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Let’s give Arkhamverse Riddler some love shall we? Something of a simple tribute to the games that made us collect trophies for days on end. Hope you guys like it. aha.

p.s Those question marks were a pain in the butt to animate, so pls forgive my lack of further detail work. Anyway, have a good day!

This is a kind of neo-liberalism of the emotions, in which happiness is seen not as a response to our circumstances but as a result of our own individual mental effort, a reward for the deserving. The problem is not your sky-high rent or meager paycheck, your cheating spouse or unfair boss or teetering pile of dirty dishes. The problem is you.

It is, of course, easier and cheaper to blame the individual for thinking the wrong thoughts than it is to tackle the thorny causes of his unhappiness. So we give inner-city schoolchildren mindfulness classes rather than engage with education inequality, and instruct exhausted office workers in mindful breathing rather than giving them paid vacation or better health care benefits.
my top 10 kdramas (must watch)

1. Goblin

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2. The Lover

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3. It’s Okay That’s Love

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4. Remember 

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5. Heartless City

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6. Chicago Typewriter

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7. Bad Guys

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8. Kill me Heal me

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9. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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10. Beautiful Mind

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imagine a scene in 2x20 where you see magnus unleash his full power destroying hundreds of demons in the process but then out of nowhere he gets hit a knife or demon claw marks across his chest and he falls this all powerful warlock just crumples to the ground and we hear alec call out to him suddenly it goes quiet and we just see alec fighting his way through the carnage cutting down everything in his way not even taking his eyes off magnus he’s never fought so hard in his life his heart is beating furiously in his chest and when he finally makes it to magnus and he just falls beside him trying to hold back tears as he holds him in his arms alec whispering ‘you’re going to be alright magnus everything is going to be alright’ tears starting to form as he tries to tend to magnus’ wounds but the cut is too deep and you just see magnus slowly reaching out for alec’s hand and lacing their fingers together ‘i need your strength, i can’t heal without you, my magic is too low’ ‘take what you need’