city of sewers

Footage of a supposed “sewer alligator” has emerged on the internet. Stories of the animals living in city sewer systems date back as early as the 1920’s and are usually thought of as mere legends, but several photographs, such as this recent one, may prove otherwise. It is thought that baby gators were bought from pet shops by unknowing owners and were cruelly flushed down the toilet or discarded into rivers when they began to grow rapidly. Many people think that some alligators survived and managed to breed, producing a long line of these underground “sewer gators”.


Some ugly doodles of dragons as they exist in a story I’m workin’ on with my friend @chevalrien
Dragons were first kept as pets by Chinese emperors thousands of years ago, and were seen as living symbols of royalty. They were captured as babies as raised to be loyal lifelong guardians to their masters.
Fast forward to the 20s, and eastern “mini” dragons are once again walking among the elite, but now in the form of a tragic fashion trend among upper class Americans. A British merchant began raising and inbreeding his small collection of Chinese golds he had captured on a hunting trip sometime in the 18th century, creating a new line of semi-domesticated “designer” dragons. Breeding and owning dragons is a massive undertaking due their enormous adult size, but they are valued for their variety in coat colors and lionlike manes, as well as their exotic status.
The increasingly lucrative business has also been a boon to poaching of wild dragons.
Exotic pet stores and seedy merchants offer a fantastic variety of cute, bug-eyed baby dragons, which are often coddled and kept in bathtubs until they die of poor care or grow too big for comfort, and are released into the local waterways to terrorize park ponds and city sewers.

Exposing my brother

I saw a ninja turtle post and I’m just gonna say that when my older brother was in the first grade he was super into the ninja turtles and since he had no concept of what our father did for living that caused him to disappear every night and tired during the day (night shift), my brother somehow made the connection that our father was a secret ninja turtle. Like for a good 4/5 years he dead ass believed that our father would enter the city sewers and transform like some sort of were-turtle and fight crime. But he never told anyone because he needed to protect our father’s secret identity so he would always get super nervous and evasive when someone at school asked about what our father did for a living. This created the impression that we didn’t have a dad or he was a deadbeat or something which didn’t help our case since by the fifth grade he had transferred to a primarily white school and the ONE token Mexican kid appeared to have… a missing father? So teachers and other parents made assumptions since our mom would show up alone during parent events (because night shift so our dad had to catch up on sleep during the day). Until FINALLY freaking “Sharon” from the PTA committee over here approached our mom and proceeded to say that she was an “inspiration” in raising a child “all on her own despite everything” and how she was always willing to help if my mom ever had trouble helping her son because of the “language barrier” (my mom has broken English but she understands everything and was perfectly capable of helping her fifth grade son complete his homework). So my mom is like ??????? and she asked how the hell did Sharon get the idea that she was a single mother? So after that debacle, my mom interrogates my brother and he reveals his belief about our crime fighting turtledad. And it was so ridiculous that she couldn’t even be mad and explained that no, our dad is not a ninja turtle and your dad works at so-and-so company. And now my brother is turning 29 this year and to this day he still gets embarrassed whenever ninja turtles are brought up and since everyone, including his adult friends, know this story they tease him about it. Like when the last CGI movie about tmnt came out a few years ago his co workers would ask him if it was a documentary on his family life. For his birthday they gave him a ninja turtle mug in the shape of one of their heads (i think it’s Leonardo) and explained that they wanted to get him a personalized mug with the man that raised him and my brother at this point has given up and just accepted his turtle ancestry.

Fic: Toothpaste

A long overdue prize for @ohyayaseance, who guessed the best in the @xfficchallenges Anon Challenge!

Of all the things he imagined doing with Dana Scully, buying toothpaste wasn’t one of them.

“Do you have sensitive teeth, Mulder?” she asks, weighing two boxes in her hands.  They’re both sparkly, promising the freshest breath and the whitest teeth.  He couldn’t tell you the difference between them, except that one says ZEST in a swirly font and the other says AQUAFROST.

“Not really,” he tells her.  

“Hmm,” she says.  “How are your gums?”

“Scully, you’re my doctor,” he says.  “Shouldn’t you already know this?”

She fixes him with a gaze chillier than the promised flavor of the toothpaste (EXTREME WINTERMINT).  “You do know that doctors and dentists have completely different specialties and training.”  It isn’t a question.

