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Every Little Girl’s Dream is a Big Teddy Bear (chapters 1 and 2)

Narrator’s POV

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***TRIGGER WARNINGS: abusive relationship, Stockholm syndrome, talk of pedophilia****

Chapter 1…wasn’t always like this

It wasn’t always like this, Melanie thought.  Clif and Melanie have been together for two years now.  At first, it was the happiest moment of her life.  He was everything and more she’d ever wanted….funny, smart, SMARTASS, sweet, caring, sentimental.  They were the perfect couple.  Hell, at the galas she goes to with Clif at city hall, they’re relationship is praised as and I quote “the perfect American romance.” It felt like they were on top of the world.  

That’s probably why she has such a huge issue when he swears at her nowadays.  Clif was handsome.  He was the head sheriff of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.  He had dark brown hair, salt and pepper beard, same with the hair, always wore a leather jacket, crocodile-skinned boots, black tee (or red), with soft denim jeans.  He always smelt of either whiskey or cigarettes.  He was the bad cop to the good cop, bad cop routine, he and his partner do.  He was drop dead intimidating. Pictured painted yet? What’s it look like? So anyway, Melanie blamed herself for Clif’s actions.  She owns a small, local coffee shop called “Cruzin’ for coffee” Everyone loves her signature blends.  She was small, 5 foot 2 exact.  She had blue eyes, dark brown hair, soft but sultry personality, she’s the modern day Marilyn Monroe. There was something broken about her.  Many might suspect that it’s because her father, James Cruz works for the Asher Family…the mafia in the town that many argue, do more to help the community than the actual cops.  That’s not why she’s broken though, as I know.  She is broken because now when she goes home, she walks on eggshells to make her much older boyfriend happy.  Usually, he is happy, kind.  That makes it hard to leave him.  He showers her with diamonds, dresses, benefits that she can serve her signature blend at (Kenyan coffee beans, raw dark chocolate shreds, and hemp seeds…fuckin’ delicious if ya ask me).  She feels as though she owes him her.  Other nights, when there was a difficult case, or if the dishes weren’t done, or something else he could find to blame her for, he’d be mean.  Verbally abusive.  He made sure to never actually physically hurt her.  Her father would actually kill him.  Yet some nights, that would not stop him.  Nights like tonight….October 27, 2017.  7:25 pm.  

“MELANIE!” Clif yelled in that typical annoyed voice he would roar that scared Melanie half to death.  “Why the fuck do I always, always have to come home to a pig sty!”

“I, I’m sorry,” Melanie declared, nervously.  “I just got home, I was tired”

“And, what, you don’t think I am?!” Clif growled.  “All you had to do was grind coffee beans, I had to arrest so many fucking inbred idiots tonight when I come home, I expect the house to be clean.  God, why can’t you do anything right!?” He yelled.

“I, I, it won’t happen again Clif, I swear” Melanie stuttered right as Clif slapped her.  She put her hand over her slapped cheek.  She was on the verge of tears.  She knew better than to cry in front of Clif though.  That’d only make him angrier.

“I’m fuckin’ going to bed.  When I wake up, the goddamned home better be clean though” He said as he briskly went by her.  

She really didn’t know what to do at times like this…It all felt as though it was her fault. If the house would have been cleaned, he wouldn’t have been so mean she kept saying to herself…She was now shuffling to clean the house.  It’s heartbreaking to see her like this.  I just want to help her out of this.  She began to pick up all of Clif’s whiskey glasses, cleaning all of the coffee table diligently.  She also dusted the tv, and tables.  She then moved on to doing the dishes…all the while repeating If the house would have been cleaned, he wouldn’t have been so mean. She always felt as though, it was her fault.  

As she went to their bedroom, her heart felt shattered, she got into bed silently, not wanting to anger the angry savior. Little did she know he still lie in bed awake. He turned to her way, as she entered the bed.  He wrapped his arm around her.  

“I’m sorry, Melanie…” the man said ashamed.  “I am so sorry I ever hit you.  I’ve just been so stressed lately. This job isn’t easy.”  Always an excuse to justify things.  He was never really ever sorry…He just didn’t want her dad to find out.

Melanie forgave him though and melted into the strong man’s arms.  They fell asleep immediately.  It was always like this though.  He’d fuck up, she’d forgive him, fuck up, forgive, etc.  I could go the hell on forever.  

She woke up the next morning to an empty bed. She felt around her bed for Clif. She felt a paper instead. She rubbed her eyes to wake up. Clif left a note.  She opened the note up to see this

“Hey there pretty girl.  I’m really sorry about last night. When you get back from visiting at your mom’s, I wanna make it up to you.  Be ready by 7 tonight.  We’re going to Spicy Ricks, your favorite. I love you babygirl”


That was his favorite. She hated spicy food. After two years, he really didn’t know her at all.  He didn’t deserve her but it’d take a lot for her to see this.  Little did she know, that awakening was just around the corner.  

