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You know, it occurs to me that whenever a Markarth guard says that it's "the safest city in the reach", we should really get the option to say "yeah, but that's only because it's the ONLY city in the reach". Just something I thought to myself when I was playing the game earlier.

I couldn’t agree more!


West of Brigham City

Here we see a local job pointed eastward toward the Wasatch Range.

The train is sitting between Corinne and Brigham City, Utah. The tracks here, going in the other direction (westward), will join the alignment of the first transcontinental railroad, cross the Bear River, and then head into Corinne. Just west of that small town the track headed in the direction of Promontory ends, but another line heads northward, up to Malad City, Idaho.

I spied this train on my way to the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Two images by Richard Koenig; taken September 7th 2013.

Gondolin - King Turgon’s Realm

Fell in 510 FA - the Siege of Gondolin

(Source: X)

  • Top Row: Gondolin the city hidden in the Encircling Mountains with the trees of silver and gold, children of the trees of Valinor, Glingol (golden) and its mate Bansil (silver)
    • Center: Glorfindel of the Golden Flower and Ecthelion of the Fountains playing his flute
    • Right: Lady Aredhel taking a horse and riding alone into the woods of Doriath
      • Below Aredhel: Princess Idril, Turgon’s daughter.  Her epessë or nickname was ‘Celebrindal’ (silver-foot) because she always went barefoot
    • Thorondor, the Eagle Lord, who brought Hurin and Huor to Gondolin, which was the beginning of the end for Gondolin.  He later lifted Glorfindel’s body and brought it to its resting place.
  • Second Row: Maeglin, Aredhel’s son, of the House of the Mole, who betrayed Gondolin.
    • Eöl, who came to reclaim his son after Aredhel left him, threw a spear at him when he refused to return with him, but Aredhel leapt in front and was slain by the spear’s poison.
    • Central: Tuor (mortal man)  and Idril (Elven princess) with their young son Eärendil, the half-elven.
  • Third Row: Hurin, the cursed prisoner of war, was freed from Morgoth’s captivity.  He went in the mountains hoping to return to Gondolin, but Turgon ignored him though his presence was known. 
    • Feeling forsaken, Hurin called out in despair, ‘Turgon, Turgon, remember the Fen of Serech! (The battle where the House of Hador helped Turgon escape.) O Turgon, will you not hear in your hidden halls?’ which revealed the location of the hidden city to Morgoth’s spies.
      • Hurin had only been released to lead Morgoth to Gondolin, which he did not know.  
  • Center: Battle with the Balrogs
    • Glorfindel goes over the edge of a cliff slaying a mighty Balrog.  As the Balrog fell from his wound, it grabbed Glorfindel by his hair and they fell together.  His last defense allowed the refugees to escape.
    • Ecthelion stepped in to defend his friend, Tuor, from Gothmog. Having been wounded in both arms, he defeated Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs, by stabbing him with his helm’s spike, grappling him with his legs and pulling him down into the Fountain of the King where they both drown.
      • Ecthelion was so valiant in his fighting that day, slaying countless goblins before his fight with Gothmog, that his name became a battle-cry for the Eldar.  Goblins cower before the sounding of his name.  
  • Fourth Row: The Fall of the White Tower where King Turgon and his guards made their last stand after ordering all others to follow Tuor and flee the city via Idril’s Secret Way.  
    • Fourth Row - center: Eärendil the Mariner completing the first successful voyage to Valinor since the exile, bearing a Silmaril, and gaining the aid of the Valar for the War of Wrath.
      • The Silmaril is seen in the sky as a star which gives hope to the Elves of Middle-earth

(Sorry this one was so long!  Tolkien wrote about the Fall of Gondolin again and again.  There is a lot of text material to work from here.)

[Part 1 of 3] [Part 2 of 3] [Part 3 of 3]

Three Times Natemare Met The Theorist And One Time He Met Matthew Patrick

So this is basically a gift for all the people who are reading my natepat fic and waited oh so patiently for me to update. So, here’s to you. Some fluff. Natepat fluff. youre welcome. as always @natepat thank you bc if it wasnt for you, i would have almost nothing for this au.

