city wing tsun


For angrytaichiguy’s tai chi challenge “Holding The Urn”. Tried this out after my personal workout* and before my teaching schedule. Clearly not as pretty as his (getting that foot up is the hardest part, I need a little bit more flexion) and my urn is too massive I think, but standing on one leg isn’t so bad, we practice a single-leg stance a lot in Wing Tsun for mobility and kicking (the full gamut and application of kicks might be Wing Tsun’s best “secret”). Also underrated is holding a decent posture in this position and not hunching over. I made it a little over 3 minutes on each leg so “shooting fireballs” and having “hawks land on my shoulder to offer gifts” sounds like an attainable goal. Obviously I practice Wing Tsun, not Tai Chi, but it’s good to try something outside your usual movement patterns and workouts from time to time even if only to contrast what it is you do do well and often.

*kettlebell cardio is no joke.

also: maybe next time i’ll try it while standing on one of those balance beams we have :)