city towers


Weekend in Toronto recap:

A friend and I took quite a road trip, 7 hours drive all the way to Toronto to go see Japandroids live. We had a great time and the show was amazing, these guys are incredible! The sun was shining and it felt like spring. No coats necessary in February is not a regular occurence. Lots of walking, lots of junk food (probably too much), I rode the tramway and got disappointed because it’s exactly like taking the bus except they drop you off in the middle of the street instead, I hung out with an elephant, spat on the Trump tower, had the second best milkshake of my life, my buddy stage dived, I did a job interview online (shoutout to the airbnb host for letting me borrow her laptop) and I tried Panera Bread for the first time and really liked it (I know that’s kinda lame). All this while staying under budget.

On the way back home, I also got to meet @pattypocket and @thebrinkler. Very nice guys but a little shy at first.

Overall 10/10 would do it again and most probably will.


I grew up in the Chicago area, so this clip of fog blowing through my city viewed from the Hancock Building observation deck remains one of my favorite Vines.