city scribble

i wish i could blame @hermannco for dragging me into this crossover hell but honestly it was my idea i only have myself to blame

although it did springboard the concept of jokes as the inverse of pennywise, only showing his brand of maliciousness towards adults and i do really like that idea so this happened i suppose

I write hurriedly
noting each line of
his address
letter for letter
number for number
and I hide it
I save it for myself

writing letters is strange
these days
strange enough on its face
but if you were to know
to whom my soul letters
were sent–
endless queries and judgement

it’s really not for you
to comment
my journey is
mine alone save
the parts I parcel out
snail mail and
send to California


The Acolyte of Souls

Everyone thought that Jedi was amazing, handsome, strong. The moment he stepped onto Clan Stjerneklart’s territory, he was a quickly loved familiar face.

The more that he was acquainted with the Stjerneklartians, the more Sith was ostracized. He was just the brother of someone greater than himself.

Jedi was the Golden Boy. Sith was the bad reminder.

Well, he would become something great, too.

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Ziggs’ Internal Monolgue: 
“Okay so…Trist told Poppy to be Astrid cuz armor and weapons and shit. Tough girl aesthetic, of course she’s gonna tell Poppy to basically be herself… Plus like…she’s a metalsmith, she’d make some sweet armor… I figured I’d be Toothless cuz she told Rumble to be Hiccup… Why would she tell Rumble to be Hiccup if Poppy’s Astrid- OH NO I FIGURED IT OUT. IT’S NO MISTAKE THAT SHE TOLD RUMBLE TO BE HICCUP. IT’S CUZ HE RIDES THINGS, ISN’T IT?? AND NOT JUST MECHS…God fucking dammit Trist, you sly mother fucker… I’m just gonna keep this revelation to myself and play dumb…

Yah know, I thought Rumble would get heavier the longer we kept this going but he’s literally lighter than the Inferno Bomb…”