Superhero AU, set in something resembling the DC universe.


The first time they meet is while Nate is pulling a heist. It’s going good, so good, Nate’s is expecting a cape to bust in and stop him. Technically, he’s not wrong. He just didn’t expect…this.

“This,” is a man in a large greenish gray trench coat and fedora that seemingly has no face. He’s staring at Nate in a (what seems to Nate, anyway) thoughtful way. He half expects the man to simply be a figment of his imagination. Instead, the man starts walking towards Nate and muttering under his breath. He only stops walking once he’s directly in front of Nate. Normally, he’s fighting or making a getaway by now. The sheer oddity of the situation keeps him rooted in place.

“Uh” he starts, “Can I help you?” He raises an eyebrow underneath his domino mask. The other man goes silent and stares at Nate (well, he assumes so. He can’t really tell.) for an uncomfortable amount of time. Eventually, the man nods.

“You’re Natemare, correct?” Nate opens his moth to respond, but the other man beats him to it. “Of course you are. I did research. Hm, I would’ve expected more….government affiliation. Never mind, they wouldn’t want the public thinking them involved.” The man had muttered out the last part before continuing. “Anyway, I’m The Theorist, but you may call me The Theorist. I don’t allow nicknames, they could be trigger words for the government’s mind control waves being brodcasted.” Nate’s mind had gone blank during the man’s-The Theorist’s- ramblings. “Ah…okay.” It’s phrased more like a question than a statement, hesitant and soft. The Theorist nods, then begins to speak again. “Well, while I introduced myself, I cuffed you to me and alerted the authorities.” Nate sputters and looks down to see that, yes, in fact he was handcuffed to this lunatic. “Why would you do that?” he asks, dumbfounded. “I want to keep watch on the police so cuffing you to me was the most favorable solution.” He sounds so smug and content with himself and Nate wants to punch him right in the jaw. Instead he grits his teeth glares as the police trickle in. He refuses to acknowledge the part of him that found the rambling almost cute.


The second time Nate met The Theorist, he had just broken out of Belle Reve and was laying low in the shadier parts of LA. He doesn’t have his mask on, but he’s still weary. He’s toward his small hotel room but a man in a familiar greenish gray trench coat walks in front oh him. Nate skids to a stop and pushes down his annoyance (and the fluttering in his chest) in favor for civilian typical confusion. “Um, who are you?” he asks, furrowing his eyebrows and frowning. The theorist hums out a noncommittal greeting and starts rubbing his chin. “Natemare, I’m I found you.” he says and Nate’s heart stops beating for a second before he’s on the defense. “W-Who?” he asks. “The theorist huffs and shakes his head. “Really,” he starts and wow, Nate’s only just realized how almost annoyingly high pitched and prepubescent his voice sounds. “I appreciate you making your alter ego a pun; made it much more easier to find you.”

Nate groans and glares at The Theorist. He contemplates if using his powers is worth getting rid of this nuisance and decided fuck it, it’s very worth it. He starts singing a soft tune that would normally have anyone withing hearing distance under his control. The Theorist stays still and unreadable. Nate’s expression bitters and he glares for what feels like the hundredth time at the other man. “Why aren’t you under my control?!” he grounds out. Matt laughs softly and answers back cheerily. “Oh, I can’t hear anything. There are plugs in my ears to ensure no government can mind control me using sound. I’m reading your lips.” Nate gets the feeling the idiot is smiling and his glare increases tenfold. “And besides,” The Theorist continues with a wave of his hand, “I’m a high level Psionic. I could’ve blocked your powers out easily.” Nate’s about ready to explode at this point but holds it all back.

