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13 Vintage Halloween Songs from the 1910s, 20s, & 30s

01. This House is Haunted, Roy Fox (1934)
02. At The Devil’s Ball, Maurice Burkhart (1913)
03. Bogey Wail, Jack Hylton (1929)
04. The Skeleton Rag, American Quartet (1912)
05. The Boogie Man Is Here, Tom Gerun (1929)
06. Undertaker’s Blues, Helen Gross & The Kansas City Five (1924)
07. With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm, Cyril Smith (1934)
08. That Syncopated Boogie-Boo, The Premier Quartet (1913)
09. Strange Enchantment, Ozzie Nelson & Rose Anne Stevens (1939)
10. The Ghost of the St. Louis Blues, Bob Skyles & His Skyrockets (1930)
11. Spooky Spook, Victor Military Band (1917)
12. Spider Web Blues, Victoria Spivey (1926)
13. The Ghost of the Terrible Blue, The Peerless Quartet (1915)

* Playlist graciously uploaded by Lindsay Koski.

Do You Trust Me?

Intro: So this is for Trek Fest 2017 Chekov’s Week!  Hosted by the ever-so-lovely @outside-the-government

Pairing: Chekov x reader

Word Count: 3,800ish

Summary: You are sent on an away mission with young ensign Pavel Chekov and it doesn’t go as planned.  When life-and-death situations and feelings mix, can you sort it all out and get to safety?  What does all this mean to your and Pavel’s relationship?  

A/N: So my idea for this one came from two places: 

1. One of my drabbles from my 800 follower drabbles that involved Pavel and the reader who was Bones’ brother.  I just love the idea so this is a little extension on the drabble!  

2.  Also I got a request from someone a little while ago with the prompt:  “we’re undercover and we HAVE to kiss to maintain our cover and oops I’ve just realized I’m in love with you” - The request was specifically for Jim, which I still plan on doing for Jim, but I wanted to use that idea for this one - whoops!


“I don’t understand why they had to send me down here, I’m an engineer, not an explorer.” You grumbled as you trudged through the thick forest landscape.

“I belief that you were chosen for your expertise in identifying foreign metals.” The chirpy, heavily accented response came from the yellow-shirted ensign that was trudging beside you. 

“Yeah, there seems to be so much metal around here to identify.” You droned sarcastically, gesturing to the endless span of trees and foliage. 

Pavel chuckled next to you. 

“What’s so funny?” You snapped, cutting through a bough of vines especially hard. 

“You sound just like Dr. McCoy.” He noted, and you threw a glare to the young navigator. 

“Well he is my big brother, so it’s fitting, I guess.” You grumbled. 

Ducking through some branches, you picked up the pace and were a few steps in front of Pavel when you felt the whoosh of the arrow brush past your ear. Suddenly, you were hurled sideways and against the forest floor, a heavy weight on top of you.  

The weight turned out to be Pavel, and his body was pressed directly on top of yours, his face hovering above yours, his breath ragged. 

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@anonymous: “For the Fic Meme, #15 for Fenris and fHawke” (“You either know or you don’t.”)

Hawke’s arms are crossed on the desk, her head laying upon them. Her eyes are closed, her mouth open slightly, breathing evenly and quietly in her sleep. The candle has run low, and the parchment underneath her is now scrunched together. Upon them is her careful script and his poor imitation of her letters. He closes the book before him carefully, after marking his page. There were always other nights.

Fenris studies the cover, a simple depiction of a man in full armor fighting a dragon. Hawke was fond of these stories, of bravery and romance. There was always a knight, always a dragon, always a princess to rescue. They were children’s stories, read to Carver and Bethany and now they were his learning tools. Full of patience, never minding when he stumbled over a word. Happy to read a page over and over and over again.

He mimics the way she is, slumped so in her seat, arms crossed, head on its side. He looks at her, and a smile brushes his lips. He reaches out, tucks a stray lock of hair behind her ear. She does not stir at his touch. He’s more than well aware of how much she needs her rest. The city has her running ragged, asking the Champion for this and demanding the Champion for that. He knows how much she worries in private, how much more she thinks she should be doing. He knows she does more than enough.

Besides the knights, besides the dragons, besides the princesses, these tales always had one thing in common. Falling in love at first sight. Knowing upon on a look that the other was theirs. Hawke would laugh at this, scrunch her nose. Romantic, but unlikely, she would say. Fenris straightens himself, the chair moving back as he stands. One arm underneath her legs, the other at her back, he picks her up with ease.

