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Could you write about the moment between Malec in episode 2x07, prior to when we are shown them kissing on the balcony? I am eager to know about the scene where they got out there and were talking and sitting comfortably against each other and started kissing. Thanks so much!!

despite the frustration of being interrupted, it was next to impossible to pull magnus out of his good mood. in any other situation and under any other circumstances he would have let alec lay into his brother as much as he wanted. but now and here, he honestly didn’t want alec to go anywhere.

the date had been perfect, hopping across continents and losing themselves in so many beautiful cities. delicious drinks at gorgeous bars, shopping in all of magnus’s favorite places and then finally eating sushi and drinking sake, sitting close but not close enough to touch and talking. all of that still felt so fresh in his mind and under his skin, paired the surprise of alec buying him a gift.

he hadn’t expected that. for one, they had barely spent any time apart while they were out, not enough magnus had assumed for alec to do much of anything, let alone buy him a gift. but more than that, it was the sentiment. he couldn’t remember the last time someone had bought him anything, let alone a gift like this. something for him, something that had significant emotional value, something that said alec saw this and thought of me.

so the idea of anything breaking this warm thing they were wrapped up in at the moment was the last thing he wanted. no, instead the room was filled with music, mixing in with the chandelier light and after soft laughter, magnus stepped in close again, right where they left of, his fingertips pressing at alec’s hip. he watched the way alec reacted to the touch, the slight dip of his eyelids, the parting of his lips and the smile.

“may i kiss you now?” magnus asked, his voice deep and just a little breathless as he watched the way the light was catching in alec’s eyes.

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Gods of Hour of Devastation in D&D: The Locust God

A Stolen God. When Nicol Bolas first arrived on Amonkhet, his victory over the gods was swift and brutal. With Amonkhet claimed as his own, Bolas re-purposed the gods to do his bidding. While he kept 5 in Naktamun to run the society he had rebuilt, the other three were kept out of the city in preparation for his return. The Locust God was one of these three stolen gods, which Nicol Bolas corrupted and reshaped as the centre of a swarm worthy to break Naktamun’s defences.

Heart of the swarm. The Locust God is always surrounded by an immense swarm of insatiable locusts. While it is capable of fighting itself, the Locust God mainly relies on this swarm to devour anything that comes close enough to threaten it. For those that stand in The Locust God’s way, death comes from thousands of tiny hungry jaws.

Through the Breach. “When the Hour of Promise arrives, the God-Pharaoh will tear down the Hekma, for its protection will be needed no longer.” After the Scorpion God emerged, entered Naktamun, and felled Rhonas, it was the turn of The Locust God to approach the city. The swarm surrounding it drank the Hekma, opening the city for the first time to the boundless wastes surrounding it, and granting entry to the wandering dead, who for so long had stared through the Hekma with hunger in their desiccated eyes.

For The Locust God, I worked from similar base stats as to those I used for The Scorpion God, but with big variation in its abilities. I lowered its strength, but raised its dexterity to be more fitting for a huge spindly fling creature. The main abilities of the Locust God focused on its swarm, which I naturally based on the spell Insect Plague. With that as the base, I worked out an appropriate size of the swarm, lowered the damage for the swarm’s massive area not to be too overpowered, and gave a way for the Locust God to make more direct attacks and drive the swarm against specific targets, as well as giving the swarm the capability to devour foliage and consume water (giving it a mechanic to represent the way the Hekma was destroyed). 
           As an additional rule, I wanted to do something that correlated with the card Hour of Promise, so I designed the Desolate Wake ability to represent the wandering undead of Amonkhet following The Locust God through the collapsing Hekma and into Naktamun.

Tomorrow comes an extra post for this weekend, a bonus to celebrate the release of Hour of Devastation: The third stolen god, The Scarab God. You can find my post for the Scorpion God here. I hope everyone is having a great release weekend so far!

Back from the trip!

Thanks to everyone for all the many good wishes before my departure - I read ‘em all and it’s been very nice feeling after!!! ;__;= I’m sure they contributed to this being an actual relaxing trip with good vibes. My roomie and colleague was great companionship, we had a nice (though short) tour arround the city. I ate properly, drank properly, embarassed self properly and the tiny workshop was a success.  So it’s a relief! ;___;b Hope you all have been well, I’ll try to become more productive and post something creative soon.

P.S. THERE’S BEEN BOB ROSS ON TV…. good omen..???

Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City for the signs:

Aries:  Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst

Taurus: Sherane A.K.A. Master Splinter’s Dughter

Gemini: Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe

Cancer: Good Kid

Leo: Backseat Freestyle

Virgo: Compton

Libra: Poetic Justice

Scorpio: m.A.A.d city

Sagittarius: Swimming Pool (Drank)

Capricorn: Money Trees

Aquarius: Real

Pisces: The Art of Peer Pressure


🎊 new year’s eve part 2 🎊

once their bellies were all full of various desserts and raw fish, some of the girls went to the balcony to chill, talking about stranger things and the latest overwatch update. over time, everyone did their own thing, but you would often see groups or pairs bonding in corners or on sofas. when it finally came for the 10-second-countdown for the new year, there were tears and kisses and hugs. there was a large amount of appreciation bc everyone just loves each other a lot ok??? #family4eva