Chapter 2…a new feeling

When Melanie got to her mom’s house that morning, she was ecstatic.  Alaina Cruz…not many women like her in this world.  She was drop dead beautiful.  That gene got passed down you bet.  The Cruz women are beautiful and everyone knew it.  Alaina had blue eyes, small, always wore the best dresses, always put together (but not for a man, it was for her…I mean she would put on sexy lingerie for James but ya know, who wouldn’t that man is drop dead sexy as well).  She was also the boss of the largest news editorial in Louisiana, hell in the south…”NAWLINS’ GaZETTE”.  She was also a loving mother and wife.  Hell, if she knew what Clif was doing to Melanie, the man would be dead already.  You can bet, she’d see to it.  Knowing who her husband was, and the family he worked for, he’d be dead like that. James, on the other hand, was a total badass.  Apart from working for the Ashers, he owned a local Harley Davidson store.  He was 6 foot 4, always wore a hat, leather jacket, goin’ around on a Harley of his own. Just a fuckin’ sexy dilf.  The Ashers got all their rides from his store.  Hell, he was a rich salesman.  His business was one of New Orleans best.  One could say, that Melanie followed in her father’s business tycoon footsteps. Melanie opened the door to her parent’s house.  She came in to hear her mom cooking.  The house smells of bourbon chocolate chip cookies.  Mmmm, delicious.  She came to the kitchen and snuck up on her busy mother.  

“BOO!” Melanie exclaimed!

“Shit, MELANIE!” Her mother startled out. “You should come with a bell you know that right!” 

“But what would be the fun in that!?” she deadpanned.

The two laughed so hard when they got together.   NO ONE could quite put a smile on Melanie’s face like her momma could.  

“By the way, your father will be home in like ten minutes.  He’s bringing Brynn and Rain Asher over. Also, his son who just took over the family business is coming over.  I don’t think ya’ll have ever met.  His name is Forest.  Nice guy, you’ll like him.”

“I bet, my mother has wonderful taste in friends.  I cannot wait to meet him”  she exclaimed.  Melanie loved meeting new people.  Really she was a lovely girl.

Let’s get something straight about the Ashers.  The family came to New Orleans in 1969 when New Orleans was a violent city.  The family patriarch, Marone saw the city needed help so he took it upon himself to cure this town of its crimes.  The rules were simple, “You’re a pedophile, you get tortured., you rape anyone, you get tortured, you murder innocent lives, you get tortured. Man or Woman didn’t matter.  They wouldn’t torture teens though.  They weren’t animals. They never killed anyone, but god could they scare people into not doing evil things.  Ever since they came to town, the crime rate dropped from 70 percent of crime to almost non-existent.  That was still true to this day.  The Ashers genuinely love New Orleans and all the people in it.  Hell, they’re immune to the punishments because of all the good they’ve done for the town.  Brynn Asher was intimidating…but soft.  He was 6 foot 9, dark brown hair, though it was starting to get salt and pepper in there (don’t tell him I said that). Brynn’s nickname was “the nightman” He surely earned that title.  He’d always attack at night and what he did to his victims was horrifying.  Too horrifying for me to even say.  Basically, however the sicko the Ashers were tracking down tortured their victims, he’d do to them.  His mindset was “if you’re willing to do it to other people, have it done to you” (a sick twist on the golden rule really)    

But honestly, though, he was a real family man alright, kind, caring, sweet.  But he carried an cryptic way about him, he had a look that as they say, could kill…especially if you ever hurt a child.  He had three of his own.  That is what drives him, when his kids were children, he always kept the street safe for his kids. He and his little brother, Searcy always wanted the city to stay safe.  Rain was the exact opposite of Brynn.  She was maternal, caring, and just wanted the best for everyone.  She knew what Brynn did though but she considered the fact the city benefited from it though.  That made it all seem ok.  The victims the family would save, she’d help. She was considered to be the best social worker in town.  She was a tall woman, her height matched how big her heart was though.  That was another thing that made her okay with what Brynn did to his victims.  She’d see the affects that it left on these children she’d help.  Hell, if she had it in her, I’m sure she’d beat the ever loving shit out of the sick bastards.  They were like Beauty and the Beast.   Rain softened Brynn in every way.  They, in my opinion, are the perfect couple, along with Alaina and James.  

