city of abbotsford

Bieksa’s overtime goal last night overshadowed yesterday’s win at Mission Council!  Thanks and appreciation goes out to Mission Council for voting down a supporting letter for Abbotsford’s P3 application.

CKNW reported this morning (not sure why local papers haven’t picked this up yet) that Mission Council will not write a letter endorsing Abbotsford’s desire to run an Abbotsford-only pipe through Mission’s land.

Abbotsford’s Mayor, George Peary, is upset about this and has been a little less than diplomatic in his response to this decision.  Why Peary chooses to throw more gas on the fire is beyond me.  He’s picking fights with CUPE and the City of Mission and this will not serve Abbotsford or the region very well.  Peary needs to eat some humble pie and work to restore other options that in line with Mission and Abbotsford residents.