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lost in thought by ewitsoe


Poznań by erik witsoe


This is so sweet! <3 Yugi may not like to fight, but if he has to nothing will stop him from protecting those he cares about. I love that Yami encourages him to believe in himself as much as he does, even if the whole ‘what if I lose you’ thing is a bit sadder cause of their final duel. At this point Yugi wouldn’t accept Yami leaving cause he sees him as the reason why he can do anything, but by the end he’d grown enough to stand on his own, and stuff like this speech helped him a lot, I bet!

…Yugi as the Pharaoh would be soooo short XD

Dusk untill Dawn with Wonho 

A/N: I honestly really love these photos of Wonho. Also my request box is empty and I have more time on my hands. So please request!

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Bangkok city skyline by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Evening period cityscape at Lumpini park, Bangkok skyline Thailand