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Report: Russell Wilson to attend Texas Rangers spring training again

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson plans to go to Texas Rangers’ spring camp in Surprise, Ariz., for the second year in a row, according to a report from Fox Sports Southwest.

Wilson was drafted, but not signed, by the Orioles in 2007, coming out of high school. At NC State, he was drafted by the Rockies in 2010 and played two seasons of Class-A minor league ball.

Wilson played second base and hit a combined .229 with a .354 on-base percentage, a .356 slugging percentage, five home runs, 26 RBIs and 19 stolen bases in a combined 93 games for the Tri-City Dust Devils and Asheville Tourist in 2010 and 2011.

The Rangers acquired Wilson in the Rule V draft in December 2013, and he spent last year on Texas’ minor league reserve list.

The Rangers’ spring camp opens on Feb. 20. It’s unknown when Wilson will arrive or how long he’ll stay.

Wilson participated in uniform for one day with the Rangers last March.

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Looking out over the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina (into Tennessee in the high ground) from the city of Asheville, with a hint of fall color left.

camelliayao  asked:

Hi! So my friend just came up with this and I think it's super cute. Remember that video Sheldon was making for future crazy Sheldon in 9x10? Imagine he decides to finish that, you know, his need for closure. Anyway he shows up at Amy's door, with his camera filming her and says, "This is Amy, she's your girlfriend. She's also the one whom you can't get out of your head and the reason why you almost went crazy. Luckily she's back in your life now." or something like that.

This is such a cute ask… That I turned so smutty… And wrote during an two hour long award ceremony were it felt like every child in town won an award.

Amy was coming back today from her conference. Sheldon was looking forward to her return. During her absence he had missed her. Her absence creating a kind of restless longing that was wholly unfamiliar to him. He had taken to looking at photos of her taken in his phone. Even though he could remember every detail of her face without it.

While scrolling through old photos he came upon a few video files. When he opened them to watch hoping to hear Amy’s voice he found the video diary of his descent into madness. A diary that now would never be finished. It bothers him a little bit to see a project he started go unfinished. Sheldon goes to delete the files but then a thought strikes him. The diary could be finished because it had a conclusion. He had not been going crazy, well not permanently anyways. His love for Amy was making his brain go haywire. So the story did have a conclusion. Just not the one he was expecting.

Sheldon heads over to Amy’s apartment knowing she be arriving home shortly. They had made plans to meet tonight after she got settled. However he doesn’t think he can wait another minute to be with her. He let’s himself in and sits on her couch. Always amazed by how comfortable he feels at her place. It smells like her, and it is always the right temperature. When he hears the door click open he grabs his phone and begins filming a surprised Amy as she walks through the door.

“This is Amy, she’s your girlfriend. She’s also the one whom you couldn’t get out of your head and the reason why you almost went crazy. Luckily she’s back in your life now.” He says and Amy smiles and sets down her suitcase.

“Sheldon what’s all this about?” Amy asks as he walks over to her still filming. Then he switches the camera around so they are both in the shot.

“I am just finishing my documentary about my descent into madness. Which has the feel good happy ending of me not going crazy at all.” He says.

“When were you going crazy?” She asks.

“After I turned down your offer of being my girlfriend again. I got this song stuck in my head and I couldn’t get it out. I thought I was going crazy but it was just you.”

“So you were crazy in love?” Amy asks teasingly and he rolls his eyes.

“Don’t be maudlin Amy. I simply could not get you out of my head or my heart and now I don’t have to. I got you back.” He tells her and Amy looks like she is about to cry.

“Aww Sheldon.” She says touched and she gets on her tiptoes to kiss him. Sheldon switches off the camera and kisses her back. When she pulls away she gives him a shy smile.

“So can I see the rest of your descent into madness?” She asks grabbing his hand and leading him to the couch.

“Oh you don’t want to see that. The ending is the best part.” He tells her. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” She tells him.

“If you missed me then you wouldn’t have stayed away so long. I thought I might be going crazy again.”

“I’m sorry Sheldon it won’t happen again. You should’ve come with me we could have enjoyed romantic Detroit in January.” She teases him but he looks confused.

“I never thought of Detroit as a romantic city. I’ve heard Asheville NC is romantic they have the Biltmore house.” He says.

“It would be if you were there.” She tells him leaning over to kiss him again and he surprises her by pulling her into a passionate embrace. Pulling her so that she is in his lap. Amy wraps her arms around his neck and the kiss. Showing each other how much they missed each other with their actions. When he pulls away to gaze down at her she is breathless and her lips feel swollen.

“Are you hungry?” She asks him, it is past his normal time for lunch. But he shakes his head no and leans down to kiss her again. This time his hands wind themselves up her shirts and start exploring her flesh.

“Amy?” He murmurs into her ear as he kisses her neck.

“Mmm..?” She mumbles words not being able to form as his long fingers fondle her breasts and his warm mouth kisses and nibbles her neck.