She murmurs in his arms, nestles her face against his chest. A sign of how exhausted she is. He takes the stairs carefully, minding each step and ensuring her feet do not touch the rail. Pushing open the door to her room, settling her onto her bed. Pulling the sheets around her, tucking her in tightly. He stands, and finds he does not want to leave. His fingers brush over her cheekbones.

Romantic, but unlikely. But he knew. From the first glance, he knew.

minimooseforpresident  asked:

Hey! First of all I love your blog. <3 I'm always in need for new bangtan fics and you recommend the best ones *^* So here my ask: Can you please recommend some Namgi/Sugamon fics? I love the ship but it's hard to find some good stuff. Espacially non!au fics are hard to find and I need some in my life T^T Thank you <3

First of all aw thank you for liking the blog <3 <3 second of all Yes of course I can!

the lost seasons (i try to restore them) by sugastruck [rated G, 12k]

(TO) Boyz$ with Fun: the Porno by chahans [rated T, 11k]

Final(ly) by jeondemuse [rated M, 7.8k]

tips for a long distance relationship by dimpledprincejoon [rated (T), 6k]

you need him (i could be him) by groovypark [rated E, 11k]

Video Camera by shugamonie [rated E, 7k]

sunflowers by yukwoned [rated T, 3.5k]

Electric Blanket (You’re Warm in My Arms) by signifying_nothing [rated G, 1.5k]

Nothing to Fear by bagelswrites [rated T, 5.3k]

Stranger things have happened by KNBigBTS7 [rated T, 5k]

we throw our shadows down by pinkichor [rated T, 5.8k] 

A Different Level of Flirting by Silent_Caster [rated T, 3.5k]

i will build you a city out of rags by aivazovsky [rated M, 1k]

Whalien 52 by TheFlowerMother [rated G, 1.3k]

OkAY enjOY THIS! <3<3<3<3<3 (oh and you’re right non au’s are so hard to find, the ones ive recced last are non au’s. well only the 5 last fics. …. sigh.

-Admin Nana

Flu Season.

The sound of her footsteps against the asphalt echoed through the empty streets of Jump City. Her ragged breath filled the misty night air as it seemed that every light in the city had vanished, consumed by the eerie darkness that sounded her. Deep down her stomach flipped and turned at how wrong this scene was. Something was off, something was wrong, she just knew it. A cold wind intertwined itself within her violet hair causing her scalp to tingle with uncertainty.

“Hello?” She called out to anyone near. The sound of her shaky voice earned her no results except that of her own voice. Instinctively she tightened her cape around her small frame gaining her no comfort. She had no relocation of how she got here or why she was wondering the streets at night. Nothing made sense. Nothing was right.

“Raven?” a voice came from the darkened ally near her left side. Her head snapped in the direction but all she could see was darkness.

“Is-is someone there?” she whispered to her unknown guest. Slowly a green form emerged from the darkness. His purple and black uniform was torn in multiple places exposing his burnt skin. His posture was slumped, as if in defeat, while his eyes darted around, never meeting her gaze. Every facial feature her bore was torn and worn, complete with a deep cut that ran from the base of his chin up until it vanished in his emerged hair. He looked terrible, as if from battle.

“Beast Boy?” she whispered as she took a few paces towards him. “Are you-”

“You shouldn’t be here.” he hissed, finally making eye contact with her. “You should have never came back!” His tone sent chills down her spine and forced her to take a few steps back in uncertainty.

“I don’t understand. What’s going on?”

“Leave!” he yelled at her. Startled, Raven took a step back. Her foot met the edge of the curb, sending her down into the unforgiving asphalt. Pain shot though her elbow as it made contact with the gravel and she worried that she may have hurt herself from the movement.

“Beast Boy!” she gasped in a mixture of surprise and worry. “Whats happened?”

“You did this, you killed the Titans. You destroyed the town, look around you! You aren’t wanted here, not anymore!” His harsh voice echoed through the streets mocking her as it bounced against the buildings.

“No.” she pleaded to his angry form. “No I would never-”

Her reasoning was cut off by a dark tentacle that emerged from the darkness behind the changeling. It swirled and twirled around his head as if deciding on its target. Then without warning it wrapped itself around his leg, sweeping him off of his feet. The sound of his body hitting the ground rang in her hears and she was forced to watch in horror as his expression changed from anger to that of horror. His gut wrenching cry hit her like a tone of bricks forcing her to race to him without a second thought.

