city of haarlem


Willem Claesz Heda. 1594-1680. Haarlem. La Tourte au cassis. La Tourte with blackcurrant. 1641. Strasbourg. Palais des Rohan.

Willem Claeszoon Heda (December 14, 1593/1594 – c. 1680/1682) was a Dutch Golden Age artist from the city of Haarlem devoted exclusively to the painting of still lifes. He is known for his innovation of the late breakfast genre of still life painting.


There’s a process to creating vinyl records that borders on artistry, something Alastair Philip Wiper—who loves records—discovered during a visit to Record Industry, a pressing plant in the in the Dutch city of Haarlem. The British photographer followed every step in the process, from making the master to pressing the wax to shrink-wrapping the finished product.

Hardcore audiophiles never gave up on the format, of course, but hipsters and nostalgic baby boomers helped fueled a resurgence that started in 2006, and sales remain strong. In fact, sales surged 30 percent last year. Given the boom in business, Record Industry can crank out around 30,000 records a day.

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