“I know I said we would again for your birthday next year. But I am finding myself yearning for you in that way again. Would you be opposed to…” But before he can finish she pops up out of his lap and grabs his hand.

“Come on.” She says pulling him up.

“Where are we going?” He asks following her.

“To the bedroom silly. It is time for me to apologize for being at that conference to long. I’ve been a very bad girl.” She tells him winking and he catches her drift and smacks her bottom. Amy squeals and pulls him inside the bedroom door.

After all her bravado getting him in here now she is feeling shy. There first time had been so planned. Now she had no idea what to do next. Luckily he takes the lead pulling her against his body and kissing her. As his mouth explores hers, his hands work on her clothes. Unbuttoning her sweater and pulling it off. Then working on the buttons of her blouse. Amy eagerly tugs at his clothes and yanks his shirts off over his head. They finish undressing each other ,Sheldon examines Amy who is just in her underwear.

“What?” Amy asks nervously. Sheldon does not answer he can’t tell her what he is thinking about. Looking at her in just her electric blue bra and panties reminds him of something Kripke said once. When he asked about their supposed love making he asked if she was naked or wearing lingerie. He had replied that he hadn’t noticed. Now he understood how transparent that lie had been. As gorgeous as she looked now he couldn’t wait to see her again without them on.

“Nothing.” He gulps as he brings her to the bed and gently pushes her on it. Their first time had been so tentative and shy. Neither of them knowing each other’s limits. Now he moved with more confidence already knowing where she liked to be touched.

Amy hums with pleasure as his long fingers pull down the cups of her bra and his mouth connects with her nipple. Amy takes him into her hand and begins stroking him. Matching the movements of his mouth with the movements of her hand.

“I want to try something.” He says moving his mouth up to her ear and his hand between her legs.

“I’m listening.” She whimpers as he removes her panties and begins to massage her folds with his fingers.

“Well I did a lot of research before our first time. In that research I read about some positions that seemed daunting at the time but now intrigue me.” He tells her.

“Like what?” She asks already knowing she will be game for whatever he wants.

“Well you said you were a bad girl who needed to be punished right?” He asks raising his eyebrow at her. Amy nods her head and gulps. “Roll on your stomach.” He commands and she obeys. He gets up and kneels behind her bending over her to kiss her shoulder. Then lightly stroking her back like a gentle massage. Amy purrs in pleasure as his hands roam over her skin.

“This is the best punishment I have ever received.” She sighs as his hands reach her bottom and he gives her a hard smack making her jolt. “Still not bad.” she giggles.

“We shall see.” He says swatting her again. “Get up on all fours.”

“Like this?” She asks getting up on her knees and propping herself up on her elbows.

“Yes. Now scoot to the end of the bed.” He says getting up and standing. Amy does as he asks but feels a bit foolish beng alone in the bed wuth her fanny in the air.

Amy takes a look back at him and sees him staring at her like she is a delicious meal. While stroking his member in his hand. The sight is erotic and Amy wonders what he is about to do. When he grabs her by the hips and pulls her closer. He rubs the tip of his member against her spreading her moisture around making her moan softly. Amy wants him inside her badly she is practically shivering with need.

“Sheldon please.” She begs.

“Please, what?” He asks gently his deep voice a soft whisper.

“I want you.” She tells him.

“You would think a girl that wanted me so bad would not pretend to be at a conference all week.” He says poising himself at her entrance.

“I’m sorry Sheldon I was a very bad girl.” She whimpers as he slams into her hard. Filling her up completely, making her cry out. Their first time he had been so gentem entering her slowly. Letting her adjust to the feeling of him inside her. This time the feeling of him filling her all at once is exquiste. Just as she adjusts to his girth inside her he pulls out slowly stopping just short of coming out then he pushes into her again hard. Grabbing her hips to keep her steady as be repeats the rhytem. Just as Amy feels herself falling down into the abyss and calls out his name as she comes. He stops and flips her around crawling on top of her and hovering over her.

“I missed you while you were gone. I missed this more than I ever thought I would” He tells her kissing her, wrapping her leg around his waist.

“I missed you. I wish you were there to share my bed with.” Amy tells him nuzzling against his neck as he moves inside her again.

“What would I have done at a neurobiolgy conference?” He asks her moving against her slowly.

“I told you, share my bed.” She says rollng so that now he is on the bottom and she is on the top. Sheldon places his hands in the dip of her waist. Allowing himself to get lost in the moment as she rides him. Closing his eyes and riding each wave of pleasure as they wash over him. Afterwards Amy snuggles into his side and he wraps his arm around her.

“Sheldon?” She aske tenatvely.

“Hmm?” He answers her sleepily.

“That’s not going to be in your documentry about your descent into madness is it?” She asks.

“No I was’nt filming. If you like I can start again and film it.” He says smirking at her.

“We can start again but no filming. “ she says pulling his face to his and kissing him.