city of vernon

At Star Show 360
  • Hansol, the moment that Sohye enters the room: What's this?
  • Seungcheol: It's a girl. Surely you've seen girls before, Hansol. Your sister Sofia is one.

The Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue Station on the No. 7 Line.


In Houston, the empty sky looks more threat than promise.
The city left the light on for you but
the stars have never come knocking.
And the moon is a bashful stranger
who keeps his distance.
In Houston, the sky looked as lonely as I felt:
all questions, all heartache,
all the hungry parts we didn’t want to look at.

On the long road to New Mexico
we stared down a storm at high noon:
drove into it, like crawling into the mouth of heaven–
caught between a hurricane and a sunset
until the desert dropped away and we were left
with a kingdom of clouds in half-light.
Until there was nothing but lightning in the rear view mirror.
Until the stars.

Until the stars.

And my inner city soul
had never known starlight
and suddenly the world was broader
than it had ever been–
broader than 21 years of heartache.
Suddenly there was no such thing as lonely, anymore.
And all the parts of my childhood
that didn’t do right by me
crawled up into my throat and
dug their elbows into each other’s ribs and
fought to see the starlight.
And they fell in love with something past
the last breath of atmosphere,
something that goes on
for the closest thing to forever
we know how to measure.

For once,
it was good
to feel small.

—  FOR THE CITY KIDS by Ashe Vernon

“We Are Orlando” Candlelight Vigil

Washington Monument, Washington Place, Mount Vernon, Baltimore, Md

Dawn: Well, after the whole “Zootopia’s Last Night” fiasco, Mayor Snow was willing to waive my parole sentence entirely. Sort of a reward for saving the city.

Vernon: Yeah, matter a fact Snow said “Why would you need another parole officer? I’m sure Mr. Hunter is doing a fine job keeping an eye on you.” Complete with one of those smirks that said ‘I know what you two are up too.’

Dawn: Vernon please!

Vernon: makes me wonder if she’s got her own thing going on with the Assistant Mayor…you know, what’s his name. Hart? A snow leopard and a buck?

Dawn: Vernon! You can’t make allegations like that on a public forum!

Vernon: Eh, they know I’m joking!

Dawn: Ahem, well…I do still see my therapist though. Once every few months. I don’t have to because of a court order, I go now because I still feel it helps me. It’s nice to have a place to go to discuss my life problems with someone else who’s not experiencing them with me. And thankfully Dr.Gnu is understanding of the position that Vernon and I are in.

Vernon: Yeah, he seems like a swell guy.

She had spent too much time in Vernon, that is clear.  What was she doing there? Once she was a pretty girl.  Then she became a fat old lady.  Fat, but harmless, was the way she tried to present herself.  Eccentric as Hell.  If she had ten million dollars, she would buy this building in Vernon, with the sawtooth roof, and invite a few artists to live and work there.

The Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue Station on the No. 7 Line.