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karin: you look super pretty today, autumn.

november: *blushes* 停下来! 

karin: i mean it!

november: *blushing intensifies*

Coin depicting Romulus Augustulus, the “last emperor” of the Roman Empire. Ironically named after one of the founders of the city of Rome and nicknamed “little Augustus” after the first emperor, his 11-month reign saw the fall of the western empire (although it had already lost a lot of its territory; of course, the eastern empire would last for almost another millennium).  After Romulus was overthrown in a military coup, the Senate did not appoint a new emperor, instead symbolically accepting Zeno, emperor of the east as their ruler. Odoacer,  germanic general, took power as the King of Italy after Romulus was overthrown. 

Alec woke to Magnus’s shaking his shoulder. “Come on, sweet pea,” he said. “Time to rise and face the day.”
Alec unfolded himself groggily out of his nest of pillows and blankets and blinked at his boyfriend. Magnus, despite having gotten very little sleep, looked annoyingly chipper. His hair was wet, dripping onto the shoulders of his white shirt and making it transparent. He wore jeans with holes in them and fraying hems, which usually meant he was planning to spend the day without leaving his apartment.
“‘Sweet pea’?” Alec said.
“I was trying it out.”
Alec shook his head. “No.”
Magnus shrugged. “I’ll keep at it.” He held out a chipped blue mug of coffee fixed the way Alec liked it—black, with sugar. “Wake up.”
—  City of Lost Souls

Here is a picture of the Radio City Music Hall, it is an entertainment venue located in Rockefeller Center in New York City. Its nickname is the Showplace of the Nation. Radio City is located in front of the Rockefeller center which is a touristic place where you can ice skate during the winter as seen. 🎶 ❄️

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               when did she learn to walk with her head bowed, shawl drawn low over her ruined face ? after she was discarded, genya supposed. thrown out into the street like she hadn’t served house morozova since she was a child of five. like she hadn’t deceived, spied, poisoned even, for aleksander’s sake. like she had not endured a hundred unwanted caresses and remained silent, loyal. i’ll die out here. reds didn’t need servants ; they were servants themselves, pawns used and sacrificed. still, if she didn’t find a position soon, her coin would run out and she’d starve to death. “ the shadow fold ? the huge mansion uphill. you can’t miss it. ” she supposed this man was looking for a job as well, if he was inquiring after the morozova residence — or, as the city folk nicknamed it, the fold. a bitter grin flashed across the half of her face she’d left uncovered. ( the good side. ) “ if you’re searching for a place in the staff, it’s pointless. lord ilya does not hire anymore. ”

Ladies, consider naming your son “Gotham.” That way when he starts crying in the middle of the night, all you have to do is whisper in your husband’s ear, “Gotham needs you.” No matter how deeply he’s sleeping, he’ll run to take care of him!

Free! Illustration Works Vol.2, Track 10

Welcome to the city of water.

Audio here (thanks to Wakoaime)

Gou: A trip in Italy, huh… How nice…
Nagisa: Hm? Gou-chan? What are you reading?
Gou: It’s a travelling magazine. This month is a special issue about Venice in Italy!
Rei: Venice is the city traversed by many canals, and that is nicknamed “the City of Water”, isn’t it?
Haruka: The City of Water…
Makoto: Haru! I really doubt you can swim in the canals!
Nagisa: But if you become a gondolier, you’ll be able to stay close to the water!
Rei: If Haruka-senpai became a gondolier…
All: Hmmm…

Haruka: Ciao! You cute lady over there. How about going around Venice with me? And let’s watch the sun setting over the ocean, as we talk about love. Although… With how enthralled I am with you, I doubt I’ll watch the sun at all.

All: Hm…
Rei: That doesn’t suit Haruka-senpai’s character at all.
Nagisa: Is that so…? Hey, hey, if we were all gondoliers, what instrument would you like to play? By the way, mine would be singing!
Rei: You ask for instruments, and then choose singing…
Nagisa: Singing is a very important instrument, you know! What would you like to play then, Rei-chan?
Rei: It would have to be the accordion. Beautiful melodies, and on top of this, a beautiful playing form! And the accordion is–
Nagisa: Then, Haru-chan and Mako-chan, what would you like?
Makoto: Eh? An instrument? Let’s see… Hmm… The guitar, maybe?
Nagisa: The guitar! With you playing, Mako-chan, we’d surely get some gentle melodies!
Makoto: You think so? Hehe, thank you.
Gou: Haruka-senpai, what about you?
Haruka: The ocarina.
Rei: The… Ocarina?
Haruka: Yeah.
Makoto: Why?
Haruka: It’s shaped like a mackerel. 
Gou: Mackerel?! …Now that you say it, maybe a little…? 
Nagisa: Hmm… But with this, we only have the melody… We need someone to beat the rhythm too, right.
Rei: Nagisa-kun is actually thinking about balance!
Nagisa: What are you saying, Rei-chan? Balance is important! Ah, I know! Let’s ask Rin-chan to play the tambourine!
Makoto: The tambourine?! Why the tambourine?
Nagisa: Huh? That’s because Rin-chan’s “rin” is for “Tambou-Rin”! Tambou-Rin-chan! Right?
Rei: A pun…
Makoto: Hahaha…
Gou: It sounds like the introduction of an unpopular idol…
Nagisa: If we all played together, I’m sure it’d be fun!
All: Hmmm…

