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  • Tony: *to the Avengers* I don't need therapy, I have you guys!
  • Clint: We're just as fucked up as you are. It's like the blind leading the blind.
DC Launching Female-Focused 'Gotham City Garage' Comic in August
DC Entertainment is taking the resistance on the road with new series Gotham City Garage, based on the popular line of statues from DC Collectibles.

Set in an alternate version of the DC Universe where Governor Lex Luthor has transformed the traditional dystopia of Gotham City into a contemporary paradise known as The Garden, Gotham City Garage centers on those who don’t believe in his program of keeping all citizens locked up to one networked mindset that he controls. And these members of the resistance just happen to be versions of familiar DC heroines.

“Gotham City Garage is an anti-fascist anthem for the open road, starring reimagined takes on DC’s great female characters through an outlaw lens,” Collin Kelly, who’ll co-write the series with Jackson Lanzing, said in a statement. “We’re bringing Big Barda, Steel, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Silver Banshee, Hawkgirl and the first Kryptonian this world has ever seen — the mysterious girl named Kara Gordon — into a world of bikes, outlaws and elaborate tattoos.”


Do have to admit I like the effect of these infrared camera nature videos. Something the eyes really aren’t used to seeing, yet familiar. Here’s Oregon. Original caption: 

Created entirely with infrared converted cameras, Invisible Oregon is a study of light across time and space. As the sun rises over the State of Oregon infrared light travels across the earth revealing the subtleties of new growth and the dramatic intersection of sky and earth. Witness for the first time this diverse and interconnected landscape rendered from light we can’t see with our own eyes.
Filmed and Produced By Sam Forencich
Floating Cities, No Longer Science Fiction, Begin to Take Shape
At times, the story of the seasteading movement seems to lapse into self-parody, but there are now companies, academics, architects and even a government working together on a prototype by 2020.
By David Gelles

this, folks, is exactly what I’m apprehensive about when it comes to Solarpunk.

The projects described in this article are fundamentally opposed to Solarpunk. Seasteading in its current form is run by Libertarians in Silicon Valley with lots of money envisioning their version of Utopia. Rich people will form communities in the ocean that exploit land-dwelling vagabonds. It is fundamentally classist and anti-communist, and isolationist (in the sense that these communities make an eco-friendly facade, while exporting their exploitative practice.)

But damn, if those cities don’t look Solarpunk. A lot of the aesthetic of Solarpunk thrives on these sorts of green (the color, not the euphemism) environmentally-resistant public spaces and planned spaces. Hell, I could imagine a Solarpunk floating city, given the vision was a teensy bit less isolationist-libertarian.

My apprehension is not a rejection of Solarpunk - I think Solarpunk and what it stands for is awesome. And in many ways, I can’t even say that Solarpunk voices are mistakenly sharing unthoughtful solutions to environmental disasters. Let pieces like these remind us that it’s possible to look Solarpunk and not embody its ideals, and that we should never support a project without examining its politics (not just its aesthetic).

(And let me reiterate that I am not accusing anyone in particular of doing this, or that there even is anyone embracing solarpunk that does this. In some way, this reminder is for myself as much as it is for whoever’s reading this).

andreil: baltimore

happy baltimore day! here’s my contribution to fandom on this beautiful day, the day neil josten is finally in the system to become a real person

“Thank you. You were amazing.”

The words echo in Andrew’s head as soon as they leave Neil’s mouth. He doesn’t say anything else, but Andrew can tell there’s something more he’s itching to get out. There’s something in his eyes, something in the way they flicker from the rest of the foxes to Andrew, that stops Andrew from pressing for more. This isn’t the place, not right now. Maybe on the bus. They have all the time in the world for answers. And Neil promised Andrew anything for shutting down the goal.

As they’re shepherded out and towards the bus, the chaos that surrounds the team jostles Andrew and he blindly follows the orange uniforms. He can’t look out for the others, for Neil, and he spares a moment to hope that they’re capable enough to survive one rowdy crowd. As long as Kevin makes it to the bus, it’ll be okay. Andrew isn’t responsible for anyone else’s safety. Neil isn’t under his protection anymore.  

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Flashes (Part 1)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,783

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, angst, sadness, borderline depression, sarcasm, did I mention language? might be hard to read for lonely hearts like me.

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story, so here we go. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty. Anyways, it’s only four parts, so only pre-existing permanent tags will be added to this story. Reminder: If you want to be removed from the permanent tag list you need to msg me! Sorry in advance. There’s four parts to this story.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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Urban Witchcraft: Scrying

Crystalomancy, also known as Scrying, is the practice of looking into a reflective surface in the hope of detecting significant messages or visions. 

The city is full of surfaces to scry, especially on rainy days: gaze into your own reflection in the train or bus windows, or look through your dorm window before going to sleep. If you improve your ability to focus every reflective surface is valid, even puddles on the ground.

  • me: Yeah, I don't drive.
  • some rando: Driving isn't so bad! Kids learn to do it!
  • me: I'm disabled.
  • rando: Yeah, but they have all those cool adapted vans! You can still drive!
  • me: I frequently experience presyncope, which means I intermittently go blind/weak/dizzy, and there's no way to predict when it'll hit.
  • rando: ...maybe you shouldn't drive.
  • me, internally: wow, it's almost like I've had 27 years to come to that same conclusion.