous, because when he finally dragged me back to the car, Barry was the happiest I’d seen him since what happened with our parents.”

“So, what you’re telling me is that you were always this much of a handful, huh?” He gave your arm a squeeze as he laughed.

“Yeah, I guess so.” You smiled up at him.

You sighed heavily, causing him to instinctively begin playing with your hair, which began to soothe you.

“It all seems like so long ago. When did our lives become so chaotic?” You pondered.

“I would say probably when we started hanging out with superheroes.” He chuckled to himself.

“Yeah, probably.” You laughed similarly. 

Despite his calming touch, you couldn’t help but feel a wave of sadness washing over you. Perhaps it was the cold and the gloomy sky the rain brought with it.

“I honestly don’t know how Barry does it all.” You shook your head. “He went years with people not believing him about Thawne, and then he gets these powers and has to save the city constantly, and then Zoom…”

You felt a lump in your throat that you tried to swallow. “God, he had to watch as that monster shoved his hand through our father’s heart. He had to watch both our parents die…”

“I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine what that must have been like.” Winn was apologetic and somber. “But he’s strong and I think a majority of that strength comes from others. I think most of it comes from you.”

“Yeah? Some pillar of strength I turned out to be?” You muttered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s just… sometimes I feel like I abandoned him.” You could sense Winn wanting to protest, but he waited for you to finish. “He’s always facing off against some bad guy and the moment he’s finally happy and things are quiet, when we can finally spend some quality family time together, I leave. I just up and leave for some parallel universe. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love being here, but I feel like I turned my back on my family to do so.”

“That’s bull and you know it. Nobody forced you to come here and more importantly, nobody forced you to stay there. Your family knew the risks and the rewards. They knew what would make you happy and they let you go. They love you and would do anything for you,” his slightly agitated tone softened to a more loving one, “including letting you run off to a parallel dimension with some nerdy computer programmer.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, “Well, who could blame them? He is pretty hot.”

“He thinks you’re pretty hot, too.” He playfully rolled his eyes.

You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“So then, why don’t you call Barry using that, uh, inter-dimensional extrapolator that Cisco made you?”

“The communication function is busted.”

“Oh, well let me take a look at it and see what I can do.” He offered. “In the meantime, you can still use it to make a breach and go visit him.”

“I don’t know. He’s probably really busy fighting some new big bad. I swear, there’s always someone.” You rolled your eyes. “Besides, I’ll probably just get in the way. Or get myself captured because I don’t know what I’m walking into.”

Or, hear me out here, you could spend a nice weekend with your brother.” He waved a hand. “If I’ve learned anything from working with Kara, it’s that there is never going to truly be a quiet time. There is always going to be some bad guy to fight or some kitten to save. There’s never going to be some ideal time to live your life. You have to live it in the here and now. You have to make your own happy moments, not wait for them to magically appear. So go, visit your brother. And if it’s a bad time, make the best of it.”

“Did I ever tell you that you’re the smartest man I know?” You smirked. “And I know a lot of smart men.”

Anon Summary: In which the Reader holds ill feelings towards Leonard but is force to work with him until the Reader is kidnapped. Will Snart be able to find the Reader in time? What kind of fate awaits our Reader?

Anon request: Hiya!Reader and Snart are sworn enemies.But some reason they have to become a team.On the mission a psycho man kidnapps,strips and chains her to bed.When he was about to rape her Snart saves her because he loves her.Lots of smut pls.I❤your writing.

Warning: Smut, unprotected sex, creepy psycho and attempted rape.

Note: This story is in no way, shape, or form trying to glamour rape and this blog does NOT support rape. Thanks for reading.


It was suppose to be a easy mission. You and Barry were suppose to just catch a metahuman that has been trying to destroy the city but Zoom shows up, knocking you on to the ground and breaking Barry’s spine.

“Barry!” You call out in a panic as you watch your partner fall to the ground, not being able to move. Zoom soon press his foot down right out Barry’s spine, causing him to cry out in pain.

“Let this be a warning little fish, I am the fastest man alive. Not you’re precious savior Flash.” Zoom presses down harder on to Barry’s back, making him scream louder.