Her hand reached out to his but before she could grab hold the darkness began to drag him away from her. “Garfield!” she cried out in agony. “No! No, stop!”

It was as if in slow motion, his body was being consumed by the darkens one inch at a time and she had no control over it. His feet, his knees, and his hips disappeared from sight but she couldn’t focus on that. No, all she could focus on was his face. His terrified, pain ridden face.

“You did this.” he whispered as his body was dragged away from her reach. “You killed me.”

“Beast-” but before his name could leave her tongue he was gone. Gone forever. A painful cry erupted through her chest as tears rained down onto the ground below. Emotional pain ripped through her and she felt as if she was going to crack under it’s pressure. “Garfield come back to me.” she pleaded into nothing. “Please I need you.”

“I need you.”


“Raven wake up!”

The empath shot from her bed in an instant. She could feel the sweat as it drenched her sheets and seeped into her hair. Her chest rose and fell at an alarming rate as her heart pounded against her ribs making it almost painful to breath. Her body was breaking, and she was crumbling shortly after it.

“It’s okay.” A voice soothed from beside her, “Its okay Rae.”  

Just barely she could make out his green figure as it lulled over her bed. Bags stretched along the unders of his eyes staining his perfect face with it’s imperfections. He looked exhausted, even more so he looked worried. Before he could manage a single word her arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders pulling him into her bed with her.

She felt her world spin at the sudden action but fought against it as he kept her grounded. “I’m sorry.” she pleaded into the crevice of his neck. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Tears fell from her eyes as her sobs took over her body. She could feel herself shaking uncontrollably but could not find the strength to stop. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry.”

“Raven, please. It’s okay, you didn’t hurt me.” he whispered in a soothing voice. His hand found her head and began to stroke it slowly. She felt his voice against her ear but couldn’t fathom the though of what he had said. She did hurt him, she saw it. Felt the pain as he was taken away. It had happened, and it had been her fault.

“I won’t let it hurt you. I won’t let it get you.” she choked through her pathetic sobs. “I won’t let it!”

“Okay Rae.” he whispered and his grip tightened around her waist. “Okay, you won’t let it. Now please stop crying.”

He held her as her irrational behavior began do die down at his hands. His fingers slip from her hip and moved over her forehead, she heard his heavy exhale of hair causing her nerves to be set on fire. “You’re still burning up.”

“What?” she whispered, mildly confused.

“You’ve been sick all day. When your fever spiked I-I didn’t know what to do so I stayed here. I needed to watch over you, take care of you. Your scaring the shit out of me Rae.” His voice sounded distant and far away, as if in deep thought.

“I love you.” Raven found her self whispering before her mind could catch up, “I love you, I’m sorry, I love you.”

His body tensed up from under her grip and she felt herself fall. Slowly his body untangled itself from her leaving her cold and alone just as if in her dream. As he lifted his body from her bed she found herself yearning for his touch once again. She found him sitting on the edge of her bed running his fingers though his perfect hair. “That’s the sickness Rae. Not you.” he whispered to his knees .

He stood from her bed causing Raven’s heart to jump with him. While attempting to sit up she felt her body become weak forcing her to crash back down on to her bed. “Go back to bed Raven.” Her eyes widened as she noticed him heading for her door, he mouth became dry as she tried to call out to him.

One, two, three steps away as his feet took him further and further away from her touch. She felt her body ache from the sight and her heart raced just the same. Finally her voice made it past her lips. “Wait.”

His body stopped just short of his escape and she could make out his shoulder slump in defeat. “Stay.” the goth croaked out of desperation.

“Rae. I’ve been here all night I-”

“Please.” she pleaded. “Please I have to keep you safe, I have to save you Gar. Please-”

“Okay.” he said firmly cutting her rant short. “Okay Rae, I’ll stay. For you.” She watched as his form changed into a green cat compete with a perfectly fluff of a tail. With a small meow the cat turned heel and headed for her bed. With one leap the cat neared her purring loudly into her ear. Raven let out a satisfied sigh as the cat found it’s place on her, curling itself against her chest as if in support.

“Thank you.” Raven whispered to the green cat. “Thank you Gar.”

A heartfelt meow was all she needed in response.

