city or Darkness

CASTLE SUPERBEAST BATHROOM SHENANIGANS [Super Best Friends Stream Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City (Part 2)]
  • Matt: We could take like a ten minute break.
  • Woolie: We can legit just take a break right now.
  • Matt: And you can get your baby drink.
  • Woolie: And I can take a pee, and we can do some things...
  • Matt: I can watch you...
  • Pat: Yeah, you watch him.
  • Matt: [splutterlaughs]
  • Woolie: No, because——
  • Matt: [cackling]
  • Pat: No?!
  • Matt: [still laughing]
  • Woolie: Well, but the problem is like——
  • Pat: No???
  • Matt: How DARE you tell me no!
  • Pat: Woolie——
  • Matt: I own...twenty-five percent of that bathroom!
  • Woolie: I mean look——
  • Pat: You gonna tell him “no” what he's gonna do with his own piss?
  • Matt: No, with my eyes.
  • Woolie: There's not a lot of space, alright?
  • Matt and Pat: Yeah, that's the best part!

The Joker: Hey, Sauron!  Doesn’t your flaming eye have the unique ability to peer through time and space?

Sauron: Uh huh.

The Joker: Well, I need to find Batman.  Where’s homeboy’s man-cave?

Sauron:  Hmmm…Give me a second…Scanning noise…It’s beneath Wayne Manor!

The Joker:  WHOA!  Whoa.  Whoa  Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa.  Hold on a second.  Are you trying to tell me that Bruce Wayne is Batman…’s roommate?  

Sauron: Uh, yeah…

-”The Lego Batman Movie”