“What did you want?” he asks, rolling his eyes. The Theorist perks up. “ Oh, I wanted to discuss my theories with you! Markiplier and The Completionist were too busy and Septiceye didn’t want to talk. So, I found you!” Nate stares at the man with utter disbelief. This is it. He’s dead. He died and now he’s in hell. (he also refuses to acknowledge how flattered he is that The Theorist thought of him) “I would’ve gone to Pro Woman but her area of the city is riddled with government spies and androids.” The Theorist continues his rambling, oblivious to the growing irritation in Nate. “Please,” he says, about ready to strangle the other man. “Stop talking. I will honestly turn myself in if you stop talking.” The Theorist does stop, and instead looks at him expectantly.(again, Nate’s assumes so. He can’t tell.) Nate groans but dutifully starts walking towards the county police station, The Theorist close behind. Nate could almost swear he was smirking. He does not think it’s cute. He doesn’t.


The third time was not a charm. Nate did not magically fall in love with The Theorist. His anger did not change overnight. Which is exactly why when they meet for the third time, he does not blush like a schoolgirl. He glares at him, because he hates The Theorist.

He’s atop a large tower, relaxing after a quick heist. He closes his eyes for a few moment, enjoying the warm breeze. When he opens them again, The Theorist is staring at him. “Jesus Christ!” he yelps, leaning away. His face (does NOT) heats up but he manages to glare at the man anyway. The Theorist chuckles and stops telekinetically holding himself in the air, instead lowering himself next to Nate. He doesn’t say anything. He simply sits himself next to Nate is if this was a normal occurrence for him.

It was….nice.

Hesitantly, Nate slid his hand atop The Theorist’s and holds in a breath. When The Theorist doesn’t pull away, he lets it out and allows himself a small smile. He doesn’t want to admit to himself that maybe he doesn’t entirely hate The Theorist, but this is nice. Very nice.


Nate walked into the quaint little coffee shop tired and ready to collapse. He quickly orders a simple black coffee and sits down in a nearby booth, resting his head on the table and letting loose a muffled groan.

“Bad day, huh?” Nate whips his head up at breakneck speeds. That voice…!

The speaker was a man with soft brown curls and equally brown eyes. He was smiling and looking down at Nate so fondly, Nate was almost certain this was The Theorist. “The Theorist….?” he whispered, staring at the man with narrowed eyes. The man’s smile broadened and there was a glint in his eyes. “Call me Matthew, Matthew Patrick.

“I’m calling you MatPat,” Nate smiled.

wow what the fuck happened

where did this monster come from

We cannot complete the mission with this rain… — Tales from the Rain World Series, by Abelardo Ojeda.

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Any more background history like spy, where did he learn all those moves?

Spy use to live in Republic City but that all change when he lost his only family member, his sister, to a bender and began to live his life on the streets, stealing whatever he can. 

One day he was taken in by an old woman who was a master of stealth. A retired Spy? She never said for sure but she knew a lot of techniques and she taught Spy how to fight. Including chi-block. Spy would then be recruited and taken to a secret city full of deadly spies and assassins where he will continue his training.

Soon Spy will get revenge on the bender who killed his sister and then he would travel the world, doing all sorts of missions. Even some for the Administrator. 

There are also some history with Scout’s mom and him. They use to be lovers until Spy had to leave her, to protect her from his enemies. He would visit her ever now and then. Until one day her home was destroy by mysterious soldiers (Grey). Many were killed and a lot went missing.

Spy search for her, far and wide but was unsuccessful. He is not sure if she is dead or alive nor does he understand the reason behind the deadly assault on his lover’s home. (it was because of Scout)

Spy will continue his life, doing one job after another, and occasionally thinking about his old lover. Then one day, he meets a loud mouth air bender named Scout.

I Drowned and Dreamt This Moment || Ned Stark

If you didn’t count the two day long trip earlier in the year it was the first time in nearly a decade Catelyn Stark had set foot in the capital. Even back then she hadn’t been fond of King’s Landing but it would be home for the time being. With winter coming she knew she should be grateful to be escaping the chill that took over the north for a while but that didn’t mean she had wanted to come to King’s Landing to find her husband as King Regent.

