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Uber Ride with a Local Witch
  • Uber Driver: I love how Denver has so many parks.
  • Me: The park we're driving by is severely haunted. It used to be a cemetery but the guy in charge of moving the bodies did a terrible job and they are still finding bodies nowadays whenever they have to do construction on the property. A house nearby was so haunted that it inspired "The Changeling". When they tore it down, it was so possessed that the walls blew out and killed a construction worker.
  • Uber Driver: Oh.

Pocket domeliner in Hideaway Park, Colorado - 1971 by Steve Brown
Via Flickr:
When Amtrak took over American passenger service on May 1, 1971, the Rio Grande Railroad chose not to join the Amtrak system. They were thus mandated to continue operating their own passenger service between Denver and Salt Lake City, Utah. Their little vista-dome train (sometimes as few as four cars) was given the nickname “pocket domeliner”, though in later years, as the service became more popular with tourists, the train was sometimes quite long. I rode the train in 1975 and again in 1981. Here the eastbound train is rounding a curve in late-afternoon on August 31, 1971 at Hideaway Park, Colorado, approx. sixty miles from its Denver destination.


Yesterday, myself and another ornithologist recovered the dead body of an adult black-crowned night-heron from City Park in Denver, CO.  The bird’s foot was tangled in discarded fishing line that was then wound around a tree branch in a rookery.  Based on the bird being unable to leave the tree branch, it died slowly, unable to get free.

This morning I went to Belmar Park in Lakewood, CO to photograph birds.  I found fishing line in the mouth of an adult great blue heron that had just brought a meal of fish to its nestlings.  Worse yet, I found a double-crested cormorant, tangled in fishing line, hanging dead from a tree in the rookery.

Improperly discarded fishing line kills birds in terrible ways.  It’s not just an issue in an ocean far away, or in fishing towns, it’s an issue right in your local parks.
Please properly account for and dispose of fishing line and encourage others to be responsible as well.  Life is hard enough for wild animals, don’t make it that much harder.

ROAD TRIP | 12/29 - 1/18

Milwaukee, WI

Stroud, OK


Petrified Forest

Sedona, AZ | new years eve

Joshua Tree

Orange County, CA



Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Salt Lake City, UT

Arches National Park

Denver, CO

Milwaukee, WI

Let me know if we’ll be in your area!!


IT’S APRIL! APRIL APRIL APRIL. I am unusually motivated this time around and I just feel excited. I want to make this month GREAT! I want to kick my goals in the butt and dominate my student teaching experience. It’s all me the next few weeks, so I have to be on top of my game! I’ll go ahead and apologize now for the length of this post. 

@mariahmovingmtns came over this morning to join me in some shenanigans. We went to the mall first because we had Victoria’s Secret coupons and I cannot resist a deal (even though I should be resisting). I got two sports bras, a roll-on perfume, a free panty, and a free big ol’ bag for less than $45! The bag is a little crazy, but it could be a fun teacher bag. 

Then we went to City Park in Denver and did the above nastiness. I’m so proud of us! It wasn’t really as bad as we had anticipated, but 100% a mental challenge for me. First mile was 10:54, final mile was 10:45, AND we ended up with about 5 miles total since we walked around for a while. Boom boom boom. 

And instead of going out for brunch, we came back to my place and made homemade breakfast burritos! Baby steps. I realized last month just how much I ate out and it needs to stop, both for health and financial reasons. Not including gift cards for Chipotle and Starbucks, I spent roughly $132. 

So, goals for April include cooking at home more, tracking when I got out, and committing to counting my macros. This brings me to today’s weigh-in. 

1.2.16 - 184.3 pounds.
2.1.16 - 188.1 pounds.
3.1.16 - 183.9 pounds.
4.1.16 - 182.5 pounds. 

I am 11.3 pounds away from having lost 100 pounds. I know I have said this countless times before, but I’m going to do this. And if not, I’m going to know I tried my hardest. I don’t necessarily think I “need” to lose anymore weight, but it’s something I have been working towards for seven years. I just know I’m going to be disappointed with myself otherwise.

Clean eating and meal prep… here I come! 

And these photos I took this morning before heading out. This dry shampoo is amazing and I’ve only used it once so far, but it’s my favorite already! What can I say? Grad school life makes you fail at washing your hair sometimes. Today was just one of those days where I woke up feeling good. I have so much going on and a lot weighing me down, but once I start chiseling through it I know I’ll do great. I only have five weeks of student teaching left, and then another week before graduation. 100% of classroom responsibilities will be mine for three weeks and I have two huge projects to do. That’s it. I’m almost there. 

:D :D :D