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You Know Me Too Well

You had been dating your colleague, Dr. Spencer Reid, for nearly three months. Since the last day you took off, which was coincidentally the same day he’d asked you out, the team hadn’t received another day off. You both had nearly three weeks of days off, so you told Spence to request for two weeks and pack comfortable warm clothes. However, you refused to tell him where you were taking him. You wouldn’t even tell him if you were flying or driving or how far you were traveling.

“Come on, Y/N!” he whined. “You’re killing me. I wanna know where we’re going. I need to know!”

“Not a chance, babe,” you retorted. “I want it to be a surprise. I’ve been planning this for two weeks.” You laughed as you heard him groan on the other side of the phone. “I’ll pick you up in the morning and we’ll make our way to our first stop.”


Spencer continued to badger you about where you were going, but you wouldn’t give in.

“Please, Y/N!” he griped. “You know I hate not knowing things. It makes me uncomfortable. I like facts!” He was fiddling with his fingernails. He couldn’t sit still if his life depended on it.

You snorted as you put the key in the ignition, “Alright, I’ll take some pity on you.” You looked toward the passenger seat and his eyes were as wide as a puppy’s. “I won’t tell you where we are going specifically, but I will tell you our first stop is in Kentucky.”

For the next seven hours, your dorky boyfriend tried to name anything he could think of in the state of Kentucky. You were nearly there. “Is it the Louisville Slugger Museum?” he asked swinging his arms like a bat.

You chuckled. “Hon, do you really think our first vacation together would begin with me taking you to something involving sports?”

He raised his eyebrows, “I guess not. Well, I guess that rules out the National Corvette Museum, since I’m not that into cars.

“Nope,” you exclaimed, loving that you’d stumped him for nearly 7 hours. 

You pulled onto the road where your first stop was and his eyes grew wide. As you drove into the parking lot, he looked at you. “How is it that we’ve only been dating for three months and you know me so well?” he said looking up at the sign for the Vent Haven: Ventriloquist Museum.

“Well, I kind of like you a lot, and you know, I am a profiler,” you tittered. “We had that case a while back and when ventriloquy came up you looked like you were in your element, like you couldn’t find out enough about it, so I figured this would be a safe bet.”

He looked at you in awe, “It’s amazing,” he said grabbing your hand. "You know me too well.”


You’d barely spoken to each other while you walked through the museum. He was too busy taking everything in. He didn’t want to leave and it was almost too cute to handle, but you wanted to get a good night’s sleep at the hotel you booked before you had to be on the road again.

The next morning you were on your way to the next stop, which was the City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. You decided to tell Spence what your next stop was and when you’d told him he practically screamed. “You mean to tell me we are going to the FUNHOUSE MUSEUM?!”

Your head flipped back as you matched his excitement, “Yes! The museum where adults can hide in cubbyholes and slide down slides! We get to act like giant babies!” He pumped his fists up in the air, too excited to contain himself.


You didn’t think it was possible to have that much fun, but as you left the City Museum, you both had the biggest smiles plastered on your faces. Over the course of the next five days, you made your way to the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Kansas, which he’d expressed an interest in for the sole purpose of taking a picture with it; the Four Corners Monument in Colorado, which you figured he’d enjoy, but was really for you. You wanted to say you could be in four places at the same time. And finally, the Hole N’ the Rock in Moab, Utah, which was a giant house carved into the side of a cliff. That just looked fucking cool.

As you made your way to your last planned stop, Spence looked spent. In a good way, but spent nonetheless. “Where are we going now?” he asked, resting his head against the headrest, “We seem to be close to my home.”

You looked at him with hope - hope that he wouldn’t be mad at you for this unschedule stop. “Well, that’s where we are going? We’re on our way to Bennington,” you spoke barely above a whisper. “I knew we wanted to go on a trip together, but I didn’t want you to miss out on some time with your mom. I know how much you miss her and that you want to see her more than you do.” At that point, you pulled into a parking spot and he pulled you in for a kiss.

“Thank you, Y/N,” he breathed. “I can’t thank you enough. And I can’t think of a better time to introduce my mom to the woman I love.”