Robert’s death had changed a lot but this was one thing she’d never expected. Ned was a Stark and the Starks held Winterfell too dear to ever consider going somewhere else. Just who would take Ned’s place, if anyone, she didn’t know yet but Cat knew this time the trip would last more than a couple days. Surely Ned wouldn’t want to sit on the Iron Throne the rest of his days. Neither of them had had much taste for court life, Robert’s… well Cersie’s youngest child’s birth had been the only thing to bring them down all those years ago, that only because Robert had demanded Ned’s presence. Now it would be Ned doing the demanding.  

He was the King.

“I thought Starks melted when they came too far south.” Having a friend in Peyter helped in a city like this. He had spies who knew their way around the Red Keep better than anyone so she’d been able to sneak in without much notice. She’d see the girls later; now she had other business, business that couldn’t be trusted to Ravens. “And now I find myself married to the King of the Seven Kingdoms.”


Celebrating her escape from East Germany and the success of her new film, teen starlet Pagan Jones returns to Hollywood to reclaim her place among the rich and the famous. She’s thrilled to be back, but memories of her time in Berlin—and elusively handsome secret agent Devin Black—continue to haunt her daydreams. The whirlwind of parties and celebrities just isn’t enough to distract Pagan from the excitement of being a spy or dampen her curiosity about her late mother’s mysterious past.

When Devin reappears with an opportunity for Pagan to get back into the spy game, she is eager to embrace the role once again—all she has to do is identify a potential Nazi war criminal. A man who has ties to her mother. Taking the mission means that she’ll have to star in a cheesy film and dance the tango with an incredibly awful costar, but Pagan knows all the real action will happen off-set, in the streets of Buenos Aires.

But as Pagan learns more about the man they’re investigating, she realizes that the stakes are much higher than they could have ever imagined, and that some secrets are best left undiscovered.

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of City of Spies by Nina Berry!

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Ooo! Talk about the spy au!!!!

  • so it takes place in new york city 
  • there’s a group of “spies” that’s basically GWash, Ham, Jefferson, and the Schuyler sisters 
  • it started as a way for Ham and Jefferson to make money while they were in college because even though they hate each other, they’ve discovered that they’re actually pretty good about digging up information that people have hidden and the pay for doing (most of the time illegal) digging is amazing
  • so a year or so into this little underground business Ham gets way too drunk and blabs about it to Angelica, who’s like “there’s no way i can let you two keep doing this, you’ll either wind up in jail, kill yourselves, or kill someone else” and then of course, if angelica’s in it, eliza gets roped in, too. (they don’t let their little sister Peggy join it formally, but she’s a part of it just as much as they are, running small errands and behind the scenes work because she’s the youngest in the “business”)
  • they also get GWash into it for mostly the same reasons as angelica, but they also need supervision and someone to actually act as a leader for their little ragtag group of “spies”
  • fast forward a few years and they have this shitty little office building where they plot a lot of illegal stuff, organ trafficking, digging through texts and personal records, all that stuff. also they’re in the upper east side and somehow they don’t get caught and it’s become a running joke
  • so one day ham and jefferson are out in an empty subway car with a suspicious black bag (they dont question it, though) and then it starts beeping? so jefferson pages angelica and hes like “tf is going on” and shes like “dont panic but the bombs about to go off”
  • long story short they panic and then this weird guy rescues them
  • nobody really questions it because at least they’re alive
  • but alex goes to investigate and he finds out there’s this whole other ‘spy’ group in nyc, and there’s kind of a secret rivalry between the two
  • but the other spy group has this cool french person Lafayette, their rescuer Hercules Mulligan, the super-hot john laurens, and James Madison, herc’s cousin who’s only in the group to make sure the rest don’t fuck up
  • cue alex and john falling in love and trying to hide it
  • also jefferson totally falls for madison 


See? A simple google search will show you a clearer version:

