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Open boarders may be the one thing I just don't understand about libertarianism. I don't understand this liberal want to crowd your own country, do people who want this just not like empty countrysides and farms? It sounds like something a city slicker loves because they don't get that increasing agricultural competition isn't a good thing when there's only so much land, and of course we also don't want different productions taking over that land either. Thoughts?

You’re misunderstanding libertarianism as it relates to immigration. The term ‘Open borders’ is extremely misleading.I’d really rather call the liberty option for immigration, freedom of movement, particularly when you’re talking about immigration in relation to free trade. This does not mean zero border security, but rather free movement for law abiding peoples. I’ll pull from Econ 101 to better explain.

We all know that business and production needs capital to generate wealth. Human capital and physical capital are required to produce goods and services. It’s economically beneficial to allow the free flow of goods across borders unrestricted because it allows for comparative advantages to form and further a greater amount of total wealth is produced between two countries.
Nothing changes when those goods become services, such as labor.

For example, workers often times travel from Mexico, to the United States for work despite the inherent risks put in place by the government. In doing so, they’re adding to the total pool of human capital inside the United States, legal or otherwise.

Even in a situation in which the border could be 100% secured (which it cannot) domestic firms will seek out less expensive labor for greater profit margins. Any government action to prevent this would restrict further growth.

What you really have to understand is that every time there is a savings in one area, there is growth in another. The nature of trade is that one attempts to maximize profit while minimizing losses, in doing so they grow their wealth and in turn are able to further spend it later.