You breathed a sigh of relief. “I love you too, Spence,” you proclaimed, grabbing his collar and pulling him in for another kiss. “Now, let’s go so I can meet your mom.”

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i'm a 14 yo transguy that's fairly chubby (and rlly insecure about it haha), bi, and on the autism spectrum! i have brown hair and brown eyes and i'm 5'8". (also i'm a clingy lil shit, so)

oh dang i forgot the date part! it’s the transguy again and i’d take you to the city museum in st louis because it’s amazing and opens up all kinds of conversation (it’s less of a museum and more of a giant playground/art exhibit

!! ive always wanted to go to that museum omg!! you sound so cute omg take me on that date!!


Weird Nights and Artistic Adventures with @badsuns Frontman @christobowman

To see more Bad Suns’ photos from the road, check out @badsuns and @christobowman on Instagram. For more music stories, check out @music.

Though they’re barely into their 20s, the four members of Los Angeles’ Bad Suns (@badsuns) – singer/guitarist Christo Bowman (@christobowman), guitarist Ray Libby, bassist Gavin Bennett and drummer Miles Morris – are wise beyond their years. Since forming in 2012, they’ve released an acclaimed album – last year’s Language & Perspective – drawn comparisons to Imagine Dragons and The 1975, played Coachella and Firefly and completed two headlining tours in 2015 alone. As Christo tells it, the success stems from calculated risks and years of watching musician friends run into roadblocks.

“Gavin and I were always trying to hang out with the older kids,” he says from his Southern California home. “We also kind of had a chip on our shoulder because we were younger and felt like maybe we had something to prove in order to be able to run in those circles. Just because we’re younger doesn’t mean that we’re idiots or that we don’t know how to make music. We wanted to be very smart because we didn’t want to make those mistakes we learned about from the older kids, the people who signed a bad record deal and nothing happened.”

Bad Suns was courted by a number of major record labels, and ended up signing with independent Vagrant Records because, as Christo explains, “no one there is going to lie to your face.” Rather than put all their eggs into one full-length basket, they took their time and introduced themselves to the world with the 2014 four-song Transpose EP, which included the standout tracks “Cardiac Arrest” and “Salt.” Three of those cuts ended up on Language & Perspective, released just five months later and featuring a slew of danceable, melodic alt-rock tunes.

Though he prefers being home in L.A., enjoying time at the beach and working on new tracks in the studio, Christo is still riding high after the headlining tours. In addition to sold out shows, highlights included a visit to St. Louis’ City Museum, which he describes as “a choose-your-own adventure” experience of exhibits. Aside from watching TV and movies, the band – the name of which is taken from a song by The Bravery, but doesn’t have any specific meaning to the members – tries to broaden its horizons. “We get introspective and have conversations about music,” Christo says. He also just enjoys seeing and snapping pictures of interesting sights along the way. “Sounds and vision go hand in hand, obviously. Photography is a great way to inspire and be inspired.”

That’s not to say they don’t indulge in some youthful antics. After Coachella, a cross-country, stir-crazy bus ride led to their photographer and merch guy playing a game of “nut ball,” where they threw shoes at each other’s crotches. Another photo shows their tour manager holding a gun over a pile of cash, with Christo’s caption reading “Weird Night.” A friend of their merch guy came on board the bus to tattoo some of the band members and took the gun out of his pants for comfort. Their tour manager happened to drop the band’s cash pouch, and, as Christo explains, “all the money was just on the ground. Someone threw the gun in there and took the picture and we thought it was hilarious. The only way to sum that up was ‘weird night.’”

For now, Christo is mostly enjoying some downtime in L.A., visiting his girlfriend at UCLA and working on the band’s sophomore album in between one-off gigs. “I think it’s going to be our saving grace that I was intentionally vague on our first album,” he says of the lyrics on the new LP, which is in pre-production. “I wasn’t in the place to give myself away. We wanted people to hear that album and say, ‘Man, I wonder what they’re going to do next’ as opposed to, ‘Well, I hope they don’t ever make another album again. This is all I need to hear.’ This next record is going to be a lot more personal. There’s a bit more depth to it. We’ll see.”

After all, he has a great reason to be unsure about where the new album is going: “I haven’t even heard it yet!”

– Dan Reilly for Instagram @music