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do you ever stop to think about how easy it would have been for New New Directions to win Nationals on the sympathy vote alone? I mean Throat Explosion said it.  They were that choir. Everyone knew they lost Finn.  All it would have taken was one note in the program about their performance being in his memory.  One announcement by Blaine in his role as “the Rachel” at the start of the performance. (”This one’s for you Finn.”)  Boom. Cut. Done. The National title is their’s.

and they didn’t do any of that. They sang his favorite songs and the only ones who knew were his mother, stepfather and friend in the audience.  Sam held up his drumsticks but Finn never drummed in competition so it wouldn’t be an immediate association to the judges or even the other choirs.

they wanted to win because they gave their best and were the best doing it.  And i think that is a great tribute.