“Sure,” he says.  “I just thought you’d know.”

Her lips curve into a smile.  “My familiarity with your mouth doesn’t come from your medical files,” she says, raising one eyebrow.

“And I’m grateful for that every day,” he says.  “What about this one?”  

She shifts the two boxes to one hand and takes the one he gives her.  “Mulder, this one’s baking soda.”

He shrugs.  “I like the way it foams.”

“It tastes terrible,” she says, handing it back to him.  He puts it on the shelf with the others.  “How do you feel about mouthwash strips?”

He licks his teeth reflexively.  “No.  They stick to my gums.”

She puts a box down, but picks up another one.  “Whitening?”

He shrugs.  “I’m not waiting for my close-up.”

“We drink a lot of coffee,” she says.  “Might as well.”

“Might as well for all of it,” he says.  “Whitening.  Freshening.  Sensitivity.  Enamel building.  Can toothpaste really do that?”

Now it’s Scully’s turn to shrug.  She turns the box over.  “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration,” she reads.

“There you have it,” Mulder says.  He reaches for a bottle of mouthwash.  “Let’s get the blue one and this blue mouthwash.”

“What does that one do?” she asks.

“I don’t know,” he says.  “It’s blue.  I figured the flavors would match.”

She smiles at him with warm and genuine exasperation.  “Mulder.”

“Scully, I’m just happy to be brushing my teeth next to you,” he says.  “I’d even use that natural stuff that doesn’t have fluoride or chemicals if that’s what you want.”

She snorts.  “Chemicals are in everything, Mulder.  You can’t make that kind of broad statement and say something doesn’t have chemicals.”

“You know what I mean,” he says.  

“I do,” she says, softening.  “Blue is a flavor?”

“Definitely,” he says.  He counts off on his fingers.  “Popsicles, mouthwash, toothpaste, and hard candy.”

“The FDA hasn’t evaluated that either, I’m guessing,” she deadpans.

“It’s a known fact,” he tells her.  “I’m not saying mouthwash and popsicles are the same flavor, but blue is definitely a flavor.”

“All right,” she says, and tosses one of the toothpastes into the cart.  “What’s next?”

“Toilet paper,” he says.  “How many factors are involved in your toilet paper selection process?”

“You have no idea,” she says.  “Ply thickness, roll size, paper softness, paper strength, flushability - that’s going to matter if we’re in a place someday that isn’t on the city sewer system.  And toilet paper is nothing compared to pads and tampons.  I’m going to have to send you with a detailed checklist when you go on a tampon run.”

“I can’t wait,” he says, and means it.  

Cardassian Animals

I was just playing around with what one might see at a Cardassian zoo, and thought you guys might get some enjoyment out of it.  Some of these animals are mentioned in canon, but I mostly came up with the descriptions.  I also came up with a term for an animal that is somewhere between mammal and reptile - tUrn’hU (warm scale), inspired by @feltelures and @tinsnip Kardasi, thought the concept itself is mine.

Vole (tUrn’hU) – small, six-legged creature with a scattering of hair and sharp teeth, poor eyesight, minor “spoon” on the head, spends most time underground or in other dark places, often considered a “pest,” common across most of Prime·       

Regnar (reptile) – small reptile, usually found in the desert and surrounding areas, blind, capable of blending into the environment, very fast, population unknown due to speed and “cloaking” ability·        

Zabu (mammal) – large domesticated mammal, similar to a cow, used in agriculture for both its meat and its milk, which is especially prized for the thick, sweet cream that can be made from it, large hump around shoulders which stores reserves during times of draught and food scarcity, very sturdy animal, able to survive in most environments, variations found across Prime·     

Măgath (reptile) – snakes, ranges in size, coloration, temperament, can be either venomous or non-venomous, various subspecies found in all regions of Prime. 

Common Garden Kut Măgath – medium sized black snake often found in gardens, eats small rodents, lizards, and insects, non-venomous, fairly non-aggressive unless directly threatened. 

Roklan – the largest species of snake native to Cardassia Prime, found only in the jungles of the Southern continent, non-venomous, but extremely rare due to habitat loss.