“Stop it!!” You yell, getting up and charging at him but before you can reach Zoom, he’s already picking you up by your throat. “The League is coming little fish. Be ready.” And with that, Zoom drops you and speeds off. Literally. You stare in the distance in fear of Zoom coming back but the sounds of Barry’s painful coughs brings your back. You quickly come over to him as he coughs up his own blood.

“Hang in there Barr. It’s going to be alright.” You say before getting a hold of Cisco and Caitlin. “Guys, you have to hurry down here quickly, Barry’s hurt.”  It does take long before Cisco comes in the S.T.A.R. labs van, helping you with Barry. You guys make it back to the lab just in time to get Barry checked out by Caitlin, “Well, his spine is broken but since he heals fast, he’ll be back on his feet in no time.”

“Barry’s out cold and that metahuman is still out there.” Cisco says while you come back in the room from keeping an eye on Barry.

“Did somebody say cold?” You, Caitlin, and Cisco turn towards the doorway and see none other then Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold leaning against the door frame.

“Okay, we really need to get better security on them doors.” Cisco mumbles.

“What are you doing here Snart?” You ask in a harsh tone as Snart walks in, his hands in the pockets of his blue parka.

“I’m here for the kid.” He states, looking around. “And why is that?” You ask again. Snart looks you up and down before responding. “Barry owes me a favor and I came here to maked uses of that.” Snart says.

You cross your arms under your chest. “Barry won’t be doing any favors for a while, so you should come back another time.”

Snart shrugs a shoulder. “Can’t do that.”

“And why not?” You ask.

He shrugs again. “Don’t want to.”

“Barry’s been hurt Snart.” Caitlin steps in, noticing the annoyed look on your face. “Pretty badly actually, so Barry’s going to be spending his time healing.”
Snart’s silent for a moment, thinking about what he’s going to do next. “Fine then. You, girl with the sour face. You’ll have to take care of it then.” He points at you.

“And what makes you think I’ll help you?” You ask, feeling your fists balling up.

Snart looks at you. “Because, while the kid’s away you’re the second one in charge around here.” “Well, I wouldn’t call her second in charge but..” Cisco mumbles but Snart keeps going. “And whatever mess Barry makes, you guys clean it up. And guess what, the kid made a mess.” Leonard says.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath, counting to ten while you do before speaking. “And what mess is that Snart?”

Leonard starts walking around a little, looking around. He’s been in S.T.A.R. labs plenty of times but every time he comes in, he always checks his surroundings.

“Barry was suppose to be taking care of some..what do you call them? Metahumans?” He ask before turning and looking back at you. “But he didn’t, now some freak is roaming around and that’s bad for business.”

“You mean the business where you steal from people and do bad things for money?” You state but Snart just smirks. “No need to hang yourself up on the negatives.” He says, making you roll your eyes.

“Look, Barry’s out of it. If you just give him a couple of days then you can come back.” You state, looking at Snart.

Snart takes a deep breath before speaks. “You’re right. I’ll be around in a few days then.” He turns on his heels but once he reaches the doorway he comes back around. “Actually, if I do recall, I remember helping you out a couple of weeks ago.” He states, looking over at you with a smirk. “I think it’s time for you to repay your debt.”

You stare at Leonard Snart in shock for moment before thinking back to a few weeks earlier where you were on a solo mission because Barry had to help out team Arrow. There was a metahuman that could freeze his surrounding and with your powers to control water, it didn’t help that every time you tried to fire he’ll just freeze your attacks. Just when you thought all hope was lost, Snart steps in from out of nowhere. Ice vs ice, the fight seemed to drag out but it wasn’t until you and Snart combined your attack were you able to finally take the metahuman down.

You watch as Cisco and Caitlin put the metahuman in the pipeline when Snart comes up behind you. “Looks like you owe me one kid.” He says.

You look up at him with smirk. “Do I now? Because I could of sworn I helped you out too.”

Leonard cocks his head back before speaking. “Tell you what, why don’t we go out for some drinks to celebrate?”

You can’t help but smile. “I could go for a drink. But just one.”

When both you and Snart show up at Saints and Sinners, you expect just one drink but Snart orders a round of shots for you two and you couldn’t say no to the look on his face. He looked relaxed and stress free. You soon start taking shots after shots until you were a giggly bubbly mess. The bar did start to get crowed, causing you and Leonard at the bar top to talk closely. Even though he doesn’t say much in general, he was in a mood to talk and to you of all people. It wasn’t until you both leaned into each other on accident that your lips brushed up against one another. You both pulled back a bit quickly, staring at each other in surprise but neither of you moving. You soon felt one of his hands caressing against your cheek before pulling you back in and kissing you passionately on the lips.

