city slickers


I’m SO mad right now because some doofuses came with their FILTHY friends, to take our court. We heard their loud mouths from a far, blabbing about how “we were taking their spot in their court” (the court where we were playing in was meant ONLY for the people who lived there, which we did, and these city slickers were from the capital.) they didn’t even say anything to US, they just came in and started playing! One even PUSHED ME out the goal so he could be goalie for THEIR game. We were forced to leave even though we were there first. “But mystic! How were you forced out?” Well let me tell you! There were about 30 of em’ in this small court and they just immediately started playing there game right as they came in! They just said to us when we were “in their way”, “MOVE!”. I SO BAD wanted to give a piece of my mind (in words, not fists) but these guys were much bigger than me, as well as older. So as we were walking away, when I thought we were far enough out of running reach if we got them mad, “ HEY! WE WERE PLAYING!!!!” Lmao XD

city slicker: hey
me, student farmer: hey 🤔❔❔ U MEAN “HAY” ❗❗❗ i woke up at 5am mowin this hay 🚜🚜🚜 yall know its worth it when i see them chickans lay them eggs! 🐓🐓🐣 🙏 kfc 4:20 🙏

Wes, 25

“I could call my style ‘seventies cowboy daddy’. It’s a lot of vintage and thrifted vests, Kentucky bow ties, bolo ties and polyester. My style inspirations are Robert Crumb and the movies Blazing Saddles and City Slickers.”

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warrior cats movie in american

graypaw: darn tootin’ y'all we just mosey on down to th’ thunderclan camp and be as right as a possum in a rainstorm how’m'st’ve you learn such darn good moves for a city slicker

bluestar: i see you havent got your balls cut off

rusty: *cocking his high caliber rifle*

melbourne city loop train stations to cry at, rated

flinders st: scene children have been crying here for AT LEAST a decade & they legally own all crying rights . approach@ur own risk (unless ur a scene kid). 3/10

flagstaff: good luck getting here, good luck avoiding acu students who’ll only make u cry harder wen they remind you that THEYRE gonna ENTer the WOrk Force. extra points for isolation and proximity 2 thousands of businessmen  6/10

parliament: u can ride the endless elevators , (gently weeping) up and down for all of eternity , 9/10

southern cross: sob hysterically in a vline for the 20 minutes it sits idle before leaving to geelong BUT country ppl tend 2 be nosier and kinder than city-slickers &umay be offered a tissue. get red rooster afterwards 2 feel even worse about urself 7/10

melb central: AVOID at all costs, there WILL be metdogs and they CAN smell weakness & find a reason to fine u (public nuisance possibly) 1/10

  • everyone on earth: that's it aj, you are definitely not competing for the wwe championship
  • aj styles: now wait just a hoot hollerin hornswagglin tobbaco spittin Tennessee ping-pong ding-dong minute,hooooold your horses partner this good ol boy is bout an inch away from bein madder than 2 wet chickens wrasslin in the texas mudhouse, now I may be busier than a one legged man at a gotdang buttkickin contest but I’d be dumber and useless as a pogo stick in Arizona quicksand if i agreed with this ya city slicker