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No book I’ve ever read is gonna beat City of the Rats.

Nothing will ever be better than a city that got so full of rats that the citizens just threw up their arms and said “Fuck it–we’re moving to a new city, calling it ‘No Rats’, and if I even so much as see something that looks like a rat I will kill whoever brought it near me”


The statue of the avatar of Akatosh - The Temple of the One

‘I do what I must do. I cannot stay to rebuild Tamriel, that task falls to others. Farewell. You’ve been a good friend, in the short time that I’ve known you. But now I must go. The Dragon waits.’
 - Martin Septim

I want to write a d&d campaign about competing food trucks within a fantasy city. The adventurers would quest for rare monster flesh to sell. They’d deal with other food truck crews and plots involving the loss of permits and picky clientele who want pickled beholder eyes….


The 80′s NES/Famicom inspired badges I designed for DerpyCon 2015. And yes, that is me as both the lady and the kid in the corner of the “Dance Aerobics” box. :D


Presi la bottiglia e andai in camera mia. Mi spogliai, tenni le mutande e andai a letto. Era un gran casino. La gente si aggrappava ciecamente a tutto quello che trovava: comunismo, macrobiotica, zen, surf, ballo, ipnotismo, terapie di gruppo, orge, ciclismo, erbe aromatiche, cattolicesimo, sollevamento pesi, viaggi, solitudine, dieta vegetariana, India, pittura, scrittura, scultura, composizione, direzione d'orchestra, campeggio, yoga, copula, gioco d'azzardo, alcool, ozio, gelato di yogurt, Beethoven, Bach, Budda, Cristo, meditazione trascendentale, succo di carota, suicidio, vestiti fatti a mano, viaggi aerei, New York City, e poi tutte queste cose sfumavano e non restava niente. La gente doveva trovare qualcosa da fare mentre aspettava di morire. Era bello avere una scelta. Io l'avevo fatta da un pezzo, la mia scelta. Alzai la bottiglia di vodka e la bevvi liscia. I russi sapevano il fatto loro.

Charles Bukoswki

rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, itunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle, list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.
I was tagged by @blodbranddod and @gipsyspirits (Thank you ^^, sorry it’s taken so long)

1. Sonata Arctica - The Misery 

2. Iron Savior - Solar Wings

3. Dionysus - Queen of Madness

4. Stratovarius - What Can I Say?

5. Amon Amarth - The Mighty Doors of The Speargod’s Hall 

6. Morgana Lefay - The Devil In Me

7. Anubis Gate - A Dream within a Dream 

8. Power Quest - City of Lies 

9. Excalion - Bring On The Storm

10. Iron Fire - Ten Years In Space


Another one of our “first wave” of Steven Universe books! This one’s an activity book packed full of fun and goofy things to do. I got to design what is possibly my favorite page ever - Beach City Underground Wrestling trading cards (based on these gems from the 90′s). 

This also just came out today, and is available here if you’re interested.


Princess Woodly - Companion AU (with some updates)

(based on @basementfestival​‘s post with some additions and modifications)

Description: Human Female

Location: Diamond City, Fallon’s Basement

Associated Quest: Begin Again (personal quest)

Romance: Yes

Perk: Royal Treatment

Background: The Commonwealth’s first real fashion designer, she calls herself. Native to Diamond City’s upper stands, Princess lived a privileged life until the death of her parents and some very unfortunate business moves left her capless and the laughing stock of the rich and influential folks of the settlement. While she seems spoilt, naive and self-centered at first, Princess is kind, a bit too idealistic, and ready to share the latest gossips and her seemingly endless supplies of clothes and armor pieces with the Sole Survivor if they decide to recruit her.

(the rest is under read more for length. seriously. it’s long.)

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