city of land

North Gate

Sornieth’s Cities II

Ever since Lairloc (which is still happening) I’ve been thinking about some of sornieth’s larger communities. So here’s a little world building for you all.

Hewn City is a sprawling metropolis of a ruin, most of which lies within the equally sprawling seclusion zone. Signs mark as far as several miles from city gates warning ‘Enter at Own Risk’ and, aside from rare exceptions and daring tourists, the greater part city is devoid of life.

There is, however one area of dense ruins not covered by the warning zone. The walls of Hewn City include a strip of land which juts northward sweeping far enough that the far north city gate lies outside the fell influence of what ever curse haunts the land.

This area is known as the North Gate Habitable Zone, or simply North Gate. The area is small but densely packed, a final rest for those who intend to delve into the ruins as well as a picture of what the city may have looked like before it fell. The area also includes a relatively safe entry point to the city’s expansive Waterway.