city of boones


@tayyliana thank you for coming to Boone to workout with @fit4belinda and myself. It was a pleasure to kick ass with you today! @crushfit mass effect was no problem for you! Keep on killin it! Crushers Unite!

You tackled Jackhammer like a boss. You PRd all you lifts! Nothing short of amazing! When like minded people focus on a similar goal, things happen! I just wish more Crushers were in the area! You are more than welcomed to join us again!! 💪💯

Kala Mcru Rises Again

…Time for another cult meetup…Just because they’re fun. It will take place Sunday September 20 at 6:30 EST much like the last few however, I’ll be waiting in the life tower starting at 6:00 EST for anyone who would like to come early and talk. 

As usual the cult uniform is as follows:

Shroud of Audacity ALL BLACK - Found in Wizard City Hat Shop

Robe of Boon ALL BLACK - Found in the Wizard City Robe Shop

Sandals of Secrets ALL BLACK - Found in the Wizard City Boots Shop.

Finally, you must have the Undead Stalker badge and no wands/pets/mounts equipped. (We had a problem with this last time…) Only myself and a few other select people (basically necrosurge and maybe shenaniganstorm if they both are able to come)  will have wands just because … cult leaders.

Unlike last time however, there’s going to be a bit of a twist. Kala Mcru and the cult now has a goal. As well as running around yelling and turning the dye shop into a blazing inferno, we are now going to try and “trap” Wu’s in a room of my acropolis so they can be properly sacrificed in a dark room with flaming torches. If I can I’ll try and get a portrait of Mother Wu as well. It’ll be funny.

Thank you! I hope everyone will be able to attend.