It didn’t take long before you were both out of the bar and in a cab back to your place and once you got there, things started to heat up. Leonard had you out of your clothes in a matter of seconds and setting you on top of your kitchen table, you legs spread out and on his shoulders. He stripped off his parka and shirt before getting down on his knees, his lips kissing and nibbling on your inner thighs.

You moaned, know that it’s wrong to be hooking up with a criminal like Leonard Snart but you both knew that it was no going back after this.
Soon enough, he started devouring your pussy, causing you to cry out in pleasure. His lips sucking and nibbling over your swollen clit while he started to finger fuck you. You cry out loudly when you came, his name on your lips while your body shook in pleasure. Snart soon picks you up and carries you to your bedroom where he lays you down before he strips off the rest of his clothes, leaving himself naked and in full glory. You weren’t surprised when you saw Leonard’s full size, he had the whole package.

You were to busy admiring his size that you didn’t notice your hand stroking his member until you heard his deep moan. “I want you Lenny.” You whisper as you felt his lips on your neck.

“I want you too baby.” He whispered back as he slowly slides his thick hard member between your wet folds, stretching you to fit his size. You wrapped your legs around his waist to pull him in closer as he starts to thrust his hips in and out of you harder and harder, his roughness only turns you on even more.

Between your loud moans and his growling, you knew you’re next door neighbors were going to complain but you didn’t care because at this very moment, you were having the best sex of your life. It wasn’t until your nails were digging hard in his back and his hard thrusting that you were both cumming. Hard.

After a few moments of catching your breath and soft kisses, Leonard pulls himself out of you and lays back down on your side. You bite down on your lip to keep yourself from grinning from ear to ear. You look over at Leonard, seeing him laying back with his eyes closed and for a moment you think that he’s asleep.

You sit up slowly, about to get out of bed to change when you felt a hand on your arm stopping you. You turn to Snart, seeing him staring at you intensely.
You sigh, already having a feeling what he’s going to say.

“Lenny..” but he cuts you off. “Don’t. Just lay next to me.” He says, his voice deep and serious. You look at him in confusion before he speaks again. “Don’t think Y/N, just do what you feel is right.” He lets go of your arm before laying back and closing his eyes again. You stare at him for a moment, slowly taking in his appearance up close, notice how his brows furrow, even when he is laying back he’s still thinking. Or the faint laugh lines on his face.

You can help but smile a little while admiring him. “If you’re going to sleep naked, at let cover yourself up.” You say softly with a hint of humor while you bring your blankets over the two of you.

Leonard shrugs. “I like sleeping naked. Plus, it’s not like you didn’t just see all of me just a few minutes ago.” He says with a smirk on his face while he wraps an arm around you, pulling you closer to his side.

You can’t help but blush at the thought of Leonard Snart going home every night and sleeping out in the nude. “Oh shut up.” You say softly, laying your head down on his chest as you hear him chuckling a little, his finger tips messaging your head helps you fall asleep quickly.

It didn’t feel like you wete asleep for long until your alarm clock go off on your phone, waking you up so you reach over to shut it off you soon realized that you in your bed alone. You get out of bed quickly, changing into one of your S.T.A.R. lab t-shirts and shorts to go look around for Leonard.

“Lenny?” You call out, walking into your living room and kitchen. You phone vibrates with a text from Barry that he’s back in town and to meet him at S.T.A.R. labs. You quickly shower and change, expecting to Snart to be there when you got out but your heart sank when you finally realized that Leonard Snart left and he wasn’t coming back.

That was over two weeks ago and now here you are, on a mission with the same man who used you for sex. Snart was going over the plan when he noticed you zoning out.
“Y/N, do I need to go over the plan. Again?” He ask, you can hear the annoyance in his voice and it only pisses you off even more.

“No, I don’t care about your plan. In fact, I can take this metahuman on by myself actually so you are not needed.” You state, grabbing your gear to head out.

Before you could head out, Snart grabs your arm, stopping you. “We need a plan to stop this guy Y/N.” He states firmly but you don’t listen.