Cova - medium to large snake found in the lower mountainous regions and rocky outcroppings, coloration ranges from sandy to red to brown, often has bands or speckles to help it camouflage, very thick body, highly venomous, venom causes seizures and distress on the pulmonary system, a single bite can kill an adult Cardassian, the venom has been known to have been harvested by the Obsidian Order for use in toxic agents, vulnerable (pronounced sho-vah)   ·        

Taspar (bird) – small avian species found in less arid regions of Prime, colorful, known for its beautiful song, most common along the coastal regions, but has been known to colonize cities where water is plentiful·        

Regova (bird) – avian species found primarily in the desert and surrounding areas, four legs and two large wings, powerful jaws and talons for attacking prey and defending their nests, females are particularly aggressive, especially when nesting or guarding recently hatched young, feathers are generally rust colored with a shiny black beak and large black eyes, vulnerable due to eggs being harvested for food·        

Riding Hound (mammal) – canine like animal, approximately the size of a horse with a long snout and a tufted tail, large, tufted paws good for moving on desert sands and rocky areas, colors range from light gray to black, mostly domesticated, though can be willful, originally used for transportation, but now mostly kept for sport and enjoyment, common·        

Dwarf Riding Hound (mammal) – a miniature version of a Riding Hound, approximately the size of a goat, domesticated and very docile, originally breed to pull carts and plows, now used for children’s riding and enjoyment, greater range of color and coat patterns than full size Riding Hounds, common·        

Kovabug (insect) – a small, hard-shelled insect known for its beautiful coloration, the outer shell is a deep blue with hints of green in the sunlight, the shell splits to deploy the wings underneath, which make a pleasant humming sound as the insect flies, highly prized by Cardassian children, who often collect the colorful discarded shells when the insect molts, common in most regions with decent vegetation·        

Urall (mammal) – a largish herbivore, prized for its hide, which is used to make high-end leather, extinct in the wild, but kept by a small handful of artisans who produce the leather for the Cardassian elite ·        

Flayers (tUrn’hU) – extremely dangerous predatory animal, found in the desert, sand colored fur and scales with deep gray forehead “spoon,” large, piercing fangs, excellent eyesight and hearing, armored back and ridges along spine and around eyes, six legs, prey on everything from gettle to zabu, have been known to even attack and kill adult Cardassians, hunt in small packs of 5-10 members, but can be cannibalistic, vulnerable·        

Gettle (mammal) – smaller pack animal, grazers that live off of the sturdy grasses that grow on the outskirts of Prime’s many deserts, reddish-brown colored fur with a white underbelly, all have spiraling black horns, though the males are larger than the females, have become extremely rare due to poaching·        

Onyx Beetles (insect) – named for their color, commonly found in gardens, will often burrow underground and eat the roots of plants, common·        

Sleg Corgan (reptile) – large reptile native to the lower regions of the Northern continent, carnivorous, but has also been known to scavenge on deceased prey, incredibly well adapted to food scarcity, it eats only twice a year, known for slow movement, except when hunting, and spends most of its time completely motionless, rare·        

Utoxa (bird) – water fowl, found primarily along the coast near Lakarian City and Culat during the warm winters in that area, will migrate to the equatorial region during the cooler months, long turquoise feathers with dark blue underbellies and webbed feet, fish eaters, vulnerable·        

Scottril (tUrn’hU) – related to the vole, six legs and a small forehead “spoon,” lives primarily in city sewers and other dark, damp areas, colors range from dark brown to black, limited eyesight, but extremely keen sense of smell, common ·        

Toj’Lath (tUrn’hU) – ancient ancestor of the modern Cardassian, about half the height of an adult Cardassian, but very broad, similar ridge structure and coloration, though it has more blue highlights and scaling, highly intelligent, has a series of horns that start on the bridge of the nose, which increase in size as they run up to the hairline, strong prehensile tail, unlike most tUrn’hU, the “egg horn” never drops off, but stays in the place of the forehead “spoon,” revered by the Hebitians and often depicted on ancient tombs and religious artifacts, rare·        

Hekant (mammal) – a small, herbivorous mammal with long ears, known for its downy coat, mostly domesticated and used for meat and fur, though there are still some wild varieties found in various regions of Prime, selectively bred for a variety of colors and coat patterns, sometimes kept as pets, common  ·        

