city of sewers


‘Packs can number in the hundreds, often massing in city sewers.’

A long, overdue companion piece to my previous vampire timeline, which featured a female, bat species of vampire changing over a thousand years.

For this I wanted to do an inverse effectively, a male, rat species of vampire’s transformation over the course of a month (roughly). 

I envisioned the rat species as a more degenerate, miserable cousin to the bat. Taking some visual cues from Nosferatu (obviously), the master from Buffy as well as the creatures from The Descent.

Anyway, these are a lot of fun and I’d like to continue this series and cover a more diverse range of nocturnal or parasitic animals to base vampire species off (like lampreys, birds, insects etc.)

Types and their reaction to Pokémon Go
  • ISTP: Is more amused by all the clueless people wandering the streets with their noses glued to their phones than the game itself
  • ESTP: Accidentally encounters legendaries while trekking extreme surroundings
  • INTP: The extremely frustrated European, keeps refreshing AppStore every five minutes to see if the game has become available
  • ENTP: Is arrested for roaming city sewers in hopes of finding Pokémon
  • INFP: Doesn't want to leave their house to find Pokémon, is frustrated because their yard only has Weedles
  • ENFP: Has almost gotten run over twice for not paying attention to their surroundings while playing
  • ISFP: Surprisingly adventurous, plans on climbing the nearby mountain to collect the Pokémon there
  • ESFP: Almost caused an accident by slamming the brakes on a highway in order to catch a Snorlax
  • ISFJ: Has an impressive collection of Pidgeys
  • ESFJ: Is the one who stopped ENFP from walking under a truck. Has the game installed but never opened
  • ISTJ: Complains loudly how the game is dangerous and causes accidents, is secretly a hardcore player
  • ESTJ: Acutely aware of how stupid they look while out hunting, do it anyway
  • INTJ: Extremely competitive, beats gyms like it's a chore
  • ENTJ: Curious about the game but refuses to install it because it's "embarrassing and stupid"
  • INFJ: Has been so caught up in their own little world that they don't even know the game exists
  • ENFJ: The teacher at school who has a hard time keeping their students off the game during class

There is a mostly forgotten world under most cities. Some are buried now, others are crumbling and will be lost. But there are others, like these tunnels under New York that will remain for centuries to come. 

I’ve been researching this underground world for one of my novels. It’s Post-Apocalyptic, of course, and the survivors take refuge in the tunnels underneath New York City. 

I think the irony is striking when you consider this… If there is an apocalyptic event, humans will be forced to flee to places like the one pictured above, directly underneath the greatest engineering feats of our time. The skyscraper you live or work in may have been built overtop of what becomes your refuge.


“You obviously have some power. You chased off those hooligans with rotten fruit. Perhaps you have banana-kenesis? Or you can control garbage? I once knew a Roman goddess, Cloacina, who presided over the city’s sewer system. Perhaps you’re related?” // APOLLO, THE TRIALS OF APOLLO

I had a dream last night that I went into the sewer looking to like kill someone(?) and I met some goth sewer people. they wouldn’t leave me alone so I insulted them and they got all sad and finally left me alone. so we go further into the sewer and find a sewer city. there was like stores and attractions. we ended up going into like some sewer bar or something. eventually I forgot why I even went into the sewers in the first place and decided to leave. I bumped into the goth sewer people and decided to apologize to them. they accepted my apology and we talked and they gave me a gun as a gift/token of our friendship.


Ever wanted to visit the Turtles in their underground crash pad? Now you can! This new exhibit at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis takes you inside Splinter’s Dojo, Donny’s workshop, and more:

At The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, families will be transported to the underground home of the crime-fighting heroes to see what really happens in their secret hideaway. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brothers Leonardo (the tactical, courageous leader in blue), Michelangelo (the free-spirited jokester in orange), Raphael (the aggressive tough guy in red), and Donatello (the scientist and technological genius in purple) invite families to their New York City sewer lair to train together and learn about the Turtles’ comedic, skillful strategies.

These photos are just a sampling of the cool stuff in the exhibit, so if you’re in the Indiana area make sure to check it out!

Alligators in the NYC Sewer

One of the most prolific and intense urban legends in American history is the persistent tale of the alligators in the New York City subway and sewer system.  While most people have pushed these off as mere campfire tales, the truth may actually be that there have been alligators in the city’s underground.  Despite sometimes faulty primary sources such as witness testimony and newspaper reports during a time of sensational headlines, the alligator stories have not all been derived from the same root story and may actually have their origins in truth.

The first recorded sighting of an alligator in New York came from 1932 when one was reportedly found sitting casually along the banks of the Bronx River.  Three years later a few teens were shoveling snow into the sewer via a manhole when they ran across an alligator allegedly poking his nose up out of the hole.  They managed to wrestle it out of the street and when it became hostile, they killed it.

The city seems content with the way things are.  Their alligators are rarely ever seen and although considered to be mythical, the stories do seem to be based in fact and when it comes right down to it–it’s entirely plausible.  Snapping turtles and other smaller reptiles are seen quite commonly in the water treatment facilities in the city.