city of medicine

Costado de las aulas clinicas del Hospital General (hoy Hospital de Especialidades ‘Dr. Bernardo Sepúlveda Gutíerrez’), Centro Médico del Distrito Federal, av. Cuauhtémoc 300, Doctores, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México 1958

Mural “Medicina en la Historia de México” por José Chávez Morado

Arq. Enrique Yáñez

Side of the clincial classrooms, General Hospital (now Hospital of Specialties ‘Dr. Bernardo Sepúlveda Gutíerrez), Medical Center of the Federal District, av. Cuauhtemoc 300, Doctores, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City 1958

Mural “History of Medicine in Mexico” by Jose Chávez Morado


You’re right. BL/i uses the character to show residents of the city that their medicine works miracles. Though we all know it pretty much does the opposite.

But nah, I made the mask. It’s kind of my signature thing, y’know? Everyone in the Zones knows the mask is mine. And everyone also knows Party is a sneaky fuckin’ Runner. Sometimes I wont see my mask for weeks.


I didn’t draw the background, credit to the owner for that.


Sky Cleaning Ceremony

City of Angels, CA - Sept. 26, 2015

Orgone energy banishes the toxins.  Using a medicine wheel of towerbusters and an obolix with strong intention and prayer, the sky was cleared in 20 minutes near LAX yesterday afternoon.  The Day of Purification is here.  We fight the energy war with energy.  Ours is free and theirs costs billions of dollars.  Who do you think will win?

M.A.S.H Trivia #12

1. What is Klinger’s hometown?

2. What is the first name and maiden name of Klinger’s first wife?

3. What is Col. Potter’s hometown?

4. What is Col. Potter’s wife’s first name?

5. Before the war, in what city did Hawkeye practice medicine?

6. What is Radar’s favorite drink?

Answers to M.A.S.H trivia #11

1. Philadelphia

2. T

3. Claustrophobia

4. He is a doctor

5. Igor

6. Zale

theanimelovinggirl  asked:

Hunter x Hunter 91 Days AU? (I saw 91 Days on your list of top 10 anime of 2016, so I assumed you've seen it)

Oooohhhh this sounds like FUN!!

•Kurapika is Angelo
•Leorio is Corteo
•Chrollo is Nero
•Instead of the Vanetti Family being a thing, it’s the Phantom Troupe
•Kurapika gets Leorio to agree to sell the troupe medicine that they need since they are the smallest mafia group in Yorknew City
•Kurapika uses Leorio’s medicine to get into the troupe and gets them to trust him
•Uvo is killed by Kurapika first
•In order to protect Kurapika, Leorio lets the troupe capture him when they think he’s a traitor, and he insists that Kurapika had nothing to do with his ‘betrayal’
•the troupe tries to make Kurapika kill Leorio in order to prove his loyalty, and locks them in the room alone
•Kurapika can’t bring himself to do it
•Because Leorio knows that it’s either just Leorio or Leorio and Kurapika, he takes the gun from his friend and shoots himself in the heart to make it look like Kurapika shot him
•Kurapika goes along and picks up the gun when Leorio drops it
•Kurapika starts hallucinating his best friend just standing around watching him, and sometimes giving him advice
•Instead of sparing Chrollo, Kurapika just kills everyone in the troupe without hesitation or any kind of remorse
•After his plan is complete, Kurapika doesn’t find anymore meaning in his life
•He drives to the beach, just to give himself a few days to enjoy unburdened life and to make sure he’s really sure about what he plans to do when he gets there
•It ends with Kurapika staring off into the ocean
•He mutters something like ‘what a beautiful view’ before he shoots himself
•that was a really REALLY dark AU, sorry about that

Thanks for the ask!! This was a fun AU!!
Please keep sending me asks!! I love doing these!!

General Search Engines and Databases

These databases and search engines for databases will provide information from places on the Internet most typical search engines cannot.

  • DeepDyve. One of the newest search engines specifically targeted at exploring the deep web, this one is available after you sign up for a free membership.
  • OAIster. Search for digital items with this tool that provides 12 million resources from over 800 repositories.
  • direct search. Search through all the direct search databases or select a specific one with this tool.
  • CloserLook Search. Search for information on health, drugs and medicine, city guides, company profiles, and Canadian airfares with this customized search engine that specializes in the deep web.
  • Northern Light Search. Find information with the quick search or browse through other search tools here.
  • Yahoo! Search Subscriptions. Use this tool to combine a search on Yahoo! with searches in journals where you have subscriptions such as Wall Street Journal and New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Librarians’ Internet Index (LII) is a publicly-funded website and weekly newsletter serving California, the nation, and the world.
  • The Scout Archives. This database is the culmination of nine years’ worth of compiling the best of the Internet.
  • Daylife. Find news with this site that offers some of the best global news stories along with photos, articles, quotes, and more.
  • Silobreaker. This tool shows how news and people in the news impacts the global culture with current news stories, corresponding maps, graphs of trends, networks of related people or topics, fact sheets, and more.
  • spock. Find anyone on the web who might not normally show up on the surface web through blogs, pictures, social networks, and websites here.
  • The WWW Virtual Library. One of the oldest databases of information available on the web, this site allows you to search by keyword or category.
  • pipl. Specifically designed for searching the deep web for people, this search engine claims to be the most powerful for finding someone.
  • Complete Planet is a free and well designed directory resource makes it easy to access the mass of dynamic databases that are cloaked from a general purpose search.
  • Infoplease is an information portal with a host of features. Using the site, you can tap into a good number of encyclopedias, almanacs, an atlas, and biographies. Infoplease also has a few nice offshoots like for kids and Biosearch, a search engine just for biographies.