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Thoughts on LoS (Warning! Spoilers)

Oh my god… Lord of Shadows was amazing. I think I might even like it better than Lady Midnight. Anyways, here are some thoughts and concerns about it.

> I love how we got to learn more about Diana in the book. In the first book she was looking pretty shady but now I understand more about her and LOVE her (not that I didn’t before obviously). 

> This book brought to my attention that Shadowhunters don’t use mundane medicine which was something I never really thought about before. + the fact that they’re arrested if they do is sort of ridiculous.

> Also, this book confirmed that Ty is on the autism spectrum which was something that I suspected right off the bat from City of Heavenly Fire because he exhibits a lot of the same characteristics my brother (who has autism does). Ty is pretty high functioning though so he’s probably low on the spectrum. I really love that Cassandra Clare always has such diverse characters. This is one of the only YA fantasy books I’ve read so far in which there is a character on the spectrum.

> Okay so Zara… I hate this bitch. Every single word that came out of her mouth made me want to kick her in the face. UGGHH “Can you do out laundry?” go die, Zara, please. I just about lost it when she started talking about Alec and Magnus I was like ummmmm no sorry you’ve crossed the line by about five miles. She is just such a disgusting bigot and I hate her and Ughhh.

> When I realized Jon Cartright was there I was so Happy! I was like yay Jon Cartright! Also, they mentioned Marisol. However, then he had to go and get his head chopped off and I was like nooooooooo! 

> I loved learning more about Kit and seeing his relationship with Ty form! + When he met Jace that was awesome. 

> At the beginning when Clary said she was going to die I was like UMMMMMMMMM what… no

> I also loved learning more about Gwyn! In the first book, I just thought he was a malicious, no mercy guy but he’s actually really sweet. I love that he has a relationship with Diana now.

> Malcom comes back (like we all knew he would) but, Annabel kills him once he raises her from the dead. lol. 

>RIP Arthur

>This Parabatai curse thing… how long does it take to be activated? I mean really, they can’t keep this up for long.

>Also, holy shit that Ash kid that Dru met when she accidentally portaled to that underground Unseelie land place is definitely the Queen’s evil Sebastian love child. hahaha, I knew it right off the bat when the Queen was like “they have someone from my court”. I was like “Your son?”. + pale blonde hair? GREEN EYES? Coincidence? I think not. Also, lol when he said his name was Ash I started laughing because Ash Ketchum hahaha

> Oh my god… that ending!! When Annabel stabbed Robert I was like noooo!!!! That was something I did not see coming. + When Alec came in and saw his dad it was so devastating. Also, where the hell were Isabelle and Simon in this book?  + How will Emma be exiled now that Robert’s dead? Yikes

>Also, Magnus is sick and I’m really scared :( 

> When Emma shattered the mortal sword with Cortana I was like holy shit… However, this means now Diana can be the head of the institute because she can’t be questioned with the mortal sword

> Livvy’s death was so sad. I was sobbing so hard especially when Julian was holding her and telling her to wake up. Also, at that bit at the end where it said that the clock chimed because a few pages before she was telling Ty and Kit that there was a legend that every time it did the gates of heaven opened. Honestly, though she was who I predicted would die. I suspected that one of the Blackthorn children would die and out of all of them, I thought she was most likely. Mostly because we got to see so more of her in this book and I don’t know I just thought it would be her. :P 

Julian’s going to be really messed up in this next book. He’s already pretty dark so I’m scared to see what he becomes… 

Also, Ty will be so devastated too which will be so sad.

I can’t wait for the next book though! I can’t believe it doesn’t come out until 2019 :( Oh my God, I’ll probably be going into college when it comes out… aahhhh!! scary :(