city slickers


Theatrical posters for ENCINO MAN (Phil Roberts), WHAT ABOUT BOB, AUSTIN POWERS, MULTIPLICITY, MR. DESTINY (John Alvin), THE SHADOW, CITY SLICKERS (John Alvin and InSync Plus), RUSHMORE, and ELECTION (Concept Arts).

The Best Movie Posters of the 90’s, on the new episode of The Poster Boys. Designers Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith reflect on their favorite one-sheets produced in the 90’s, discussing the posters that made impressions on them as kids, those that had a formative impact on their design sensibilities, and those that still hold up today for their branding, balance, use of photography, and iconic power, from THE ROCKETEER and HOME ALONE to NAKED LUNCH and Akira Kurosawa’s DREAMS.

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all the things that happened while i was visiting the library downtown in order:

  1. i was adjusting my shorts outside and some hobo hit on me. not sure why hobos are the only men i attract.
  2. as soon as i went to the second floor, we heard shouting and some guy yelling fuck you. i thought it was just normal city happenings
  3. then i saw the police officer yelling “i need you to hold this guy down he has a gun”
  4. of course all the people around are just quietly typing on their computers like this ain’t no thang
  5. i decided to get the hell out of dodge and up to the next floor while i watched 7 more police officers run up
  6. climbed 5 flights of stairs because i didn’t want to be stuck in an elevator with anyone
  7. accidentally kinda sorta crashed a jewish wedding on the top floor. that was much more pleasant than everything else that happened and i didn’t photobomb anywhere so all good
  8. also got to see the guy arrested from the top floor