The Real Story

The Horn of Joshua (A.K.A. Joshua’s Trumpet) was supposedly made from a ram’s horn. Do you guys remember that bible story? The Battle of Jericho? After Moses died, Joshua became the leader of the Israelites (members of the Hebrew nation) and God lead them into Jericho, a city protected by high walls. Two spies snuck in and went to Rahab’s house (a woman who married Salman, an elder or chief of the tribe of Judah) and the king of Jericho ordered his soldiers to capture the men. Rahab hid the men (in her roof, I think) and she lied to the soldiers and told them that they had already left. So the soldiers left and Rahab helped them escape, and in return the spies said that they would save her and her family when they come back. After the spies got back, God told Joshua to march his army around Jericho with the priests blowing their horns once a day for six days, and on the seventh day, march around Jericho seven times. (do you remember now?) So the priests blew their horns and the soldiers shouted as loud as they could and on the seventh day the wall came tumbling down. Then the Israelite army took over the city, and the two spies saved Rahab and her family. So basically, the horns turned the walls into dust. Dust.

The TV Show (Warehouse 13)

Yeah, there was a show that revolved around this thing, and at this point I’m ready to see what history any show gave it, and what powers the show allowed it to have. The show did not disappoint me with a bad story, though. It gave this thing a weird history, we’re talkin’ this thing still being around and messed with in 2011. In the 1890’s people were turning up missing with only a trail of dust left behind them. Some warehouse agents were killed trying to bring it to their warehouse (warehouse 12). People don’t know how it got there, but it did get in the hands of Helena G. Wells and Sir James Eddington for the explosion starter for a rocket Helena was building, the intention in even building the rocket in the first place unknown. It was launched by (wait for it) a Vincent Crowley who was trying to keep the warehouse (warehouse 12) from being relocated in America. He killed Sir James Eddington with the horn, and then launched the rocket with it (in hopes that the act would reverse Britain’s fortunes {where they were} and secure British dominance) Helena G. Wells, though, she tried to stop it, or redirect it or something, and in the process knocked Crowley unconscious. The rocket took off right over him, the blast from it killing Crowley.

The horn, quite hilariously stayed in orbit in space with the rocket (it flew so far) for 69 years until it crashed into Earth in 1962 on a farm in Ohio. (so realistic) A birdwatcher disappeared, teenagers thought it was a UFO gun, blah blah blah, basically Warehouse 13 wanted it. So they sent two agents to get it, but they couldn’t because it was still attached to the remains of the rocket and weird things were happening including sound waves and science I don’t feel like learning/writing about.

So the agents shot a propane tank next to it (lol) and they thought they destroyed it. BUT WAIT! There’s more (there always is).

The rocket was destroyed but the horn itself was not! In fact, the guy who found it was the bird watchers son! His name was Daniel Varley, and he thought that his dad had been abducted by aliens. He moved to Pennsylvania and spent a lotta time in mental institutions. Somehow, though, he managed to become an astronomer with a legit job that allowed him to devise a way to ‘contact a planet’. And the warehouse had no idea this thing still existed. He used to horn for the first time in 2011. He tried to 'contact the planet’ but instead people started to disappear and helicopters crashed.

Some people that work in the warehouse found it and took it from him, and supposedly that is where it is now. (according to the show)

All the times it were used (except by Joshua) were done mechanically.

According to the bible, Joshua didn’t even have/blow a horn. He just lead his army and shouted.

In the Supernatural world this thing is deadly.

It works as a sonic cannon and generates sound waves that turn anything its aimed at to dust with one blast. (Larger objects, though, are only partially disintegrated)

What Everyone wants to know:

Can this thing really kill Amara? Maybe.

Things that make me want to say yes-Crowley saying its your only chance at defeating Amara

Things that want me to say no-The fact that it turns things to dust. Wouldn’t that just destroy her vessel? I think it just may buy them time, but then again it would get rid of the mark of cain from Amara’s skin.

So yeah, it’s just neutral for me. I guess it wouldn’t matter anyways if Lucifer is the one who has it. Maybe he is the one who can use it to its full power to actually kill the Darkness. And if I knew the real answer, I would’ve posted this a long time ago.

I am probably going to continue to add more to this post as I research. Feel free to add anything yourself :)

(I felt like a hunter doing this its fun lol)