Rags to Riches Challenge Days 1-4, §9

Holli was just released from the Angel City Rehabilitation Center. Her sister Rhonda went back on her plan to fly her over to St. Claire, so now she is homeless with no where to go. She doesn’t want to worry her mom and pops so for now she’ll just wing it and make do. She dreams of becoming a photographer but she doesn’t have enough money for school. 

  • She spent her first day collecting shells, and joining the eating contest for free food. She showered at the public bathroom on the beach and slept in the tent on the beach.
  • I made the mistake of letting her take pictures (seriously I didn’t know you had to pay to take pictures), she was down to §1 at the end of day 2. I let her shake the vending machines to get food, and she slept in the park. 
  • She met Shamika and Franklin at the Library, and went to their house later on to sleep on the couch and eat some food. They kicked her out though so she slept in the park again. 
  • She went to the gym to shower and buy a danish. She also worked out and just lounged around in there for most of the day. She slept in the park again. Time to find a new spot.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about how Leia was abandoned by her brother and her husband, and that’s fine theory. 

But what if she wasn’t the one left behind when Ben turned to the First Order. She does say that she and Han “returned to what we thought we were best at.”

What if the one left behind was Lando? 

Luke fled to Ach-To, grief stricken after the massacre of his students and afraid of the horrors he could commit in his mourning and anger. 

Han took the Outer Rim, unable to look at his mistakes. 

Chewie went with Han, a Life Debt’s not something you can break. 

Leia threw herself into the Resistance, giving up everything to fix the mistakes of her generation.

And Lando? For the second time, his community, his family is broken and scattered. He lost Cloud City, then his rag-tag, put together family. He’s not the type to sit around and do nothing, obvs. Leadership and innovation are in his DNA, it’s what he’s made to do. But he stayed on the planet they chose to make home, and tries to rebuild. And he hopes that one day, his family will come back to him. 

Au where Sou’s a pyromaniac

They met when Sou had set himself on fire. He had been so in awe of the flickering flames that he hadn’t heard the smoke alarm, hadn’t noticed the droplets of water bleeding off the ceiling, bombarding his entire body. 

And Mako finds this man, fire trailing off his clothes, fire engulfing his body. And he’s never seen anything more frightening in his only three years of being a firefighter, in his nearly twenty-five years of living. 

Mako takes him to the ER, but the next day, when he drops by for a quick visit just to see how’s the guy’s doing, all he finds are several panicked nurses, an open window, and white drapes fluttering without a breeze. 

Sou starts setting small things on fire around the city. Trash cans. Old rags. Anything small. 

He doesn’t do it to hurt anyone though, he just likes to see fire. Because it’s so beautiful, so alive. Something he hasn’t felt in so long. Not since his shoulder, he guesses. 

Mako finds himself having to put out Sou’s fire at least twice a week. 

Soon, Mako discovers that Sou’s moved on from setting simple things on fire. 

Because before he knew it, Sou had set Mako’s heart ablaze. 

New York Fashion Week F/W 2014

It’s hard to stay up-to-date when there are so many shows going on all at once. We’re just a few days into New York Fashion Week with some big name designers who’ve already come and gone.

Let’s break down what’s been happening with a few of our favorites:

Rebecca Minkoff showed some of the best outerwear we’ve seen yet. Feminine touches of light pink mixed with burgundy, teal, and metallic gold gave the collection its cool IT-girl vibe.

Alexander Wang took his show to Brooklyn this season and made it totally worth the trek. Strong, military-inspired coats took over with models wearing the coolest knee-high boots you’ve ever seen. 

Rag & Bone took their menswear inspired collection to the next level. Paint-splattered denim, chunky plaid coats, cargo pants, and lace-up boots channeled the mans-man, you know lumberjack-style. 

Hervé Léger by Max Azria is always sexy (hello, bandage dresses), but this season, watch out! Supple leather, cut-outs, feathers and beading oozed sex appeal, making each model look confident and ready for a fun night on the town.

To see what’s in the stores right now from NYFW designers, head over to Wantering’s special New York Fashion Week FW14 Designers shopping feature.

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Ras Al Ghul's Potential Role In Arrow Season 3

Given that we are exactly two episodes in to Season 3 of Arrow, we are in for a long, painful season. The theme this year is identity…can Oliver be both himself and Oliver Queen? Oliver already answered that from himself in the premiere, readily giving up his life as Oliver to focus on becoming the Arrow. Given the themes for this season, the ladies behind this blog (there are several of us) came up with a theory about where this season is heading. Check out more below the cut.

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