The doorbell rang.  It was James and the Ashers.  When they come into a place, you cannot help but feel safe.  Tall strong men.  Rain, Alaina, and Melanie automatically fell into sync and talked around a glass of wine. The men favored bourbon though.  “Brynn, where’s Forest at?” Alaina asked, “I thought you said we were finally gonna meet the handsome devil.”

“Oh, he’s comin’, just gotta rustle some of our new sickos feathers a bit. You know how it is” Brynn declared as he shot back a swig of bourbon ya know nonchalantly talking about torture.  NO BIGGIE.  

“Well, I cannot wait to meet him.  I didn’t know you had two sons though…thought it was only Ryan and Luna” Melanie queried.  

Rain laughed.  “Well by the time, we met Y'all, Forest had already gone off to college.  He went up to the University of Washington where there is a wonderful law school.  He thought it’d be important for the family to have a lawyer.  And damn, I can tell you, my boy’s a good one” She took a swig of her Moscato.  Not even ten minutes later, the doorbell rang.  James being the host he is, got up to get the door.   There stood Forest Asher. 

  Two NO three words could sum up FOrest Asher…drop dead sexy.  He was also 6 foot 9 just like his dad.  Just as intimidating, just as dangerous.  He was smart, total gentlemen, and gawd.  He was a daddy but not in a father-daughter sense.  He was so fucking sexy.  He had dark brown eyes that you could just fall into.  He had a scar on the right side of his face on his eyebrow.  Barfight up in Seattle.  A man was trying to molest a woman.  Dude fucked up.  Forest saw and it became an all-out fight.  Forest swaggered into the Cruz residence.  Everyone got up from their seats to greet the tall man.  

“Forest, come meet everyone.” Rain exclaimed  “These are the Cruz’s, you’ve already met James.  This is Alaina, James’ wife.  And this is Melanie.”   

Well SHIT!, Melanie thought to herself.  This man was the most handsome man, Melanie had ever seen and she is with one hell of a sexy man (his personality ruins it though).  It was clear that Forest was taking in Melanie as well.  Bitch, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.  One had to break the silence though.  

“Hi Melanie, nice to meet you” Forest extended his hand.  A stunted Melanie shook it, right after her mom snapped her fingers a few times which woke Melanie out of her trance.  

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you as well, Forest.  Good to have you here tonight.”

It’s probably without saying,  the two were talking all night.  About everything.  Politics, life, philosophies.  As it turns out, Forest supports gay marriage, feminist, environmentalist.  The man was really perfect.  YOu really felt as though you could talk to him.  Well right after you got over that damn sex appeal, thrawl thing he has going on.  

“So, your mother tells me you own a coffee shop,” Forest questioned.  “I’d love to drop by sometime”

“You should,” Melanie said.  “It’s called “Cruz for coffee, it’s right on the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann’s street” she took a sip of her merlot.  “Chose for it to be there cause some drunken idiots are so hung over, they don’t leave and well, coffee helps a headache.  We sell amazing cookies also, everything is handmade, nothing processed, all natural” Melanie boasted.  You could tell Forest was listening to every word that came out of the petite girl’s mouth.  She loved to talk of her coffee house.  Forest could pick up on this pretty swiftly.  They talked for hours.

It was now, 5 pm.  When Melanie looked at her phone, she saw a bunch of missed calls from Clif.  She knew he’d be mad.  So she saw herself to the door.  “Hey guys, clif and I have plans tonight, I gotta go get ready.” She said.  

“Alright honey,” her dad said as he hugged her tightly.  “I love you” and her mom followed on and hugged her daughter.  

“Almost forgot you had a boyfriend” Alaina snickered as she stared at Forest then back at Melanie.

“Oh shut it mom” Melanie deadpanned.  “Love you guys” she yelled as she exited the house.  Forest though, being the gentlemen he is, walked Melanie to her Subaru Forester.  

“Thank you Forest!” Melanie said shocked that a man would be nice.  Wow, it’s been quite some time since she’d met a real gentleman.  The cop was just not a nice man to her at all.  Even when he’d be nice, there’d be a bunch of backhanded compliments, and he’d just be slyly horrible to her.

“Anytime girl” Forest declared as he opened the driver seat door for her.  

As Melanie backed out of her parent’s drive-thru she hurried to get home.  When she did, she got dressed swiftly and was ready by the time Clif got home.  PHEW, she breathed.  

“Hey, there beautiful!” Clif greeted her with a kiss.  “Wow, you’re wearing that dress…” He asked.

“Yeah, ya like it?” she asked the man

“Yeah, sure.  Look, we have a 7:45 reservation.  Let’s not miss it.”  WOW real romantic Clif, real romantic.

I will be updating once every week with two chapter.  Tell me if you want three.  I know it was slow for these first two chapter.  Just wanna introduce the characters.

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