Rhirzum (mammal) – a large feline with elongated fangs, also found only in the jungles of the Southern continent, however, fossil evidence suggests that this species used to be found across Prime, only known mammalian species on Prime to have developed venom, which can be sprayed and is akin to acid, causing severe pain, scarring, and blindness, it is believed that their venom was diluted with other compounds by the Hebitian clergy and when ingested produced trance-like states, rare due to habitat loss·        

Thăv’os (tUrn’hU) – a medium sized, horned animal with six legs and a very faint forehead “spoon,” found in the upper regions of the mountains, remarkable at climbing the steep cliffs, the bones of its legs were extremely thin, but very solid and were often harvested to be used as writing implements, primarily covered in light gray scales, but has a mane of white, feathery hair on its head, chest, and shoulders, vulnerable ·        

Vompăt (mammal) – a small, domesticated animals with a long, furry body and four short legs, extremely friendly and curious, make excellent pets, common·        

Zeryd (bird) – a large avian animal, two pairs of small, non-functional wings, but has two long, extremely powerful legs ending in two clawed toes, a kick can disembowel most prey and they will eat almost anything, including carrion, tearing off chunks of flesh with their razor sharp beaks, both males and females are covered in shiny, black feathers, despite being found in more arid regions of Prime, rare·        

Arafta (tUrn’hU) a moderately sized animal found only on a small island off the Southern continent peninsula, it is covered in beige armored scales, though it also has a smattering of fur, it spends most of its life in the trees, where it uses its claws to dig into the bark for insects, though it will also eat fruit, lives in small family groups, intelligent and curious, but extremely rare due to limited habitat

Leonardo's invasion

Night fell on the city gently and lovingly. The daytime sun had been a harsh mistress and the urban jungle was feeling the scorch of early summer heat.

Already, in these late months of spring, the asphalt was hot enough to blister. The blasts of sunlight reflecting off the roofs of passing cars near Times Square was like a laser beam to the retina. It was so early the season, and all too soon the heat was becoming unbearable.

Escaping the Dantes Inferno like atmosphere, The tall human woman was tending her rooftop garden. Which had grown to monstrous size in these past few weeks. With additions of vegetables, more nocturnal beds, aloe and other succulents, hide outs for Pumpkin to cool herself down, and even some water features and a small pond. For privacy, trellises and flowering vines gave natural curtains from prying eyes.

It was a modern day Eden.

Even the energy here was drastically different than the apartment. This space was a living, breathing testimony to thriving in the most unlikely of places.

Wearing a long wrap around skirt that hugged every curve of her waist and generous hips, and a tank top that made her feel like she wasn’t sweating to death, the female tending her garden was brushing a bit of dirt off her hands when she stood up. She smiled to herself when she heard the pond frogs and cicadas start their evening chorus.

The air was thick with perfume of lilacs and jasmine. It made her cheeks burn slightly thinking of who inspired the recent additions of lilacs.

Turning around to check on the hibiscus the redhead let out a startled squeak. No matter how good her situational awareness was, a ninja could shatter that confidence. Raph was on patrol tonight so she wasn’t expecting visitors. Much less the one standing before her.

Leonardo was the groups leader. He was also more affectionately know as ‘Fuckwad’ from her man. Raph and Leo didn’t often see eye to eye on things like leadership, or fighting rotations, or training, or well… anything.

“Fuck Leo! You scared me half to death.” The flustered woman exclaimed. Immediately she regretted saying the ‘F word’ in front of him. It’s not like he’s never heard it before, (given who he lived with) but the thing was Leo never swore. So, out of respect she tried to watch her language in front of him. She thought it really fucking odd he never swore, but she didn’t dog the male out over it either. He was always such the gentleman, especially in manner of speech.

His towering, well muscled frame took half a step towards her and made a courteous bow of his head. “My deepest apologies. I didn’t mean to. I would have called if I had a way. Forgive me?”

Slightly shaking herself from the rush of adrenaline, the female regained her composure. “Yeah, of course. No worries.” Looking around she told the leader in blue, “Uh, Raphs not here if you’re looking for him. He’s on rotation tonight so..”

Clearing his throat the mutant sheepishly replied, “No, I know. I’m the one who makes the schedule. I actually came to see you if that’s alright?”

