city slickers

Wes, 25

“I could call my style ‘seventies cowboy daddy’. It’s a lot of vintage and thrifted vests, Kentucky bow ties, bolo ties and polyester. My style inspirations are Robert Crumb and the movies Blazing Saddles and City Slickers.”

Sep 10, 2014 ∙ Downtown

city slicker: hey
me, student farmer: hey 🤔❔❔ U MEAN “HAY” ❗❗❗ i woke up at 5am mowin this hay 🚜🚜🚜 yall know its worth it when i see them chickans lay them eggs! 🐓🐓🐣 🙏 kfc 4:20 🙏

warrior cats movie in american

graypaw: darn tootin’ y'all we just mosey on down to th’ thunderclan camp and be as right as a possum in a rainstorm how’m'st’ve you learn such darn good moves for a city slicker

bluestar: i see you havent got your balls cut off

rusty: *cocking his high caliber rifle*

  • Percy: are you a fisherman because i think you're a reel catch
  • Nico: you spelled real wrong
  • Percy: throw this one back into the water boys we've got ourselves a city slicker

anonymous asked:

Can you do another "Romanian Gothic"?

Romanian Gothic (II)

you’re at a Romanian gathering. you’ve met at least 50 people named Andrei. there are 50 people at the gathering.

you hear foreigners on the internet talking about “city slickers” vs “farmers”. you chuckle, reading this from your apartment as you pet your chickens.

“Romania has the best internet speed in all of europe! and it’s so cheap too!” you hear a foreigner say. cheap? panicking, you go through all your past paychecks to try and understand what they’re talking about.

you park your car on the nearest sidewalk. another car parks on the nearest car.

you’re driving to work in your modified Dacia™. you curiously check your rear mirror, as you should have heard obnoxious honking behind you by now. you tighten your grip on the wheel. 20 stray dogs.

“would you like seconds?” a buni asks you. this is your 6th course.

Schrödinger’s manele. you sweat while talking to a new person, as you have no idea if they will react extremely positively or extremely negatively to the mention of manele. for now you have no choice but to assume it’s both.

“i’ll only have one” you said. the bag of pufuleti is empty.

a woman faints nearby. you shake your head. who has the energy to give the evil eye these days?

you hold your breath around your buni, trying not to sneeze. you almost make it, but you let one out. your heart seizes. “it’s because you never wear your papuci!” she begins.

you’re studying abroad. the window in the classroom is open. you and 4 other people whimper in fear. you now have 4 new friends.

you’re at the airport, thinking about how much smuggled tuica you’re going to have later. the atmosphere suddenly darkens. “you have been randomly selected”