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Naqsh-e Jahan Square - Isfahan, Iran

When Shah Abbas I of the Safavid dynasty moved the capital of Persia to Isfahan in 1598, he decided to completely rebuild the city & poured almost all of the country’s artistic & architectural wealth into it, making it the pinnacle of Safavid Persian art & architecture. This led to the Persian proverb, “Esfahan nesf-e jahan - Isfahan is half the world.” The square became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

The square was built between 1598-1629. By building it, Shah Abbas managed to gather the main three components of power in Persia in one place making them easier to control: the power of the clergy represented by the Shah Mosque, the power of the merchants represented by the bazaar, & the power of the monarchy & the Shah himself represented by the Ali Qapu Palace where he lived.

The city has retained much of its former glory with its many beautiful mosques, palaces, bridges, gardens, parks, boulevards, bath houses, minarets, bazaars, & the churches & cathedrals in the historic Armenian quarter.

The Shah Mosque built between 1611-1629 is situated on the south side of the square (1,2,3,4,5,6), the Sheikh Lofollah Mosque built between 1603-1619 on the east side (1,2,3,4,5,6), the Ali Qapu Palace built in 1597 on the west (1), & the Keisaria Gate at the north opens up to the Grand Bazaar.

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sidon x short shy reader comfort scenario where reader feels inferior and sad please and also thank you sm ...

No problem sweetie! And if you ever need to talk about emotions that feel like they’re hard to get through, I’m glad to listen!

As for this ask, I’m going to stick to gender neutral pronouns until you correct me.

-Mod Pinks

Comforting tiny shy s/o who has thoughts of inferiority and sadness (Sidon) (Slight trigger warning at the beginning for negative thoughts of self worth)


This… this had not been a particularly cheery day. Being His Highness’s partner meant bringing a lot of attention from the citizens of Zora and beyond, something they were still trying to get used to. Usually walking around the city’s beautiful sites and taking in the atmosphere calmed them down but today…

Why them?
What was His Highness thinking?
They don’t belong.

…The elderly had a lot to say. To each other, obviously, as if they would ever give them the time of day. 

Ink met the paper as they continued writing, completing the task at hand. Sidon was a prince who would someday be King, which meant that they needed to be just as responsible as him. Completing reports and performing duties was something they usually didn’t mind doing, since it help their lover so much, but today…

His Majesty won’t appreciate if the papers are marked with water drops, let’s put it that way. 

(Name) leaned back against the chair, putting the pen down and staring at their hands in frustration, unable to wipe the tears falling on them. They’d always been shy, it was something they struggled with since they were young. And now, it brought them great sadness as they couldn’t find it in themselves to be angry at those words they had said.

Knock, knock

“(Name), may I speak to you? There’s a dignitary my father is sending me to meet and he- (Name)!” No, no, no! Quickly they turned away, wiping their eyes as quickly as they could. They couldn’t let him see them like this, they couldn’t!

“Please, (Name), what has happened? Are you hurt?” In less than 2 bounds he was before them, kneeling down and cupping their face in his hand. Concern grew as Sidon saw that his beloved tried to swallow down whatever had happened, trying to keep it to themselves. “Darling, I can only help you if you tell me what happened. Please. Let me help.”

His eyes never left theirs, searching for whatever truth there was within them. Damn it. They didn’t deserve his concern, his soft touch, his smile- any part of him at all. Those elders had more truth that they themselves knew. 

“Sidon, it’s… please, it’s… it’s nothing, just-”
“If it is nothing than why are there tears here? Beloved, please, do not hide from me. I want to help.”

“I….” Damn him and his gentle voice, barely even a whisper as he spoke to them. Damn their own cowardice, having to look away from that warm gaze to be able to speak. “I… I don’t deserve you… There’s nothing I’ve done or I could ever do to be good enough for you.”

What? Who- Have the elders said something? Beloved, you are above them, their words are little more than lies-”

“Are they though?!” Their gaze whipped back to him, his mouth agape as their fury overruled their shyness for the first time in a long time. “There’s not an ounce of a fighter within me, I have no experience being a leader, much less a ruler, not once have I done some great deed nor achieved some grand goal- the only thing I’ve ever done is somehow make you think that I’m good enough and I still don’t know why you think that!” Ragged breathes filled the room, the anger leaving them breathless. “They’re… they’re right. All of it, it’s… it’s true.”

Their head dropped, unable- no, unworthy- of continuing to hold his gaze, before the guilt hit them straight in the gut. No. No. They weren’t supposed to have told him, they were just supposed to keep it to themselves, not let him know how they were effected by it, just like a leader should. Goddess, the rumors were true, every ounce of them.

“(Name), look at me.”

Slowly, that warm hand tilted their head upwards before a pair of warm lips kissed them on the forehead softly. Sidon’s other arm wrapped around them and brought them close to him, hiding them away into the rest of him. For a moment, just a moment, the room was silent save for a couple of broken sobs and nightly noises from outside the window. (Name) gave a small squeal of surprise when they found that their legs no longer where on the ground. Instead, their entire body was inside of his grasp, held within his lap as they sat on the bed, warm in their Prince’s arms. Silence eclipsed them once more.

“Did I ever tell you of my sister and Link?” They looked up at him, unable to see over his chin as he continued. “The elders- everyone loved her. There wasn’t a single Zora who hated her. So when she died, everyone blamed the one who got her into the mess- Link. For a century, they spoke of how it was his fault, that he was the worst, that he was a monster who deserved to suffer. And when he came back, they turned their backs on him, refused to give him the time of day and spoke slander of him.”

“…What happened then?” Finally, Sidon looked down at them, with enough love in his eyes that they could feel themselves melt looking at him.

“He proved them wrong. Beloved, I can promise you that their words are just that. Words. Not based in fact but based in a hatred they nurtured over the years. But while they speak of hatred, I see that everyday you are proving them wrong. And that if anyone doesn’t deserve anyone, it is I who doesn’t deserve you.”
“What, have you lost-”
“How many other people do you think would willingly gain a hundred new duties and still love me? How many others hear such words and still continue caring for another’s well being?”

“(Name). People do not deserve people. They love them for their all. My heart is yours til the day it beats no longer. And while I cannot force you to see all that you are, I can stay with you and help you prove them all wrong your way- ah, what did I say, I’m sorry, are you well?” New tears were falling down their face, though this time there was no frown to be seen on them. Slowly they pulled away and reach up to kiss him on the chin.

“Thank you.”  A smile grew on his face, leaning down to kiss them on the forehead.

“For you, the world.”