The wind picked up at that moment and made the tall grasses in the planters sway and rustle giving a serene moment to help break the tension forming.

Never had she been alone with another male since her monogamous commitment to Raphael. It felt like a violation to have anyone else in her personal space while she was alone at night. As if to further prove her point, Pumpkin the cat chose to sit at the woman’s feet and growl at the offending turtle. The feline wasn’t exactly shy about her dislike of him either. She was Raphs kitten after all.

“Um, alright… can I get you something to drink? We can talk over in the cabanas.” The woman said leading the way to the seating area.

It felt especially strange having Leo come to take a seat in the plush U shaped platform with the oversized shade umbrellas and curtains flowing on bamboo frames. It felt like he was invading a scared space. Raph and her built this custom extravagance with their own hands. It was however, the only seating large enough to accommodate a plus four hundred pound turtle. So here they were.

Fireflies danced in the humid air and a pitcher of mint cucumber water sat on a tray between them. Glasses with ice were filled and a thanks was mumbled. Like a heavy molasses, uncomfortable silence stretched between the mutant and the human as they sipped the cold water.

Breathing in deep and closing his eyes in that thoughtful way of his, Leonardo seemed to be meditating. Y/N didn’t know what she was supposed to do. Her eyes glanced around and she was glad to have something to occupy her hands. She was a nervous fidgeter.

When she thought she was going to scream from the waiting, finally Leo opened his blue eyes and trained them right on Raphs female.

It was unnerving for her. She had never been the sole focus of his attention before and it was startling. His gaze was deep and piercing. The kind of stare that a male had when he could look right through you, and already he knew your deepest secrets. The kind of stare that stripped you bare and vulnerable.

“Raph comes home smelling like this place. Of earth, and fresh growing things. Of things other than city grime and sewer. The other night the smell of fresh basil lingered on him for hours. I was so jealous I wanted to choke him.” Softly, a smile curved Leo’s lips as he made his confession.

“Oh. Uh, yeah. When he comes over we usually spend most of our time out here. No one can really see in and I’m already stuck inside most of the day. So… yeah…” The female said. Her reply was somewhat sheepish because she still didn’t really know where any of this was coming from. Or where it was headed.

The frogs chirped and the wooden wind chimes could be heard on the other end of the canopy. Long flowing curtains around the platform seemed to be moved by invisible hands as they danced in the breeze.

Y/N was really starting to squirm now. This setting, this environment, it was all too intimate, it was all too much. She was really kicking herself at the moment for lighting all the citronella candles when she first came out here some hours earlier.

Just what a girl needs when shes hosting her boyfriends brother in the middle of the night. Fucking candlelight ambiance.

For fucks sake. Could this get anymore awkward?

“Look, Leo. Are you okay?” She didn’t mean to be so abrupt, but the tension was killing her.

Ever graceful, ever cool Leo just smiled again and looked away. “Yeah. I’m good. I just… sometimes..”

“If it’s alright with you, if it would be no intrusion… could I spend some time up here? In your gardens? After being stuck down below for so long, you start to long for the world above. Especially when it’s close enough for you to be reminded of its fragrance.” He took that opportunity to look her in the eyes again as he asked his question. Her throat went dry at his focus on her.

God damn. She’d never seen Leo like this before. Like a starving man asking for a crumb as of it were a filet mignon. How in the hell was she supposed to shut down a request like that and still sleep at night?

“Oh.. uh.. I don’t mind. Let me talk to Raph. Maybe there’s a way we can work out a night a week you can come up here while we are in. Or something.” Not knowing how to add in that it would have be to something the three of them agreed upon.

So Raph didn’t field dress his poor brother.

Like a phantom he was up in front on her and picking up her hand to lay a gentle kiss upon it. Like someone bit her, Y/N jumped back.

“A thousand times I thank you. I don’t think you could ever possibly imagine how much this means to me. I’ll come back in a few days after you and Raphael have talked it out to see where we all stand. From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough.”

Gliding in that animalistically smooth way of the mutants, Leo was already to the roofs edge when he stopped. Turning his head to the side he called over his shoulder, “You are an angel among mortals. I can see why he’s so taken with you.”

Leaping over the brick, like a whisper in a graveyard he was gone into the night.

And she just agreed to let him come back?

Damn her bleeding heart.

