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Guys I started listening to Owl City’s first albums Of June and Maybe I’m Dreaming for like the first time in years cause they’re not on Spotify and just …

I can see how he’s improved and I love a lot of his recent stuff, but there’s something about his early work that just Speaks to me in a way that I don’t think any other music ever will.


Nearly every Colombian will tell you—even if you don’t ask—that Cartagena de Indias, the official name of this seaport on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, is the country’s favorite city. “Every time I walk out of my house, everything I see—every corner, every moment—is so cinematic,” said Bogotá-born painter Valentino Cortázar, who moved to the heart of the Old City from Miami 14 years ago. “Cartagena has so much history, fantastic light and wonderful energy,” he said. “That’s why great painters like Alejandro Obregónand Darío Morales lived here. And Gabriel García Márquez, too. For an artist, this is paradise.”



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I’ve been awarded many opportunities serving in Miami this year. 

One of which was being able to volunteer with an organization called College Summit.  I served as a Writing Coach during a summer workshop created for high school students. My role entailed helping them write their personal statements for college and helping them create a post-secondary plan once they’ve graduated high school.   

College Summit is an organization that works to create a college-going culture for high school students and empowers the Peer Leaders (students who participate in workshops) to take what they’ve learned during the summer and work to create that college-going culture in their schools.  Ultimately helping their Peers get to college as well.

From the minute I started my workshop volunteering I began asking how I could continue serving within this organization.  I fell in love with the students, the mission and the family of College Summit.  

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long.  The organization I work for now, City Year, launched a pilot partnership between College Summit and City Year.  Our job as it relates to the pilot, is to run an after-school club to assist the Peer Leaders in running campaigns that increase the college-going culture in their schools.  

I didn’t want to stop there.  As part of workshop, Peer Leaders also work with Rap Directors.  Rap Directors (Rap n. A talk, conversation, or discussion) lead group sessions where they direct conversations with Peer Leaders, helping them unlock their potential, set goals, and empower them to go after what they what in this life.  

I wanted to be a Rap Director from the second I realized what their role was!  I quickly developed a deep desire to want to do this work.  I think I would love nothing more than to be able to have a position where my job is to talk to, inspire and help youth in need!

SO, long story short, I applied and am now on the second phase of the interview process! I’m beyond excited and I’ll make sure I’ll keep you posted on the progress!