Nagisa: Come on, pretty lady. Let’s sing together.
Rei: We shall lead you through the city of Venice.
Makoto: I just want to spend the whole day talking of love with the cute girl you are.
Rin: Here, grab on me. And don’t ever let go of my hand.
Haruka: We will show you our Venice, one you have never seen before.

Gou: This might be nice!!
Nagisa: You see! What do you think, Haru-chan?
Haruka: There’s water close, I like that.
Makoto: So that’s what you care about.
Rei: But then… What point do the instruments even serve…?
Makoto: And really, I doubt Rin would choose the tambourine…
Nagisa: Eeh?
Gou: Then, I’ll ask him!

(phone vibrating)
Rin: Hm? A call from Gou? (picks up) Hello? Gou, what’s up?
Gou: Hello, onii-chan? It’s just… I had something to ask you…
Rin: Okay… What is it? If it’s something I can help with, I’ll do anything.
Gou: If you were to become a gondolier, what instrument would you want to play?
Rin: Huh?
Gou: I said, if you became a gondolier, what instrument do you want to play?
Nagisa: Tell us, Rin-chan!
Rin: What is this about? Geez, you guys never make any sense… Um… An instrument, huh… Hm… The tambourine?
Makoto/Rei: EEEH? 

franken-boy  asked:

all the personal questions that are multiples of 7


7. Story of my first kiss

It was in a Macy’s in New York City

14. Any Nicknames

Well, not really, but recently my coworkers have been calling me Chad after a customer left me a survey saying “Chad was great!” after seeing “TROY” on chat with me for an hour…and it’s actually stuck.

21. Best news I could hear right now

“It’s not all in vain” OR “You have just inherited a large sum of money.”

28. Ideal first date

Idk, something fun like going to a museum or an aquarium or a park, then dinner (or lunch, depending on the time), and then stargazing idk that all sounds so cute and I want it

35. Do I believe there’s life on another planet

Undoubtedly. All of the solar systems and planets out there, and you’re going to say Earth is the only one with life? Statistically impossible. 

42. A song that never fails to make me happy

“Gold” by Marina and The Diamonds

49. Any piercings

My ears!

Zwetschgenkuchen or Pflaumenkuchen is a German sheet cake involving yeast or shortcrust dough that’s thinly spread onto a baking sheet and covered with pitted Zwetschgen aka Pflaumen. It’s a popular cake when plums are in season. In Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland and the Mosel region, it is known as “Quetschekuche”; in Bayern and Baden-Württemberg it’s called “Zwetschgendatschi”; in the Rheinland and the Eifel it’s “Prummetaat”. Although it is commonly seen with Streusel (a crumbly mix of butter, sugar & flour) and served with whipped cream, the original recipe serves it plain without toppings. The people of Augsburg claim to have invented it - it’s the city’s signature dish. Due to this cake, the city is nicknamed “Datschiburg”. In the Palatinate and Rhenish Hesse it is eaten with potato soup or vegetable soup as a main dish for lunch. In contrast, the people in Saarland eat it with bean soup and call  the dish “Bibbelschesbohnesup un Quetschekuche”. The cake is only slightly sweet.

Steven Universe Theory

So I thought of a SU theory about why the Gems may have decided to settle in Beach City.

While watching Keystone motel I noticed how Greg called Pennsylvania Keystone because it’s nicknamed the keystone state.

So what if in the Steven Universe erm… universe the states were named after their corresponding real world nicknames?

Beach City is based on Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach, and Bethany Beach, all located in the state of Delaware. And Delaware’s nicknamed the “Diamond State”. So what if the state that the Gems live in is called Diamond? 

And who are at the top of the Gem’s hierarchy?