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Reflections on wet pavements. The city itself is a natural watercolourist! It’s been a long rainy day at the library, and although I feel frustrated with myself and my work right now, it was worth rolling up just for this.
2016, Photo Diary, April 11.


Recorded using a self-service video booth installed during September 2016, at St Paul’s Cathedral School and Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School, students and parents tell us what they think about life in the Square Mile.

Great little video, with some awesome kids, projected here through the medium of problematic gifs that work when they feel like it. I mean…

Libraries! Yesss.


HUZZAH! It is National Library Week, bookworms and library cats!! 

And that means it is the perfect time of year to show some love to your local (and not local) Libraries, both in person and online. So, just as we took time to make a special post on Follow a Library Day last year, we’ve created ANOTHER master post to honor all the libraries we know so far on tumblr so that you can #followalibrary!! 

Check out their tumblrs below and show them some love, bookworms!
(Alphabetical by url)

@alachualibrary (The Alachua County Library District)

@alt-library (By Sacramento Public Library)

@aplibrary (Abilene Public Library)

@austinpubliclibrary (Austin Public Library)

@badgerslrc (The Klamath Community College’s Learning Research Center)

@bflteens (Baker Free Library’s Tumblr For Teens)

@bibliosanvalentino (Biblioteca San Valentino [San Valentino Library])

@biodivlibrary (Biodiversity Heritage Library)

@bodleianlibs (Bodleian Libraries)

@boonelibrary (Boone County Public Library)

@brkteenlib (Brookline Public Library Teen Services Department)

@californiastatelibrary (California State Library)

@cheshirelibrary (Cheshire Public Library)

@cityoflondonlibraries (City of London Libraries)

@cmclibraryteen (Cape May County Library’s Teen Services)

@cobblibrary (Cobb County Public Library System)

@cpl-archives (Cleveland Public Library Archives)

@cplsteens (Clearwater Public Library Teens)

@darienlibrary (Darien Library)

@dcpubliclibrary (DC Public Library)

@decaturpubliclibrary (Decatur Public Library)

@delawarelibrary (Delaware County District Library)

@detroitlib (Detroit Public Library Music, Arts & Literature Department)

@douglaslibraryteens (Douglas Library For Teens)

@dplteens (Danville Public Library Teens)

@escondidolibrary (Escondido Public Library)

@fontanalib (Fontana Regional Library)

@fppld-teens (Franklin Park Library Teens)

@friscolibrary (Frisco Public Library)

@gastonlibrary (Gaston County Public Library)

@glendaleteenlibrary (Glendale Public Library Teens)

@hpldreads (Havana Public Library District)

@hpl-teens (Homewood Public Library For Teens)

@kingsbridgelibraryteens (Kingsbridge Library Teens Advisory Group)

@lanelibteens (Lane Memorial Library Teen Services)

@lawrencepubliclibrary (Lawrence Public Library)

@marioncolibraries (Marion County Public Library System)

@mrcplteens (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library Teen Zone)

@myrichlandlibrary (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library)

@necclibrary (Northern Essex Community College Libraries)

@novipubliclibrary (Novi Public Library)

@nplteens (Nashua Public Library Teens)

@orangecountylibrarysystem (Orange County Library System)

@othmeralia  (Othmer Library of Chemical History)

@petit-branch-library (Petit Branch Library)

@pflibteens (Pflugerville Public Library Teenspace)

@plainfieldlibrary (Plainfield Public Library District)

@royhartlibrary (RoyHart Community Library)

@safetyharborpubliclibrary (Safety Harbor Library Teen Zone)

@santamonicalibr (Santa Monica Public Library)

@schlowlibrary (Schlow Centre Region Library)

@smithsonianlibraries (Museum Library System)

@smlibrary (Sheppard Memorial Library)

@southeastlibrary (Southeast Branch Library)

@tampabaylibraryconsortium-blog (Tampa Bay Library Consortium)

@teenbookerie (Erie County Public Library For Teens)

@teencenterspl (The Smith Public Library Teen Center)

@teensfvrl (Fraser Valley Regional Library)

@teen-stuff-at-the-library (White Oak Library District)

@therealpasadenapubliclibrary (Pasadena Public Library)

@ucflibrary (University of Central Florida Library)

@uwmspeccoll (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries Special Collections)

@vculibraries (Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries)

@waynecountyteenzone (Wayne County Public Library’s Teen Space)

@wellingtoncitylibraries (Wellington City Libraries)

@widenerlibrary (Harvard’s Widener Library)

Whew! There’s a LOT of you. :) But we now this list is just getting started! Feel free to keep the library love going by adding any libraries we missed/don’t know of yet! (And if you’re not following US already, well, what better time to start than this week? ;) Eh? Eh?) And, of course, never hesitate to visit your Library in person. We love seeing you! :) 

Happy National Library Week, library cats!

Like for a Starter: Charlie Fisher

Faceclaim: Sam Claflin
                   (There are some tiny details that are changed- look on page
                   linked below)

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual      

Usually Found: At Home, On Nature Trails, Manhattan (New York City),
                           Coffee Shops (NYC, London, Italy), Libraries, Grocery

Small Summary: Charlie had remained loyal to Fisher and his father throughout the years of his life up until now. He did what he was told, was a straight A student (Which in middle school Rodgers would dunk his head in the toilet and flush it for being a ‘nerd’), and graduated college with a degree in Business and Foreign Affairs at the young age of 19. But despite being an exceptional student and perfect son, he was denied the crown and throne. Unable to be the crown prince due to his high levels of corrupt magic in his core, he still remained loyal and works under his father in hopes to gain the trust and respect he believes he deserves and soon be eligible for the throne. He has done many questionable ‘under the table’ sort of jobs for his father- willing to do anything (never brought to trial).
(Disclaimer: He’s a sweetheart that has very little social skills being that he spent most of his time studying and training.)

His Page Can Be Found HERE


Bad Timing, a RCIJ Fanfic

Prompt:  "Time travel for the beginners“

Summary: Sometimes the way forward lies somewhere in the past. Rumbelle Time-Travel AU.

Rating: R

Dedication: To @mirime-kisarrastine, who kept me connected to Tumblr when I wanted nothing to do with it by virtue of being her Secret Santa. I know times are hard and 2016 is some weird lab experiment gone horribly wrong but I hope this story gives you a few minutes of enjoyment at least. It was great meeting you!

At first this was supposed to be longer but I took your advice to leave an open ending, though I still have the idea of a second part written down somewhere. Enjoy!

Word Count: 15,676

Keep reading

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Happy holidays to all from City of London Libraries. If you’re observing religious occasions, may your celebrations be happy and fulfilling ones. If you’re a festive sort, may you have a merry time. And if you’re not really into the seasonal noise and just want a bit of quiet, may your blanket fort be laden with good reading, snacks, and all things that make you feel calm and safe.

See you in 2017 :)