You pull your arm away quickly from his grip. “We..” you point between both you and Snart. “Don’t need anything. Like I said, I can take this guy on myself without your help so just stay out of my way.” You shove passed Snart and quickly turn to rush out of S.T.A.R. labs, both Cisco and Caitlin calling out to you.

Out on your own, you quickly find out where the metahuman from earlier is hiding out at. Before Zoom came in, you and Barry were easily handling the meta. ‘This will be a piece of cake..’ You think to yourself but soon you feel a pain on the back of your head before your vision went black.

When you finally came too, a bright light on the ceiling disturbs your vision before you’re able to focus on your surrounds. When you try to move your hand to your pounding head, you find it chained to a rail above your head.

“What the hell!?” You test your legs, finding them chained up as well. You start to struggling, using your powers to try and break through but they don’t break and soon, the sound of a door opening stops you.

“Oh, you’re awake.” You hear a polite voice speaking. You turn you’re you head towards the voice before seeing a tall middle-age with thick framed glasses comes into view.

“Who are you?” You ask weakly, you vision still a little blurry from being knocked out. The man walls over towards you before sitting down at the end of the bed.

“You’re at my home.” He states calmly, not answering your question while he gestures around the room and you follow. Noticing the dark red painted walls and vintage style painted hanging from it. You also noticed to your left side large tanks with lizards inside them and their heat lamps.

'No wonder is was so hot in here..’ You think to yourself.

“I’m sorry, I’m being extremely rude here. My name is-”

“Lizard man.” You say, looking at the metahuman you and Barry were fighting earlier which is the name Cisco gave to you two. The man pauses for a second, as if he’s processioning what you said.

“You know, that’s what they used to call me back in college.” He says in a low tone. “All my peers, laughing at me.” He soon gets up from the bed and head back over to the door and opening it. You hear to other voices from where you’re staying at before he comes back, locking the door behind him. He comes back over and sits back down. “I used to hate when they called me that.” He starts again. “I don’t know why. My lizards, they’re like my family.”

You look at him as if he’s grown two heads. 'This guy can’t be serious..’
“I don’t know which one is worse. Your own family calling you a freak or the guys bullying and torturing you.” He stops, thinking. “Or the girls. I think they were the worst. Always laughing at me..” He clenches his jaw. “Yeah, they were the worst, laughing at me , setting me up only to play me in the end for their own amusement. But now that I got this power, they’re not laughing now.” He lets out a dark chuckle before turning his attention towards you.

You didn’t notice it before but it wasn’t until you felt his cold hand on your thigh that were naked. You struggle against the chains, trying to move away from him. “They’re not laughing now..” He mumbles as he continues caressing your naked skin.

“When we fought earlier, I knew you different from all those other girls from my past.” He says, a faint blush on his cheeks. “Even before then we I bumped into you. Instead of being mean, you helped me up. It was your smile..” He whispers, moving up on the bed until you were face to face. “And your scent.” He soon leans in, smelling your hair. “You were so nice to me, Y/N.”

His hands soon start moving over your body slowly, “but I was so nervous and scared to talk to you that I had to follow you. I’m sorry.” He whispers in your ear, causing you to shake in discomfort. “And then I saw that you were just like me. You had powers to, just like me and I just knew that you were the one and the only way I knew you would talk to me is if I got your attention-”

“So you blew up a park!?” You ask, still struggling against your restrains. “There were innocent people there!”

“I know and I was going to apologize but your friend, the Flash came attacking me.” He says. “I’m just as upset as you are. All I wanted to do was talk to you..”

“And you thought kidnapping and chaining me to a bed was a good idea?” You narrow your eyes at him but he shakes his head. “I know you’re upset.” He soon gets off the bed and start stripping out of his clothes. Once he’s down, he lays down next to you, stroking your face while you try to struggle harder.

“I know you’re upset Y/N, but I’ll make it up to you..” He whispers and you feel his lips kissing on your cheek and over your face before moving down to your neck. You struggle harder but the more you do, the more turned on he seems to get. 'I don’t have enough energy to fight back against this creep..’ You think to yourself, feeling your own tears starting to well up in your eyes, feeling helpless. ' me..’