Damn it straight to Hell.

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you know in juno when michael cera senses that juno’s going into labour while he’s at a track meet and he sprints off the track and runs up the bleachers to go be with her in the hospital? and he comes barreling into the maternity ward in his track uniform? well charlie would never in a million years run track so i think the equivalent here is that he was hanging out in the sewer foraging for coins and then he senses dee’s about to go into labour so he navigates the city’s sewer system to the hospital and then rolls into the maternity ward covered in raw sewage yelling about how his girlfriend is about to give birth

There is a mostly forgotten world under most cities. Some are buried now, others are crumbling and will be lost. But there are others, like these tunnels under New York that will remain for centuries to come. 

I’ve been researching this underground world for one of my novels. It’s Post-Apocalyptic, of course, and the survivors take refuge in the tunnels underneath New York City. 

I think the irony is striking when you consider this… If there is an apocalyptic event, humans will be forced to flee to places like the one pictured above, directly underneath the greatest engineering feats of our time. The skyscraper you live or work in may have been built overtop of what becomes your refuge.

For the past several months we have prepared for tomorrow. We sold our home, we temporarily moved in with my parents, we dove head first into the off the grid world, we prepped the land, and worked together to figure out solutions to any foreseen issues that are likely to arise from a life of living in the wild.

We were excited together, scared together, doubtful, and hopeful - depending on the day of the week or the task at hand, but we are here.

Tomorrow we are making the big move to our homestead where we will be living completely off the grid in a 26 foot trailer for the next year or so, while our forever home is being built.

What does that mean? No hook up to city power - only our generators, battery banks, and solar panels. No hook up to city water - just yours truly hauling hundreds of gallons of water from town to our land several times a month. No hook up to city gas - just refillable propane tanks. No hook up to city sewer - just our trailer’s black water tanks.

Mindfulness will be key, as everyday tasks such as brushing our teeth will become a creative lesson in water conservation.

In spite of the challenges, I’m ready to be humbled by the rawness of it all. I’m ready to lay the foundation of a life changing dream.

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For the interesting word prompt thing: Anders, petrichor

(Petrichor - The smell of dry rain on the ground.)

There’s a thin trickle of water dripping by the entrance to the cave where he spent the night, slow, one drop at a time, and where the sunlight catches it there are these rainbow colors, faint flashes, barely visible, and Anders isn’t sure how he’s never noticed that before. It’s beautiful.

And he can almost hear Justice’s voice, like when he’d been standing in the Wending Wood and talking about the colors of the mortal world and all the beauty going overlooked, as if they hadn’t been at risk of death-by-demon-tree at any moment. As if he’s not at risk of death-by-justifiably-angry-Wardens at any moment now.

And he’s not sure if that rich smell of the earth is from last night’s rain or if it only seems so intense because he can smell it, because he has a living body now and not—

“You like this?” he says out loud, like maybe that’ll help, like maybe if he’s talking to Justice then he must be Anders. And Anders never cared for nature that much. Very pretty, sure, but there was so much of it between Kinloch Hold and anywhere worth going. Somewhat lacking in taverns. Or baths. “Bet you’d have loved the Wilds.”

The morning is silent aside from a few bird calls in the distance.

He wasn’t really expecting to get an answer.

As a kid, he’d heard stories about apostates hiding among the Chasind, taking the form of birds and flying away whenever the templars came looking. Seeking them out in the Wilds had seemed like a grand plan at the time. Escape attempt number three. And he never managed to get those shapeshifting lessons he’d been after, but part of him thinks the shift from one shape to another is so easy and familiar, he’s sure he could—

Images of the twisted forms of abominations rise in his mind, and he takes a deep breath. Holds out his hand to let that trickle of water splash against his fingers, which are solid and not at all malleable and that’s part of the appeal of the mortal world, really.

That and the way the water catches the light. He can see that now.

