city of lean

Every single time I watch the kiss (#2) scene, I end up with this really intense desire to murder Raf. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore him (most of the time) but he interrupted what would have been a freaking amazing making out session and I can’t forgive him for that.

Running Late

Word count: 848
Rating: T
Warnings: none

A/N: something sweet and a bit saucy, kinda like Dan

I jolted out of sleep. My phone was blaring Fall Out Boy’s American Beauty/American Psycho and I fumbled to shut it off. The dim screen read 10:45 AM. My alarm had been set for 8! I ran fingers through my hair. How many times had I pressed snooze? The sun shone through the curtains, casting faint light on a sleeping Dan’s shirtless body. He was snoring softly, a leg kicked out from under the sheets. Adorable, like a big sweet bear. Still, we were behind schedule. Louise’s party started at noon and it was halfway across the city. I sighed in exasperation.

Leaning over Dan, I felt bad for what I was about to do. He really was so cute when he slept. I grabbed his arms and shook him hard. “Dan!” He jerked up breathing hard. “What?! What is it?! Who’s dead?!” I shook my head. “We’ll be if we don’t get the fuck up! We’re two hours late!” Dan’s eyes widened. He was out of bed in an instant. “How the fuck did we sleep until 2-?” Dan saw the  time on his phone and set his eyes on mine. “Babe, it’s literally an hour before we’re supposed to be there.”

“I know but we always take long to get ready and you’ve gotta do your hair and I need to shave so I can put that dress on and-” I rubbed my eye and gaped at the black smears on my fingertips. “-and I fell asleep last night in full makeup. I need to add that to my routine now and-stop laughing at me you dick!” Dan was chuckling at my meltdown. He got back down on the bed. One of his hands grabbed at the sleeve of his oversized shirt I slept in. He pulled me to him and I couldn’t resist. Warm arms came around me. I could feel each puff of breath he released against my neck. “I forget how sexy you look in nothing but my clothes,” he whispered. “I’m wearing more than your shirt. I’ve still got underwear on, remember?” He fingered the lacy band for a second and let it snap back against my skin.

I pushed his chest and put some distance between us. “We’re late. None of the sexy sex can happen right now. Keep it in your pants.” I turned away from him and went to get up and search for my clothes. Maybe if I kept some of the gunk on my face I could save some extra time to shave without nicking myself. Or I could just put jeans on and not shave my legs and have time to scrape this shit off to put a fresh layer on.

“…You’re doing that over thinking thing again.” I rolled my eyes. He gripped my hips and pulled me back to him, fingering my panties. “We’ve got time.” He kissed my shoulder, exposed from his shirt collar falling. “I mean you’re dealing with the king of getting ready in 5 minutes here.” I laughed along with him. “We’ll figure it out, get ready on time, get there and see Louise doing something completely awkward,” he murmured. He was tugging at my underwear. “Dan, we’ll be la-”


He continued with my underwear and I let him. His cold hand pushed at my chest gently, urging me to lie back. I watched his face drop until it was out of sight. My back arched when I felt him just barely kiss me. Despite my best efforts, I could feel my eyes slipping closed. He ate me slowly, letting me feel every lave and suckle as he brought me higher. “Dan-” I gripped his wavy hair as he got me with one of those pearly teeth. “Dan,” I sighed, “Baby we need to g-oh my goooood.” He laughed at me. A middle finger slowly penetrated me, “You need to unwind first.” I gave out a couple more halfway attempts at stopping him, all of which he used his knowledge of my body to silence, before giving in to the feeling.

When I came, gripping his hair and back arched away from the midnight sheets, he squeezed my thighs and smiled into my flesh. Peeling my eyes open, I saw his head lift and a familiar twat-like smile settled on his face. I rolled my eyes and he laughed at me. “Oh shut the fuck up, we’re so gonna be the last people there,” I said. I did feel much more easy going. The trouble was that I also didn’t feel like moving. Dan must have known that. In one of the rare shows of his true strength, he picked me up by my waist and put me over one of those broad shoulders. “Think we can cut even more into our limited time and have a bath?” I could only laugh feebly. We were probably going to arrive by the time Louise was giving out party favors. Being held up by the man who’d just given me an orgasm, I didn’t really care.

sanvers "motorcycle girlfriends" headcanons

•maggie and alex racing on their motorcycles at 2 am just for fun
• maggie taking alex on a joy ride but alex being scared of maggies driving so she grips onto maggies waist really tight
•also alex resting her head on maggies while on the bike bc hEIGHT DIFFERENCE
•both maggie and alex taking off their helmets at the same time and doing the iconic head shake with the flowy hair thing
•grabbing their leather jackets as they rush out the door but grabbing eachothers instead of their own and they dont realize it
•alex taking maggie for a joyride and ending up at one of alexs favorite “safe/quiet places” in the city
•both of them leaning on their bikes as they wait to interrogate someone in the field