Just as he grabs your face you both hear the sounds of gun shots outside the room. He quickly lets go of your face and gets off you. Soon the gun fire stops and stands up confused. “Anthony? Jefferson?” He calls out and you assume he’s calling out to his bodyguards from outside the room. While his back is turned you try getting out of the chains he trapped you in, not noticing the door freezing to the point that it breaks, knocking into Lizard man. The loud crash brings your attention to the noise and you see Mick Roy and Weather Wizard walking in.

“Mick?” You look at him in surprise as he spots you.

“Y/N. Captain, she’s in here!” He calls back over his shoulder and soon enough, Leonard Snart walks in and seeings you chained up on the bed, naked. He makes his way over to you. “Y/N, are you alright?” He ask.

Your eyes start to well up with tears again before shaking your head. “Just get me out of these things.” You say, your voice shaking as the emotions of the situation start to hit you.

Snart doesn’t say anything else as he looks around him before spotting and grabbing the key to get you out. Once you’re let free, you throw your arms around Leonard before he hugs you back. He takes off his parka and puts it around you before picking you up bridal style to carry you out of the room.

“What about Lizard man?” You ask, watching Mick and Weather grabbing him. “Are you going to take him back to S.T.A.R. labs?” You ask.

Snart shakes his head. “Well handle him the rogue way.” He replies. You look up at him for a moment before leaning your head on his chest and closing your eyes. Snart takes you back to place, this being the first time ever being there.

He looks over your wounds and cleaning them for you, letting you shower alone which is where you cry not only for yourself but for all the other girls Lizard man probably hurt. Once you’re done with your shower, you step out, seeing a pair of fresh clothes left out for you and you change into the long sleeve black shirt and grey boxers, his clothes fitting big on you.

You walk out of the bathroom and find Snart sitting on the couch in the living room. You look around, noticing a lot of fine art hanging on the wall and the nice decor in the room. As if sensing you, Leonard stands up, looking at you. “How are you feeling?”

You shrug your shoulders, wrapping your arms around yourself. “Could be worst.” You reply. “Thanks for the clothes.” You give him a small smile as he comes over to you.

Leonard grabs a hold of you and gently pulls you into a hug. “Don’t ever go out on your own again.” He says and you stand there in shock for a second, wanting to enjoy this moment with him but all you can think about is when he used you.

“Don’t talk like you actually care about me..” You say. Leonard pulls back from you a bit, his hands placed on your shoulders as he stares at you confused.

You smile sadly to yourself. “Don’t play dumb with me Snart. You know what I’m talking about.” You say, looking away.

Leonard looks at you for a moment before sighing, rubbing a hand over his face. “Y/N, that was an accident.”

You shake you’re head. “It’s fine Snart, you don’t have to explain anything to me.”

“No, Y/N that’s not what I meant. What I meant was…I’m a criminal. I do bad things to people. I hurt people Y/N.” He states boldly, causing you to look up at him. “I’m afraid my actions are going to hurt the people I love and if tonight taught me anything it’s that I don’t want you to get hurt Y/N.” He says, his hand coming to the side of your face, feeling his thumb brush against your cheek. “You’re too good for me. To important for me to ruin your life.”

You’re silent for a moment before speaking, “but that shouldn’t be an excuse for you to just leave me like that.” You say, feeling your heart beating fast that you were sure he can hear it.

“Would you have honestly been happy if I stayed? Knowing that your friends would of found out?” He ask and for a while you’re stuck. What would of happen if he was there when you woke up that morning? Knowing yourself, you would of freaked out because you slept with Leonard Snart, the only enemy that team Flash can’t seem to get rid of and if they would of found out, things would of been bad. But still..

“I don’t care what other people think.” You state. “Over a year ago I would of cared but after having my whole world turned upside down, wondering about what people say or think is the last thing on my mind.” You look up at Snart, seeing him smirk before leaning up, pressing his lips against your gently.

“You sure about this, because once you’re with me it’s going to be hard to get rid of me.” He says and you can’t help but smile.

“Trust me, I’ve been trying for a year. I think I’m getting used to it.” You says back before kissing Leonard Snart again, and this time, you’re not shit drunk or full of regrets.


Before I get started, I’d just like to say… *runs quickly before ducking under a desk* Please don’t stone me. I promise, I’ll do better in the next one I swear it!!