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Hey this is the anon with the rape request thingy. The reasoning behind me requesting it is because I was kinda sexually assaulted and I haven't really told many people. Idk just kinda felt like the companions could be my friends and help me forgive myself (NOT IN ANY WAY UPSET YOU DONT WANNA DO IT <3 ily)

Anon I’m so so sorry, I had no idea. Please let me make it up and if you’d like, this one is a special one to you from me as both a thanks for all your support and a way that hopefully I can help you out in some way, stay beautiful anon ily too ^-^ <3

Cait: She wasn’t entirely sure how to comfort them, although having to defend herself often while in the combat zone and through her years in slavery, she could understand their feelings. She hugged Sole tighter than ever and made a promise, one she would keep, the first being she’d forever be there for them and the second, if she ever saw the person she’d “kick their fuckin’ head in”

Codsworth: “Sir/mum… I- I’m so sorry, please… if there’s anything I can do, anything at all do not hesitate to ask, I will do my best to help you always”

Curie: She’s more upset than Sole, she keeps asking why someone would ever want to do that to another person, especially her Sole? She curls up next to them with her arms wrapped around them and her head on their chest, she just held them close, no words. Just having her with them made them feel a whole lot better

Danse: He blamed himself for not protecting them, he saw it as a negligence of duty on his part, he couldn’t apologize enough to Sole as he comforted in his arms “Don’t worry now… everythings going to be alright trust me, I promise as long as I’m here… nothing will ever hurt you again” His soft words and big arms wrapped around them made Sole feel easier as well as a lot safer knowing Danse would always be there to protect them

Deacon: Deacons chipper persona turned solemn, for a while he just sat with Sole in his arms, he felt their breath against his shirt and couldn’t believe someone would hurt them, after a while he thought it best to take their mind off it “Hey… I ever tell you about the time I got stuck in a Diamond City sewer? Great story…” He felt easier knowing Sole’s mind was in a better place for the time being

Dogmeat: Snuggles up to Sole and nuzzles them with his snout in an effort to make them feel better, stays by Sole’s side as long as they need, he’s always there for them

Hancock: Takes Sole in his arms and hugs them tightly “Love… it’ll be okay, it ain’t your fault trust me, believe me if this asshole sets foot in Goodneighbour they’re gonna be sorry” He held them a few minutes longer, stroking their head as it lay against his chest.

MacCready: “God dammit… why would someone do this??” Mac took it hard and blamed himself for not being there to protect Sole. Mac did what he could, he hugged them with a tight squeeze and perched his hat on Sole’s head, his kindness saw Sole crack at little smile as he held them close

Nick: “Now you listen to me… I ain’t gonna stop until this “person” is brought to justice, this jackass thinks they can hurt my vault dweller? Not a damn chance…” Nick’s pledge made Sole feel safer as Nick held them close, his own mind held in thought as Sole lay across his shoulders

Piper: “Bue… I- I….” Piper didn’t say anything and instead hugged the crap out of Sole, the hardest she’d ever hugged them before. Her head buried in their chest so deep her press cap was on the verge of falling off. Sole couldn’t help but feel a gentle smile come as they felt Piper’s tight grip of them, later on it was reversed with Sole buried in PIper’s chest, she gave them little forehead kisses and whispered sweet nothings in her effort to take their mind off it

Preston: “My god… general, I’m… sorry, is there anything I can do?” Preston couldn’t believe someone could hurt Sole like that, naturally he grew more protective of his friend/lover, he’d always ask if they were okay, the thought of them being upset, saddened him and he wanted nothing more than to help Sole be happy again

Strong: “Strong kill whoever hurt human if Strong find them, Strong not let anyone hurt human” It may of not been the most eloquent way of making them feel better, but it meant a hell of a lot knowing Strong cared so much about them.

X6-88: He wanted to take Sole back to the Institute straight away so nothing would ever hurt them again. X6 made a personal pledge to Sole that he would make whoever did this pay, but Sole made X6 promise that no one else be hurt anymore, enough had already had been. Instead X6 put an arm round Sole and held them close, the felt considerably safer in X6′s arms.

Maxson: “Knight… I’m so sorry, but believe me now, your brothers and sisters will not rest by when a fellow brother/sister is hurting, remember, we are all united aboard this vessel, and you have my undivided attention and help whenever you need” He gave Sole his fluffy coat as a present, his way of helping them even further.

I won’t lie as soon as I saw this I stopped everything so I could write out this reaction, I hate to think that someone following and supporting this blog is hurting, anyway anon I hope this helps you in someway, ily <3. Also, if anyone else is hurting and feels like a reaction or something would help, please, feel free to hit me up and I’ll help as best I can <3