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I never sleep. Always up tossing and turning lost in my own thoughts. My mind wondering to places, creating scenarios that will never come true. I get so caught up in my own head sometimes I lose track of the reality going on around me. I guess that’s one of the consequences of living in the city that never sleeps. Kiss your dreams goodbye.

i wish i could blame @hermannco for dragging me into this crossover hell but honestly it was my idea i only have myself to blame

although it did springboard the concept of jokes as the inverse of pennywise, only showing his brand of maliciousness towards adults and i do really like that idea so this happened i suppose


Shipping Points!

A parody of pearl points dedicated to the four canon (or most likely to become canon) ships in Steven Universe as of September 2016.

Click on the one you want, save it, then slap it on all your favorite posts of that ship!

No credit needed to use them, but DO NOT claim them as your own! Tell ‘em your ol’ pal Snap made ‘em for ya.

[DO NOT write ship hate in the caption or tags of this post / DO NOT put a shipping point on a post that has nothing to do with that ship. It’s disrespectful!]

I’ll be making more later this month. Stay tuned for the full set!

@alyleth said:

Ooooh I hope you get in. I’ve volunteered there for the last four years (info booth)

That’s so cool!  Are you volunteering again next year?

@templeoftennant said:

Hope you get it, I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Thanks so much!  =D  I’ll keep you posted.

@sameastonartist said:

Yer a young pro, ya got this!

Thank you, you’re so kind!  <3