city scribble

I never sleep. Always up tossing and turning lost in my own thoughts. My mind wondering to places, creating scenarios that will never come true. I get so caught up in my own head sometimes I lose track of the reality going on around me. I guess that’s one of the consequences of living in the city that never sleeps. Kiss your dreams goodbye.

i wish i could blame @hermannco for dragging me into this crossover hell but honestly it was my idea i only have myself to blame

although it did springboard the concept of jokes as the inverse of pennywise, only showing his brand of maliciousness towards adults and i do really like that idea so this happened i suppose

10.the bandit

Before he goes out, he ties the scarf firmly around his face.  The day is sweltering hot, and even in the shade of the crumbling building, the air is thick with heat, almost unbreathable.  But if certain people see his face it’s worth his life.  He can handle a little bit of sweat running down his neck.

Despite the heat, the streets are full of people, mostly hidden under sunshades made of umbrellas or pasted-together sheets of newsprint as they slowly shuffle themselves down the sidewalks, keeping to the shade of buildings as much as possible.  A few people take a different approach, flinging themselves straight down the center of the thoroughfare, moving as quickly as possible as if to get the misery over with–fools, or rich folks on their way to buildings with cooling systems (and this neighborhood isn’t one anyone with any kind of money should step foot into, so–fools, either way).  Shopkeepers drape themselves over counters, their eyes the only lively parts of their bodies as they scan the slow passersby for possible customers for services that are as old as the universe–a filling meal, fifteen minutes of pleasure, a chemical to dull the experience of living–as well as some new inventions (large, dark rooms, where people can loosen their clothes and enjoy the effects of large, pedal-powered fans are a recent trend). Business might stop for one day, but the unbearable heat has lasted all summer, and for several years before this, and at some point, life has to go on.

Zettan’s destination is a convenience store on the end of the block, a place with white tile walls and sun-bleached, decades-old cigarette advertisements peeling off the front of the counter.  The place seems small and stupid; the shelves hold a few dusty packages of overpriced snack food, some assorted cables and shards of electronic chip, and a few long-expired battery cells, but appearances can be deceiving.

Nobody is paying any attention to Zettan as he shuffles along with the crowd, matching their pace, one of a thousand sun-stupid cattle.  Nobody notices when he steps to the left and sidles into the musty shop–least of all the man behind the register, who is leaning on the counter in a kind of stupor.

Everything changes as Zettan takes the two steps across the shop to the counter–the weariness slides off his shoulders, muscles flex under his ragged vest, and his eyes when he meets the shopkeeper’s have a cold fire in them that makes the man fall back against the wall.

“You have a box under the counter,” Zettan says, pitching his voice half an octave lower than its normal range.  “Reach down slowly for it.”

The man obeys.

“Well done,” Zettan says, letting the danger in his smile show in his eyes, the only part of his face not hidden behind the scarf.  “Now turn around.”

He does.

“Hands on the counter.”

There they are.

Two quick taps, and the man’s loose sleeves are tacked to the countertop.  It’s not much–just enough to take him by surprise, to make him forget whatever plan he was forming to catch the thief.

To give Zettan time to slip away into the dust and the sun of the street.


Shipping Points!

A parody of pearl points dedicated to the four canon (or most likely to become canon) ships in Steven Universe as of September 2016.

Click on the one you want, save it, then slap it on all your favorite posts of that ship!

No credit needed to use them, but DO NOT claim them as your own! Tell ‘em your ol’ pal Snap made ‘em for ya.

[DO NOT write ship hate in the caption or tags of this post / DO NOT put a shipping point on a post that has nothing to do with that ship. It’s disrespectful!]

I’ll be making more later this month. Stay tuned for the full set!