city of drank


🎊 new year’s eve part 2 🎊

once their bellies were all full of various desserts and raw fish, some of the girls went to the balcony to chill, talking about stranger things and the latest overwatch update. over time, everyone did their own thing, but you would often see groups or pairs bonding in corners or on sofas. when it finally came for the 10-second-countdown for the new year, there were tears and kisses and hugs. there was a large amount of appreciation bc everyone just loves each other a lot ok??? #family4eva


I miss Ireland. I spent 4 months in Ballyvaughan and I’ve been itching to return. Somehow I managed to spend college credit classes climbing hills in the Burren to the flat topped cracked limestone pavement, seen only by content cows.

I kissed a race car driver. I was present for many improvised songs in pubs by expert musicians. I explored tombs twice as old as the idea of Christ. I walked the beaches and a local dog would join me as I went for hours and leave me as I passed his house on the way home. I explored, hitchhiked to the city, drank in everything. I drew my troubles with chalk on the limestone to be washed away by the next rain. The moon meant everything. There were no street lights where we walked, no light pollution. On full moon days you didn’t need a flashlight. I’d lay in the yard staring at the moon, or follow its light to an ancient faerie fort and walk the circle. I miss it.